I got a calendar with 12 types of Porsche photos at Boxster's 2 year check.

Porsche Dealer
It is not a big deal Novelty merchandise?

The other day I put out the Boxster GTS for inspection for 2 years. Mr. H who is in charge of the dealer came to take me home, the inspection itself ended in half a day and came back at night. At that time, Mr. H brought novelty goods,(I was not present at that time)

Afterwards my husband"I got this from H.It was not such a big deal though it was w "And, he handed me. There were two kinds of novelty goods inside.

I wonder what? The black one is obviously a calendar.

I think that there are many people who have bought a Porsche or went to some Porsche event.

Let's see the picture of Porsche for 12 months

The first piece opened is like this. I wonder why Cayenne is taking the lead. I wonder if the new model comes out, so it should be crisp.

On the left side, there are 12 pictures of Porsche cars, the right side is divided as a calendar from January to December,Together with your favorite pictures and calendar,You can decorate it.By the way, what kind of pictures are there?

The first piece is "911 Targa 4"

The second piece is "Panamera 4E - Hybrid Sport Turismo"

Not thinking Panamera but thinking that Panamera Sports Tourism is coming out.

The third piece is "Macan Turbo"

The fourth piece is "718 Cayman S"

I can not tell apart from 911. In my case, I can not judge that I do not see the rear.

The fifth piece is "911 GT 3"

911 GT 3 does not match red or orange - At a dealer where our house is indebted, it seems that only 10 of this GT 3 has yet to come in. Some dealers do not have any quota.

The sixth is "911 GT 3 Cup"

When I saw the Carrera Cup at the Okayama International Circuit, I heard a really good sound and it was somewhat cute that the Carrera Cup Car only runs about 20 cars.

The seventh piece is "Cayenne"

The eighth is "Macan S"

I have a feeling that this color looks like makan.

The 9th piece is "718 Boxter S"

After all I hope the roof will be open. ..., and I began to think in here.that? There are still no pictures of Panamera.Because the tourist was already on it,Does that mean Panamera is over?Turn over the 10th piece ...

"Cayenne Turbo"

... Cayenne and there was another one!There is no Panamera! What?

And the eleventh piece ...

Mission E! ! ! It is still released and does not matter to me! Σ ヽ (`д ';) ノ 

Will not you put Panamera on the mission E? There is no such thing as the 12th bird. The bird is about to be decorated around 911.

If you turn over the 12th piece while giving up halfway ...

I got it! ! ! ! Panamera! And the same panamera turbo as our home (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵. Gukh !!(The color is different though)

You are going to do Porsche san? The picture of this year's next calendar is decided this 12th year throughout the year.

Another novelty goods to worry about.

And here, what is another novelty? When you open it ...

What? What? …what's this. light bulb? When I tried out it, it was like this.

(I'm sorry I got my finger in. I wanted to take away my fingers,It was impossible to roll because it rolled over)

Apparently, it appears to be decorating on a Christmas tree.



Well, I do not need it.

I do not have a Christmas tree at home. Well let 's keep it for the memorial. Porsche novelty goods have quite nice things every time, so I will introduce them in articles as well.

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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Good evening.
    I want to ride GT-3.
    I like designs very much.
    You can buy a new house or apartment.
    Depending on the color, Porsche is more likely to ride a funerary than Ferrari.