Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid test drive

Porsche Panamera 4E Hybrid
Test drive report for each car

Porsche came to our house

happy New Year. How was everyone during the New Year holidays? Thanks to you, we were able to relax and cultivate our spirit. This year's blog "Porsche came to our houseThank you for your cooperation.

By the way, the first article of the new year is a test drive article of Panamera 4E-hybrid.

At Ashi Driveway

At the end of last year, I was able to test drive the Panamera 4E-Hybrid for blog readers.

Actually, more than a year ago, when I was still considering a replacement candidate for Panamera, "Would you like to test drive?I was asked.

However, after that, I realized that I was pregnant, and I couldn't make an opportunity with the new coronavirus and childbirth, so I finally got on board the other day.

Panamera is the first Porsche I drove and the first car I was fascinated by.Panamera started this blogAbout(The URL of this blog is also panamera-life)It's a car I really like, so I was really looking forward to the day of the test drive to see what the hybrid model would look like.

Porsche emblem

The test drive location is the Ashi Driveway as usualI decided to check the weather forecast in advance, chose the warmest and surely sunny day, and prepared for the children to babysit.

It's been a while since I was able to go to the Ashi Driveway with my husband and wife, and my husband also prepared GT3.But ... As usual, the forecast changed to rain the day before.

... I knew it, I thought it would happen anyway (crying)

The sky looked overcast from the morning on that day. I decided to leave my house a little early and run Ashi, but the moment I got into GT3, I got ready and it started to rain.

Porsche 911 GT 3


Why? It's a really rainy woman. It will definitely rain when you go out. I go to Ashi all the time, but it rarely rains. I don't think Honma hates Ashi.

I was scolded.

I wonder what my rain woman really is, should I go to Harae once ... (-_-)

Ashi Drive way

I regained my mind and decided to entertain GT3 with my husband's driving,It was raining and the temperature was low, and the GT3 cup tires did not grip at all.Even if you are running straight at 50km / h, the situation is such that you can slip roughly. Husband too

This is scary. I have no choice but to run slowly today.

That said, I drove slowly and ran a little on Ashi. "It's a shame that it's been a few months since I've had a drive without children.However, I was driving in this road condition, so I decided to go to the promised place early and wait.

Panamera 4E-Hybrid has arrived

After a while, the Panamera 4E-Hybrid of Sapphire Blue Metallic arrived from the other side. Cool! The deep blue body was very shining on a rainy day and it was beautiful.

Actually, when I bought the 971 Panamera before,I was worried until the end whether to change the body color to sapphire blue metallic or night blue metallic.

However"Sapphire blue is cool but stands out, so let's make it navy.So, in the end, I made it night blue metallic. But my husband glanced at this sapphire blue Panamera

Panamera, I wish I had made it sapphire blue ... It's really cool! I'm getting more and more unable to choose this color ...

He said (laugh)

Since this Panamera is a hybrid model, I thought that the brake caliper was acid green, but it was black. Moreover, the doorknob is also black, and the interior seat belt is Bordeaux, which is a very fashionable specification.

Porsche Panamera wheels

Porsche Panamera

So, let me write what I felt on the Panamera 4E-Hybrid as I felt it.

Next page → Panamera 4E hybrid, finally test drive!

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  1. Tarobo

    Mina, husband

    Nice to meet you. I always enjoy reading articles from each of the couple's perspectives.
    It's been a few years since I started reading this blog ... I recently ordered the late Panamera model!
    I read the article everywhere and added options and of course rear axle steering.
    I got the production quota safely. I just hope that the factory will continue to operate without losing to Corona.
    I feel that the world looks beautiful. I am floating every day.
    I was thinking of writing the next article about Panamera. Please remember Pana once in a while.
    I will continue to support you in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tarobo

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > It's been a few years since I started reading the blog ... I recently ordered the Panamera late model!
      I read the article everywhere and added options and of course rear axle steering.

      Oh! !! !! That's right! !! !! !! Congratulations! !! !!
      I'm glad to help you with a little effort.
      Thank you!

      Panamera is a wonderful car, and after farewell
      I often think, "It was a good car-I want to ride it again."
      I will do my best!

      Thank you for your continued support ^^