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I can not write articles quite often

Recently, I could not write a blog. It is not too busy to write a blog ... It is not so ... no, I definitely are busy, but since I was writing time writing in such a long time, why I could not write it,

It is because there is no opportunity to demonstrate Panamera's head.

Everyday I ride Panamera, I feel something, but finally I always get the "On everyday roads, we can not even show 5% of the original powerConclusion that it is.

Writing such a thing on a blog every day, such as "It is a treasure trouble" or "I can not feel the original power" is a story "So what?" Also, as it is now winter, we need to wear studless tires to go to the driveway. But Panamera's studless tire is about 1 million yen in 4 pieces ... so it can not be that far.

Then, I could not think of anything to write on my blog at all.

One idea I came up with

"I did not update the article at all until I could go to the touring, that is until spring, so I did not update the article at all ... I was suffering from becoming a blog that can be seen by many people ..." I came up with a plan.

I wish to go test ride to various dealers and write a comparative article with Panamera! What?

If you try to ride a car of another manufacturer who is the same as Panamera and the car is good, if you write the goodness of the car, the difference with Panamera, what kind of person you think you are suitable for, it will be useful for the reader a little Can you provide information? I thought that it might be a place to go out of the weekend's family, and I immediately mailed it to my husband while I was working.

Then a reply from her husband.

"I do not wanna go somewhere, but when I go with Panamera, I'm bothered how to attack from a feeling full of bought."

When. Certainly ....

I'm sorry to go to the salesperson with the new Panamera Turbo I just bought, but when I go on a Boxster, I have to leave two children to someone, oh ... awful.

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