I made a "Porsche 911 line-up quick reference table" - Which one is the best for me?

Porsche 911 GT 3
Porsche 911

I began to investigate 911

Since I went to Fuji Speedway the other day, I got a little interest in 911. I'm going to know about Panamera, to a certain extent, but I do not know about 911 at all.(Or I usually reverse or w)

so,911 model lineup of Porsche Japan official websiteI was watching but ... I do not understand it at all (-_-)

At first the lineup is largely divided as follows.

· 911 Carrera Models
· 911 Carrera T
· 911 Targa 4 Models
· 911 Turbo Models
· 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series
· 911 GTS Models
· 911 GT3 Models
· 911 GT 2 RS

But if you look at itThere is also a cabriolet in the "carrera model", there is also a cabriolet in the "turbo model", and the Targa 4 GTS comes out in the "GTS model" not in the "Targa model" ...

I do not understand anything yet! ! (゚ д ゚)! !

Among them, the owner who has decided to decide "I decided this!" Is really amazing. I do not know the difference between the two-wheel drive and the four-wheel drive, and I do not know what I do not know in the first place, I heard smoke from the head, I asked my husband.

911 Lineup

"Please tell me because you do not know 911 models (-_-)"My husband said,

That's right. There are many line-ups of 911, it depends on which axis it is divided, and it is quite confusing.

When. So, as soon as I stood up and thought of disappearing somewhere, I immediately returned a blank copy paper to my hand. And I started writing something. Looking at it, it seems to be making a table somehow. Indeed, do you mean you are making 911 classification charts?

"No, I just asked a little lightly ... (-_-)"While thinking ... waiting 15 minutes.

Porsche 911 quick completion table completed

This figure that showed me saying "I could do it!" (¯ ー ¯)!

The letter is dirty (laugh) And then I made it later with keynote below.(By the way, model T is not included)

"Well, I do not understand even if it is shown only this (-_-)"With a face of saying,

Although this is not necessarily correct, first I tried dividing the ordinate by two drives and four drives. The horizontal axis isWhether it is everyday use or even sporty or circuit useI thought with feeling.

And husband. I told you so that I will look at the table again.

Wow (-_-) ...


Well, (... ゚ ∀ ゚;)?

However, there are people who choose by design, some people choose by price range, and although this way of dividing is not necessarily all, well, this is just like an example.

And I will also look at the table.

I see…


Well, (... ゚ ∀ ゚;)?

By the way, I"I want to run long distances as well, I want to run Pass road as well"From thinking so, I do not think it is GT 3 or something, but what do you say is Don Pissha, do not worry.

I see. Well, as long as I've been watching it, I feel I got a little bit better.

Which 911 suits me?

"By the way, if I do buy 911(I can not buy it yet)Which do you think is good? "And,

Well, the four-wheel drive has stability and maybe turbo, but even thoughIn the case of Porsche it is sufficiently stable even with 2 drivesFrom there. The previous Panamera edition did 2 rounds, but I got enough high speed stability and I never felt scary at all?
Thinking that way,Afterwards design and preference issuesI wonder if it will come. Although the rear side of the body is slightly wider in the back of the body, there are also the rear body is a wide body even in the second drive, and the rear light is connected though the 4 model is cool, but the new model is cool for all models I do not understand that it will be connected with ... In addition, it does not understand which is really so indeed soon.


Also around me"I want to buy 911 but I do not know what to buy"And"Maybe around 911 you can go around round"There was a person who said that, I felt it was possible to understand the reason.

It's just hope, but on the Porsche official website feel like "character analysis""This is the 911 that suits you!"I wish I had a function to find like it.

✓ Are cars roofy?
✓ Do you often use expressways?
✓ Do you want to run even at the circuit?

Or asking about 20 or so and answering it"Yes! This is the perfect 911 for you!"It would be easy if you told me that.
Well, there is absolutely no (bomb)

In addition, I think that I would like to know more about 911.

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  1. Manma

    Mr. Mina

    Long time no see.
    It is until the middle.
    Have you changed your family or Mina?

    In fact, a 911 Carrera 4GTS of 2015 model (the first half of 991 model) will come to my home soon! !

    By the way, it is a two-unit system with my favorite machine that Mina reports.
    I purchased 971 Panamera because the two-unit system was difficult or somehow (; 'ω)

    I'd like to report the details of the thing and the review after delivery (; ^ ω ^)

    What I was particular about

    ① The rear tail is a Carrera 4 type (It is a very personal preference, but the beauty of the tail light connected in a horizontal line is absolute)
    (2) Naturally aspirated engine (I'm sorry for amateurs, but I also wanted to enjoy the engine sound with NA if I ride 911)

    Then, when I was looking for Carrera 4, 4S, GTS certified used car of the early model 991, I fell in love with the design of GTS one day,
    Among them, I came to search for Carrera 4GTS.
    As expected, it is difficult to meet Carrera 4GTS limited, and even if it comes out, the body color and options are a bit ...
    The day was going on, but one day I found Donpisha's 911 with a certified used car (If you look at the Porsche homepage after a long time
    Fortunately it was the car that was being uploaded that day! ), Without going to see the real thing
    It was not a distance ...) I decided promptly (Д;)

    The owner commented on the blog, but without a test drive, only the Porsche brand (plus a trusted used car)
    I think the car that you can buy is really amazing.
    However, this may be the result of purchasing the 971 Panamera and testing the 911 to some extent.

    The position of the muffler, the presence of daylight, the seat belt color of the GTS interior package (two-tone in the previous term),
    I am worried about the old-generation-like equipment by going back in time, such as the lighting state of each LED light such as brake light,
    I think that the rear model is more sophisticated in the rear, but this time I decided to stick with NA anyway.

    I would be grateful if I could report this point again.

    Then, there is a lot of end of the year, please praise both Mina and the master.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Manama

      Wow! Congratulations!
      Carrera 4GTS! !

      NA sounds great!
      And GTS!

      No wonder that Panamera can be such a development like this
      It's too terrible! ! !

      I would be glad if you could tell me the taste of 911 in various ways!
      Thank you again this year.
      Thank you again next year ^ _ ^

  2. Manma

    Mr. Mina

    Thank you for your help.
    It is until the middle.
    Are you getting better?

    Well, the other day, 911 has come to our house!

    Interior and exterior design, engine sound, cockpit atmosphere ...
    It was really good for 911 and NA Carrera 4GTS.

    As expected, no more.
    As Mina says, the engine sound is hot for some reason.
    It is a really wonderful car.

    I will report this around soon.
    At first it was communication of delivery (; ^ ω ^)

    I hope that Mina will not be too nervous.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Manama

      Thank you very much!
      Thanks to that, my physical condition has improved considerably (80% has improved, so it will be a little later), and I am feeling like "get on a Porsche!"

      > The other day, 911 has come to our house!
      Congratulations! ! ! Finally! ! !
      After all NA is the best.

      I really want you to send me a photo again!
      And I want you to put it in the owner's file again (I'm sorry to be sorry)

      Continue to thank you!
      Thank you for always taking care of me.