Exhibition = I thought it was a commercial car! A world surrounding a concept car I did not know.

Living with Porsche
One day, find the article of Mission E.

Porsche's first commercial electric vehicle, Mission E. "Panamera is nice, but mission E is also cool - it was futuristic and stylish that Mission E was released, it seems like the feelings to Panamera are going to be shaken."
* Source:Porsche Japan official website

Then I found such an article the other day.

"Porsche's first EV 'Mission E', showed a fair share of scores in Scandinavia in the winter! "

I was worried and I saw articles at once, but I was surprised to see the pictures being posted.


…What's this! Mission E Cha! (゚ д ゚)! !

This is ↓

... Why is it! What? ↓

That's why my husband said "What is this Mission E! What do you mean?"

"No, concept cars are like that (- _ -)"

I was returned easily.

What is a concept car?

Concept car is a car manufactured by a car maker for exhibition purpose, so it is likely to be exhibited at the world's motor show etc. "Dream car", "Future car" sometimes called, as the name suggests"For the future, we will make cars with this concept"It shows that it has a role of seeing the reaction of the market and enlightening the user.

When examining variously on the net, various opinions and articles were raised like "This is a fraud!" Or "I am disappointed!" Then the husband said from the side.

"It's different from a practical car from a concept car .... Even if it's insanely cool, the position of this light is lawfully NG, or the height of the car is too low, wheels and tires are cool with leg length but ride comfortably Because there is such a problem such as getting worse, if you actually market it, the story is different.But the Audi TT Coupe, which was released in 1998, was sold out as a commercial car, which was pretty close to a concept car, was released.By the way I also bought it a while ago w "


The Audi TT Coupe concept car is here.


And the actual commercial car is here.


It is certainly the same. There are also cases like this. I thought that the concept car will be released as it is, but it is different. But whatever"No, this is absolutely amazing! (゚ д ゚)"It would be easy to understand if you put out a concept car like that.

Like this (explosion) 
Rolls-Royce · Next N (2016) Source:https://gqjapan.jp/car/story/20170117/dream-car/

Recent changes surrounding the concept car

And then my husband"In the past, it was common to actually create concept cars and actually display them at the motor show, but recently some things like concept cars were announced at the Gran Tourismo in Pleiste."When.

Looking at the site immediately ... It is true!

"Can you think about designing Gran Turismo?" Everything began with that one word from Kazuyoshi Yamauchi. Gran Turismo = GT, the etymology of the name of the video game "Gran Turismo", refers to a two-door sports car, a grand touring car in the automotive world.
From the world's automakers who took the word, now, a new "Gran Turismo" has been delivered one after another. "Vision Gran Turismo" began as a 15th anniversary festival created by automobile manufacturers, "Gran Turismo" and users. The delivered cars appear sequentially in the "Gran Turismo" series, and the rings of festivals will spread by everyone driving that car.

Source:Vision Gran Turismo

It's true! Audi, Honda, McLaren, Subaru, Lexus, car makers are selling things like a variety of concept cars. And it is really fun to be able to actually drive on the game. The environment surrounding the concept car is also changing with the times. Not only for cars but also for E sports (Will it become)?

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    Hello Mina,
    I was reading an old Mina's article and I heard that Ashi Dried Yay read "Rouyu" this time.
    I thought "Asiari".
    Although it is 30 years away from Kansai it is ashamed as far as it is.
    But I read Nunikami Inter "Amako". "Herring (like a fish)"
    I never said "Amakami".

    I will finally get back to Japan so I finally get Panamera.
    I also secured a large parking apartment.

    • Mina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      > I was reading an old Mina's article and I heard that Ashi Dried Yay read "Rouyu" this time.
      I understand! Certainly, "Asiya" and "Arima" are perfect "Asiari"! (Laugh) I thought that it was "Ashiyu" until before. You can not read "Rouou". Furthermore, I also learned that Nyunin Inter also reads "Amako" after a comedian "Nyami Inter" comes out ...
      (If abroad is long, you do not know comedian enthusiast Nakami Inter)

      I will return home soon! If a large parking lot is also secured it can be purchased soon!
      If you buy it, it is glad if you can tell us externally and interior decorated, what kind of model it was made, everyday use etc. (It's all ...) ^^