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Questions I had on my blog before

Previously in the blog"How is Panamera's LED matrix headlight?"As I got a question, I will write about "LED matrix headlight" today. Porsche LED matrix headlight

While it is possible to illuminate the night road brightly, it also has performance not to dazzle oncoming vehicles

The point seems to be point. When the camera mounted on the rearview mirror recognizes an oncoming vehicle or a forward vehicle, it will automatically erase the light which is annoying to other drivers automatically(Become low beam). Moreover, it seems that a mechanism that extends the life of the bed light is also installed.

In "Is it really necessary to attach an LED headlight as an option"I would like to write the impression that I actually used.

1 Headlight design gets cool

Porsche Japan official website "ConfiguratorAs you see it, you can see at a glance that the design of the light changes. This state ↓

When attaching the option of "LED matrix head light" to this, it becomes ↓

Feeling my eyes getting bigger? The four-point daytime running light is adopted for Porsche after 2014, but with the option attached"Design of 84 LED blocks surrounded by four daytime running lights"Become a more clear impression.

Looking at the car as a whole it changes like this. This is an option-less version ↓

This is an option version ↓

I get the impression that the eyes have gone badly.

2 PORSCE characters enter write

Certainly, this is because the letters of PORSCHE are included in the light when you attach the option of LED matrix headlight, but ... maybe it may be normal even though it might be. But I do not know if I do not see it well, and nothing changes as much as I usually drive (- _ -)

3 Useful in countryside night highway

In rural highways, there are few lights at night and it is quite dark, so I often feel scared ahead.That's when LED matrix headlight comes in.The picture below is the Chinese automobile road one night the night. Chinese cars are quite dark.

First of all, this is a normal Panamera light. Well, it's bright enough.

Next, it turns on this state ↓

I am sorry that the picture is too bad, could you understand it ... (- _ -)

It will illuminate quite a while, making driving at high speed very easy. Also, the green traffic display version of the expressway will become clearly visible. In this state, if you can see the oncoming car on the opposite lane beyond the median strip or when you detect that there is a car on the uphill lane,The light will quickly disappear and will not let other drivers get dazzled.(Although it could not be taken as a picture indeed, it is clearly visible to the naked eye that it will be a low beam by detecting a car)Pretty clever.

Is it necessary as an option? No need?

As a conclusion, in the case of our house"LED matrix headlight is not a required option"It is a view. It is convenient for those who run a lot on the highway at night and country roads with few street lights, but I think that people who live in urban areas with lots of light probably have few opportunities to use. Even if it is said that the same highway, the Hanshin Express running in the city center does not have to use it because the light is brilliant and bright.

I guess it is absolutely essential if I run like a German romantic road.

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