Porsche came to my house-Looking back on the car life in 2020

Living with Porsche

Looking back on 2020

It's fast and 2020 is coming to an end. This year too, the blog "Porsche came to our houseThank you very much for seeing and receiving a lot of support.

In today's article, I decided to look back on the past year a little because it was the end of the year.

Porsche 911 (964)

Just around this time last year, I found out that I had a new life in my stomach, and soon I started to have morning sickness.

"When the children entered elementary school and kindergarten, they were enthusiastic about putting more effort into blogging, but they were pregnant ... It's hard to raise two children, but I can really do three. I see ... "

I remember spending the first trimester of pregnancy with feelings of anxiety while feeling happy.

I have a bad morning sickness, so I couldn't get into the car very much due to vomiting and dullness, so I reduced the frequency of updating the blog for a while and asked my husband to cooperate in writing articles, so I ran the blog.

At that time, "After entering the stable period, go out a little and go on a drive trip with your familyI was struggling with morning sickness with that as an encouragement, but the world changed drastically due to the influence of the coronavirus, and in the end I never went out for a drive this year.

Porsche Boxster GTS

However, I have a personality that makes me feel at ease even during pregnancy.(When I was the first two, I was pretty overwhelmed)Considering my age, I think it may have been good that I had to be quiet at home this year.

Also, because I can no longer easily drive like before,The fun and abundance that riding a car gives usI came to realize more strongly.

And this year, I had an encounter with a new car and a farewell. In July, my first car,I said goodbye to BMW320i (MT).The 320i made it hard for me to decide to say goodbye because I was able to drive an MT car and open the door to a new world, but the 320i will surely remain in my mind. I think it will continue to be a car.


Then in September,911 Cabriolet (Type 992)And no wayCayenne E-HybridCame. just that"I don't like SUVsMy husband said, but now Cayenne's comfort and driving performance are so high that he says "I want to keep riding this for a long time!"(Laughs)

Porsche Cayenne

Such a husband was able to rediscover the charm of Porsche by running the circuit with 911 Cabriolet and GT3, participating in the test drive event at the Taycan circuit, and completing the car inspection of Boxster and 964 this year. It seems.


In addition, we have started to test drive the cars of readers and acquaintances every week, and we have more opportunities to post reports on our blog.(It seems that there are still a lot of test drive articles that I have to write lol)

Meanwhile, I safely gave birth to my third son in August. My husband wasn't there in Corona, but both mother and child are healthy, and thanks to you, my son is about to reach four months.

Porsche 911 GT 3

I'm 7 years away from my older child, and since I'm the first boy, I'm raising my child every day in a mellow doting state, so "I think my son will not grow up in the futureI'm a little worried (laughs).

Looking back in this way, 2020 was an instant year with a higher density than usual. I feel that it was a year in which I was able to run through even under these circumstances because of the support of many people in various situations.

Thank you very much.

Today is the last post of the year, and I will be taking a break from the blog for a while during the year-end and New Year holidays. And next year, I hope that the whole family will be able to send out their own car life in a healthy and healthy way, so please continue to say "Porsche has come to our house".

We hope you all have a good year.

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  1. Take


    Thank you for the fun blog that has been useful for this year.
    Please relax during the year-end and New Year holidays.
    Can my son be a Porsche-loving child with a lot of love from Mina and his husband? I hope that this will be known from the blog in the future.

    I am also looking forward to the blog from the new year. (I think it's okay to start late at the beginning of the year)

    Happy new year.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for this year as well!
      Whether my son will like cars or not at all, that is one of the pleasures of raising children in the future (laughs)
      We hope to continue blogging happily at our own pace next year!
      Thank you for your cooperation.

      Have a good year.