Think about the composition of husband who wants to buy Porsche and wife who does not give OK

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
In order not to oppose the purchase of Porsche to his wife

The opposing couple's speculation

While watching the net,"When I said I wanted to buy a Porsche for my wife, I was opposed." "Because Porsche did not give my wife OK, I became a family car."I regularly see a post with content saying.

I do not know the detailed situation, but it suddenly comes to my wife, "I would like to buy a Porsche! In terms of sales, it is like sinking down by saying "Please buy me" suddenly to a customer with a 0% chance.

Benefits of Porsche purchase

In the world, "Make minus → 0"Product and,"0 → make it plus"I think there are two kinds of goods.The thing with minus → 0 solves the problems and troubles presently and it is comparatively easy to understand the merit.In a car, compared to the car now riding,

· Fuel economy is bad → Fuel economy is good
· Packages are not closed → Luggage space is wide
· Only 5 people can ride → 7 people can ride
· High to low (there is discount)

Does it feel like? Then Porsche is definitely going to make 0 → plus, that is "I do not have a problem if I do not have it, but if there is, I will enrich my life"something like. So I think that merit is hard to understand. Moreover,

· Mileage is bad(Compared to recent eco cars),
· Luggage space is narrow,
· There are things that only two people can ride,
· It is expensive and there is not much discount.

Far from the merit, only disadvantages can be seen. Also,

· When my husband goes to the touring on the weekend, the wife should look after the children,
· It will be difficult to go shopping in neighborhood,
· As the number of times my wife enters gasoline increases,

... Because of the accompanying negative aspect, even if my husband told my wife "I want a Porsche!" In such a situation, there is no reason to be OK.

In order not to oppose the purchase of Porsche to his wife.

So, how can I not oppose my purchase of Porsche ...?

· Do you have a relationship of trust with your wife?
· Whose wallet do you pay?
· How many years do you plan on purchasing?
· What should you do with the dropping place?

Even though there are various factors to consider,(I'll write about these in later articles)What I think, the most important thing is "To have my wife experience driving PorscheThat's it.

Regardless of how much Porsche taught me, no matter how many magazines I showed various angles pictures, no matter how much I showed commentary by Mr. Tanabe and Mr. Matsutoya on Car Graphic TV, the goodness of that Porsche I will never convey it unless I actually ride and drive,On the other hand, if you drive, you can see its appeal.

Porsche is consistent with Porsche, SUV such as Cayenne or Makan, a sedan like Panamera, 911, Cayman and Boxter, so I think that anything Porsche can drive first.

If you drive even once, it will be a car that is solidly made so that Porsche is not comparable with other companies, only by stepping on the accelerator, going comfortably, steering wheel can bend by the amount you want and drive as you want, Porsche brand You should be able to feel the value of.

Let's start on the start line

I think that it was not the logic, but that the wife finally realized the goodness of Porsche, it finally got on the table of discussion. Whether my wife's feelings are "Porsche is nothing!""Although I can not still do comfortably buying a Porsche,You know the feeling that Porsche wants,Because it's a nice car. "Then, it is a difference of clouds.

First of all, go to the dealer with my wife and have Porsche actually drive. The story is from there(But it is a hurd to go to a dealer together)

... and so it's getting longer, so later"Vehicle useless shorts, unnecessary for life"I wonder why I thought about why my husband changed to buy a Porsche before I agree with it.

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