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No way, Mac update error.

Every Monday, my parents came to baby-boy me, so I pack up the work and appointments I have to go out on Monday.I was able to do my work without being disturbed by my child,And it is said that delicious rice is finished when going home ...

Monday is just like heaven. But half a day has passed since this morning due to a Mac update error, I can not do any work at all.

Oh what a waste ... (((; ゚ Д ゚))))

I have to keep my computer open all the time, but since I can not use PC, I took a couple of hours to smash or boogie, and it took me about 3 hours to finally recover my PC,(I was glad that I managed to solve it on my own)Something has already gone crazy today, writing a blog.(No, I mean, work ...)

Let's learn English again.

Well, with the talk as a main theme. My husband goes to America on business trips to America about this time every year, but my husband recently"Why do not you come along with your daughters next year?"It was said. This time next year, the eldest daughter is about 5 years old, the second daughter is about 2 years old soon. I wonder if I can withstand 10 more hours of plane.

Actually, about two months ago, I began to study English again. However, because I can not go to English conversation quite easily, I will just watch DVDs of Anna and the Queen of Snow with English and English subtitles ... that kind of feeling. But I have probably watched 100 times so far, so I remember a lot of phrases and phrases. Including romantic phrases like "When do you use this one?" (Explosion)

I have learned a lot about the phrase in this way, and I was thinking that it would be fun if I could actually use the life, so it's my chance to follow my husband's business next year ...I want to go quite normally! !I thought that how I work and how to earn money is to change variously next year.

In order to give you more English,Let's write this blog in English ...I thought, I do not think ....(Do not care)No, exactly this blog continues to write, translating past articles one by one into English, trying to set up as a separate Hotobu blog. About five months passed, I continued to write about Panamera, but with this keyword related to Panamera, this blog began to go up a lot.

To come here in five months ... If you write this in English,To love Panamera all over the worldWill it be a blog to be seen ...! ! ! (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵. And, with a convenient interpretation, I am thoroughly excited.

But, if the English grammar of the article is wrong, it may not be seen as "This fucking blog is!", And perhaps it takes a tremendous amount of time to translate one article. Is it worth it? No, but I do not know until I do it, and if I had difficulties doing I should consider that then ... Today these days I am planning to open an English version of the Panamera blog soon.

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