Porsche is a WEC car supplier! Safety car is "911 Turbo"

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Porsche offers WEC official car

Porsche announced withdrawal from WEC World Endurance Championship last year in 2017, but in a three year contract from 2018 to 2020, Porsche announced that it became WEC's official car supplier.And the safety car to be introduced is 911 turbo!

After 2012, the Audi R8 has been appointed as a safety car, but in response to the fact that the contract of Audi expired in 2017, it is said that the appointment of Porsche was decided.

Image source:Porsche announces the offer of WEC / Le Mans' official car. New type SC "911 turbo"

Is the safety car the most prominent in the race?

I thought when I went to see the WEC held last year at the Fuji Speedway, but the safety car was the most prominent than any car. Well, the race at that time was an unusual development, the red flag was interrupted once in the race due to the heavy fog due to the bad weather, the race resumed three times at the safety car leadership. Because there were many scenes where safety cars are more active than usual, it is unnecessary.

Image source:2017 WEC World Endurance Championship Round 7 Fuji 6 Hour Endurance Race __ Finals _ 1

Even though we were watching from the lounge, every time the race was interrupted, people like a motor journalist group next door

"Really this time WEC is the most prominent R8, Audi is a really good advertisement!"

He was smiling. In fact WEC CEO Gérard Neuve also says that "safety cars are part of the" show ".

Is the medical car Panamera?

When Porsche withdrew from WEC and was announced last year, a lot of news such as "Porsche fan disappointment" and "shake to the industry" flowed, but as Porsche became a WEC official car supplier, we can have fun watching WEC I wonder if there are many people.

Also,In addition to the two safety cars released this time, it seems to supply a total of 16 support cars, including medical cars, to the series.
By the way, last year 's WEC, the medical car was Panamera, so I got excited a lot and took a picture, (It ↓)

To my husband"There was not a single person taking a picture of a medical car.I was told that Panamera will be appointed this time as well. I am very excited as a fans.

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