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Hello to everyone who has always read the blog. It is a professional Porsche fan Mina.

... What is Prof Porsche Fan (-_-)

Actually, from around last month when this blog was renewed"Who am I?"I was thinking about things.

It must be a fan of Porsche. But from her husband"I have not been looking for people who like Panamera in Japan all the time."Every day I check the official website of Porsche Japan and I go to the maintenance workshop of Porsche ... I thought that it would be different from a general Porsche fan.

The title in the world does not apply

However, I"Motor journalist"is not. There is no knowledge of the structure of the car, and there is no route to catch new information on cars at once. Well then"Car lighter"Or rather, I am not familiar with cars other than Porsche, because I am not asking for articles and writing, I do not feel like a writer.

at the moment"Car blogger"Although it may be the closest thing, although I am writing a car, I have written about almost Porsche(At first it was the only explosion that wrote about Panamera)I do not get along something like that.

Well then, I kept myself wondering what I am.

Professional lily career's (s) best tweets

Recently in twitter,Pro LuxuryIt was a daily routine to see the existence of Mr. "Mr." and see it while thinking that "I do not say something funny" "It is certain to be certain". Then I learned that the note written about "How to utilize twitter to win 10,000 followers in 5 months" became free only for a few hours yesterday, and I read it immediately(I am back to pay now). At the beginning of that, the solution to what I was doing as a monk was written right now.

"Real name is Owakon"

... What, Owakon (゚ д ゚)?

Since I was born in Showa for the first time to hear the word "Owakon", I tried to find out what it was"Finished content"It seems to be said. In other words, the era of winning with real name is over.

Unless you are a good celebrity, your real name is not important for readers and followers. Besides, it is super red ocean in many celebrities than me because it makes an edge with real name,You'd better create words that express yourselfWhen.

Certainly ... once you create it is a pioneer in that field.

So how do you think about your words?Things that "commonly penetrated value" and "new value combine"AndSimple things that you can understand somewhat by just looking at it,Combination of conflicting words "Mr. Children"AndThings that have tsukkomichi... etc ... was written.

What is it for me?

Then, what is I? ... At such a time, from my head, even my own amazing ideas do not come up (explosion).

Mr. Children Unnamed: "Mrs. Porsche" is it?

No, I do not understand the meaning. Like a Porsche lady? The Porsche family seems to come up with complaints.

The queen of Panamera

No, I will do my best. 10 Panamera 10 units Although it might be okay if you bought it yourself ... yet it is not queen like a character. I mean, I do not have to worry about gender or something else, I mumbled alone, thoughtfully thoughtfully, this is what I have arrived at.

Professional Porsche fan

In the sense of a professional Porsche fan,Aim for Porsche fan's professionalAlso meaning that. But since the sound is like a propolis of honey component, it may be changed again while thinking that it is delicately somewhat subtle, but once it settled down to this.

Having said that, Nice to meet you, Mr. Porsche fans Mina (laugh) Hmm ... but it is subtle.

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