Concerning mysterious fellow consciousness among Panamera owners.

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Riding in Panamera

Even in Porsche, I feel that people riding Panamera are unusual. As you can see well, Cayenne, Makan, 911, Cayman, About Boxster Kana is not Panamera

So, when I see Panamera, I feel strangely fellow consciousness. As I see cancer, I often find cancer beyond when I notice it ... There are eyes in the way of passing, sometimes chasing that figure with a rearview mirror.

Panamera GTS seen in the neighborhood

About three years ago, I moved to my present home and after a while, I got to see the 970 Panamera GTS of White often. Even when you take a street ride, you always have the feathers behind, when you start from waiting for a signal, it will be coolly accelerating with the sound "Von!"Ah! I also had GTS today!"It was a pleasant feeling to find it.

After a while, I often saw that GTS entered the alley near our house and came out there, "GTS lives in this neighborhood"It came to have a more close feeling.

And a few months ago. When I went shopping at Corp, near my house, I saw GTS stopped. "Oh! Is GTS also coming to Corp to buy it!While thinking, I do not know what kind of owner is ....(It is impossible to expect to wait indefinitely)

And the other day. I thought about going to the corp of my neighborhood and going home at Panamera, it was just behind GTS who is waiting for the signal."Ah! GTS!"I thought that I was running behind and that GTS would not enter the COPP parking lot!

After that, somehow stopped near GTS and watching it, a nice madam came out from inside.

Finally, that time ...

While thinking that "Such a person was on board," the other day GTS was stopped as I went to Corp. The near miss rate gradually became higher gradually. Stop Panamera and get out of the car, what a shame with Madam who finishes shopping and gets on the GTS ...!

When bowing quickly, he bowed over the other side.

I guess it is a sense that I can not think of this other person - (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵.

I do not know the name or the family environment of that person, but what is this mysterious fellow consciousness. Then, "It must be absolutely a good personWhere does the confidence of coming from? ... haha. Since then, GTS has not seen much GTS for some reason, but if I see the next time, I guess I'd like to talk to him for a while.

Today these days I think that people who are on the same car, feelings going to the friendly friends do not know, either.


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  1. adachi 671266

    Nice to meet you.
    Now transfer from Maserati Ghibli to Panamera
    I am studying, this blog is very helpful.
    I am looking forward to the next report!

  2. panamera-life

    Thank you very much for your help!
    Transfer Panamera from Ghibli, it is wonderful!
    Next time I am going to write about options that I absolutely should put if I buy Panamera!
    If you wish, if you would like to know such content etc, I will write about it ^ _ ^
    Thank you in the future.

  3. adachi 671266

    Mina, thank you.
    Because of the budget to Panamera which is not turbo
    intend to do something. However, the sheet is whitish in color
    I would like to make an option (78,000 yen).
    The color of the exterior and the inch of the wheel are troublesome places.

  4. adachi 671266

    By the way, both myself and my wife were from Kansai, and I often went to Kobe before I got married. Now I have a company transfer, I live in Nagoya.
    It is a generation that enjoyed the bubble in my school days.

  5. panamera-life

    Adachi 671266
    Thank you!
    Panasona is also cool enough!
    She was considering that the seat is also white grayish like a gray one, but the interior decoration of the previous Panamera beige has become considerably dirty, so I made it dark this time.
    (I also wrote such an article in the past.