Panamera Turbo Two months have passed since the car delivery, now, I think.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
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With my husband returning home from my business trip to the US.

Yesterday, my husband returned home from my business trip to America, and after picking up kindergarten, I picked up in Kansai with Panamera. My husband was supposed to drive home on the way home, but my husband said this way when I left the parking lot in Kansai.

"After all Porsche is amazing, the sense of grounding is different, it's really amazing."

I have been calling this line a number of times, as if it were a broken record.

It seems that GLS was borrowed by car rental car in the United States, and GLS is of course a good car, but Porsche is surpassing it, including a sense of grounding, pleasure of running, feeling in front passenger seats and rear seats.(Since GLS is SUV, it may be correct to compare with Cayenne originally)

Panamera Turbo What you feel in 2 months after delivery ①

So like this, from the delivery of Panamera on October 12, it will soon be two months. It is still two months or so I feel like I'm already at home for more than half a year. In the last two months, I think there are two major points.

The first point is"I am touched by every ride"That. Every time I ride, I get impressed every time I get on. This riding taste. This smoothness this engine sound. This acceleration. Everything like that has already been experienced and should have known, but every time I get on it I feel impressed and I do not get bored.

The more you get on, the more you want to ride.

Normally, the high-grade meat is a small amount to eat, I think it is okay to go. If I eat it everyday I will be heartburned(I do not know because I have never eaten such high-grade meat)Panamera Turbo does not have heartburn at all. Really awesome.

Panamera Turbo Feeling in 2 months after delivery ②

Secondly,"Panamera Turbo has no opportunity to demonstrate its power"That. In everyday life, it can be said that there is none. No way ... this is ....

The Panamera turbo just pushed the accelerator lightly about 5 mm on the expressway, about 1 0 km / h(I will leave it to your imagination)It comes out with a margin. So even if you overtake a slow car from the left driving lane on a freeway, you can easily overtake by slightly depressing the accelerator.

Also, Hanshin Express used frequently, since there are many masks and orviss(One was caught today as well)It can not be more than 100 km / h. Well, I can not do it any more on an ordinary highway.

Also, it is fun to drive on the winding road and Panamera, but unfortunately I do not have enough driving techniques, so I can not completely unleash the Panamera Turbo ... (Explosion)

Ibukiyama and Ise will be flying pleasantly ... But the other day Hakone Turnpike and the road around Mt. Fuji was very pleasant with a combination of long lines and moderate curves(I did heavy rain, though)But anything is far away.

Also, I do not have the opportunity to run on the circuit.There are running events of Suzuka Circuit and Fuji Speedway driving at Porsche Driving School, but whether it can go once a year or not.

So, in everyday life, there was no scene to demonstrate the power of Panamera Turbo before I bought it, but I never thought that this is a car with power here.

There is no meaning to buy with this, so I have to investigate the road ahead and go for running. There are many good roads in Kanto and Kyushu, but it seems that there are still good roads in Kansai, so it may be that they go and run to find out.

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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Good evening Mina, sir.
    It seems that he is running a lot on the Ashi Driveway, but I like running the pass.
    Soon the tires will be born again as a new item, so after break-in, we will run Ashigara next year ^ ^
    I ran well in my 20s, but if I speak of famous place in Kansai, it is Koyasan of Wakayama.
    What about going to the Ryujin skyline?
    I think that it is fun if it is Panamera.
    Recently I ran around Nara's Katsuragiyama on a holiday.
    Next year tires and brake pads are brand new, so I will practice with driving skills so that driving skills will rise in full swing ^ ^

  2. panamera-life

    Mr. Soba Robo
    Thank you!
    I see! Ryujin skyline looks nice!
    Winter is already closed down ,,,
    I will definitely go there in spring ^ _ ^