"Porsche 911 Speed ​​Star" 70th anniversary commemorative concept movie released!

911 Speed ​​star
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Finally, the speed star!

My husband suddenly got up this morning,

"Speed ​​star finally got out! (゚ ∀ ゚) !!"

It has been said.

... Speed ​​star ... (- _ -)? What?

...Oh ... Porsche (lol)

"I already got a speed star ?? 1948 limited?"

"No, it has not been released yet, but the concept movie has been released.Before the release of Speed ​​Star, you never had a movie like this in a while.Since yesterday I did the 70th anniversary of Porsche, I wonder if it matched with that. "


By the way, the movie"Porsche channel"It is published in.

The 911 Speedster Concept. Celebrating 70 years of Porsche sports cars.

This Speed ​​Star reminiscent of 356

"It's been a while since the movie was released, but it is already very popular already when you look at comments."It was this angle that was shown at first,


Eh, what this design like 'no eyebrows' ... (* _ *)

I said that ....

People of Porsche fans around the world, developers, I am really sorry ....

But when I watched this movie many times from the beginning, I often thought that it was a very good design.

Try looking at the speed star slowly?

A classical design that reminds me of the original Porsche 356. Beautiful streamlined. Body color silver seems to be the same as 356.
The wheel"Fuchs Fux Wheel"Just saying that it was a wheel that was used frequently in old Porsche.

The bumper looks like GT 3 and it's cool.

The headlight is also amazing.
I saw this design for the first time!

It seems gasoline's filler opening is in the hood. I wonder why.
I guess they do not do it on Mach every time like a gasoline.Silver of the body color, this interior is so shabby this interior.

I saw PORCSHE's characters appearing like lights for the first time.

My husband"Porsche is good at reviving classical designs in contemporary style, and everyone wants to want it."I was impressed.

Suddenly, the 70th anniversary sticker is trimmed off as expected (laugh)?

But it is certain that there are only a limited number, so there are dealers who do not have allocations ... How many dealers are in the dealer where our house is taking care of ... husband is also making reservations for the time being, Whether or not to come around.

Anyway, you should wait for the official announcement!

Image Source: The 911 Speedster Concept. Celebrating 70 years of Porsche sports cars.

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