Why do not Porsche ride book the next Porsche without seeing the actual thing or trying on it?

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A car is a thing to test drive and buy.

I grew up with parents who are not interested in cars at all(Even though my older brother is a genuine Suvallist, my sister's Ironic says I am writing a car's blog w)However, even parents who are not interested in cars have tried riding when they buy a car,I thought that the car was a thing to test drive and buy.

However, as soon as Porsche came to my house, from the Porsche dealer's sales people

"Next time new type ◯ ◯ is released, but we have a pre-order immediately"

I often heard the story. I am not surprised"I did not test drive, and I did not actually see the actual thing, what does it mean to preorder?"I thought without hesitation, but at that time I thought that "I'm pretty rich, but because I have enough money, I guess I'm going to buy a new Porsche for the time being," I thought.

But as I began to learn Porsche little by little, I feel I understand the reason.

Those that do not change

The owner currently in Porsche does not see the actual thing or test drive, and it is the reason why I also book a new Porsche,Proof of trust in PorscheI do not think so.
The director of the Porsche Museum in Gmünd, Austria said this in a special program covering the Porsche roots that he was doing at BS Fuji before.

"When I bought the used Porsche for the first time in my teens, there was a deep emotion that I could not express very much in words, it seemed as if I was united with the car."

This is the same as the feeling that the person who got on Porsche taste for the first time in 70 years now.Porsche creates sports cars that drive the hearts of drivers.It will not change even after age. As time changes, the needs for automobiles also diversify, and while rival companies are selling new cars one after another, I think that it is not as common as keeping consistency unchanged.

On the other hand, what evolves

On the other hand, Porsche continues to evolve. We used to ride the 970 Panamera edition before. The Panamera edition also had too much performance, it was fun to run ashida, run smoothly on the expressway, and we were able to feel the best run at any time, so we have a couple of dissatisfactions There was not.

So when a new Panamera was announced honesty"Absolutely it is impossible to exceed the current Panamera."I thought.

However, I went to test drive a new Panamera and found it in 2 seconds.

"It has completely exceeded the conventional model".

The new type Panamera was not on the extension line of the conventional Panamera, and it was well understood that it was far beyond the conventional type by newly developing from the beginning.

It will change, unchanged

While maintaining Porsche's identity, it continues to evolve constantly.

Although this is not a common thing, the Porsche owner knows well that the next car type will not betray their expectations, but rather will exceed that expectation rather much. So, I guess I will make a reservation without test drive.(Production volume is small, and even if you buy it does not reduce the value, so you may want to buy it, though)

Speaking of which, even though it is not known whether the new Boxster Spider, which is said to be appearing soon, will be released yet, it seems that the reservation is in ... even my husband has already reserved it It seems to be.

No, I think that Porsche is a truly amazing company.

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