New type Panamera turbo, the fuel efficiency of town ride is "4.0 km / l" or less?

Porsche Panamera

The kindergarten picks up at Panamera

It was raining today. Actually, recently I have decided to pick up my daughter's kindergarten, but today it's raining, so I will pick you up in Panamera. When I picked up as usual, my daughter rubbed my eyes all the time, "My eyes hurt", so I came back to the convenience store to buy sweets and a pharmacy to buy eye drops for children.

A convenience store like a pharmacy ... How to use the Panamera Turbo completely wrong (- _ -)

The performance "maximum speed is 306 km / h, acceleration 3.8 seconds up to 100 km / h" is not fully utilized ...

Just near my house I need a power on a steep slope, so I arrived at my house only around there saying "I could have put out about 1% of the competence of Panamera Turbo." And when I casually saw fuel consumption with a meter, I did not think of that number, "Oh ... really ... ..." leaked out.

Fuel economy, 4.0 km / l

Fuel economy, 4.0 km / l.

Moreover, since the numerical value of the fuel consumption meter does not become 4.0 km / l or less, it seems to be probably 3 · km / l. As I often say gasoline dripping, it is true that there are holes somewhere and it is sagging. Looking at the fuel consumption rate (km / L) of the catalog, it is 7.7 - 7.8 in the city running. Almost half of the catalog value? Is my driving so bad, or the town where my house lives, there are many signals and there are many slopes.

Well anything bad is bad (-_-)

Next week, because my family goes to hot springs in Kyushu with Panamera Turbo,(By ferry to Kyushu)In addition to enjoying the touring, I also want to mind the overall fuel economy there.


... no it is wrong! At the time you buy a Panamera Turbo, you do not mind fuel consumption! Panamera turbo does not care about fuel economy, whether it is going against this ecological age or being bad for the environment, it is a car that you can pleasure yourself as much as you want!

So, next week, let's run Gangan Engine and run!

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