Porsche GT3 and GTS models. What is suitable for long-distance touring?

Porsche Boxster GTS

About Porsche's GTS model

My husband, who went touring at Boxster GTS at the end of the year, said something like this.

The model called GTS is "Grand Touring SportsAfter all, it is suitable for touring. It's better than GT3.


Porsche Boxster GTS

When I asked why

Of course you can enjoy running on a good road, butI'm not tired because it's comfortable to ride even when I'm running at low speed on the general road to get there.Especially this time, when I traveled across prefectures, I often ran down the road without using the highway, so I thought so.

When. I see….

"But911 GTS of an acquaintance who was allowed to ride in frontThe suspension is very hard and I felt tired after riding for a long time, but is it different depending on the model? I say,

No, I found out later about the 911 GTS that I got on at that time,The suspension was a sports chassis and the tires were cup tires.So I think the ride was hard. If not, I think the ride would have been a little better.


Porsche 911 GTS wheels

That's right ... Certainly, the ride quality is completely different depending on the tires.

Can you afford the 911 GT3?

And since I went touring at the end of the year, my husband has come to say this.

I,I like driving more than I like carsI thought about it again. That's why I want to go touring all the time, and I want to run on various roads without worrying about the weather or bad roads.
With that in mind, I think that the 911 GT3 Touring may not be necessary for me now.


"Well! That's right! ButAt that time it was said that it might be the last NA of the GT3 modelHowever, the touring package has a high rarity value, and when you actually ride it, it is an exciting and different car, and I said that I can not let it go! When you say

No, that's right ... I still think that it's a rare value perspective, and that I still think that I'm driving on a wide and comfortable road. But GT3 touring isAlthough it has the name Touring, it is still GT3Or. Therefore, the ride is hard, and honestly, it is too much to hold in urban areas and ordinary roads.
The engine sound of NA is wonderful, but it's usually impossible to turn 4000 rpm or more frequently, so it's hard to hear the engine sound.
But if you run on a good road, it feels really good,As expected GT3! It's different from GTS!I'm thrilled, but only about 10 to 20% of the time I can enjoy it during touring. The remaining 80% or more of the time is not fun (compared to GTS), and it's the worst if you get caught in a traffic jam. It may be more so from MT and so on.
When it comes to tasting those few moments, the number of turns will decrease.However, I feel like it's a waste these days to own it all the time.
After all I like driving and touring, so I think soThe GTS model and the original model are overwhelmingly more fun to ride.Also, GT3 has cup tires, so I'm afraid to ride on rainy days, so I don't care about the weather as well as the road.
So, maybe GT3 isn't necessary for me now, or I'm wondering if I'll have too much.


I see ... I have the opportunity to ride, but the price of the vehicle is extremely high.

Porsche 911 GT3 Boxster

"But GT3 Touring will sell as soon as you let go,Maybe you don't have something in good condition anymore?When saying,

Yup. But even if I want a GT3 in the future, a high-performance 992 type GT3 will come out, and that may be okay ... But, well,After all GT3 is a car that is better suited to run on the circuitTherefore, I only run the circuit a few times a year, so maybe I don't need it. And I think the GT3 RS is even better on the circuit.

When. I see. I don't think the day will come when my husband will say something like this ... but I think I understand.

Continuing her husband,

After all,I don't know until I actually own everything.If you think calmly, you know that the GT3 model is too much to carry in everyday life, but I think it's important to actually own it and feel it on your skin.
Panamera turbo that used to be in my houseAlso,"Turbo is not necessary on Japanese roadsI knew before I bought it, but "I don't want to say that without owning a turbo modelI tried my best to buy a turbo. But when I own it, "It ’s a great car, but I do n’t need this much power.I thought (laughs)
However, I don't know until I own this feeling, so I'm glad I owned it once.

When. I see(I've only said something like that)

New type Panamera Turbo

The message you receive on this blog is "It is not a test drive for several hours, but it is helpful because it contains the impressions that I found by actually owning it", But I think that test drive and ownership are completely different.

In 2021, I thought it would be great if we could spell out our live voices and real feelings.

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  1. 991-2 GT3 MT

    I look forward to working with you again this year. I understand it comfortably. It's over-engineering, isn't it? Personally, I thought the 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 MT, which I tested on a PC at the end of the year, was wonderful. If you buy it now, the electric hood is good and you can add lane change assist at the time of merging, so I delusion that Boxster GTS 4.0 MT, which is easier to ride every day than Spider, is good. GT3s are expensive and most of them are stored in the garage without riding and run at low speed. For now, I'm longing for myself to continue riding this GT3 20 years from now, so I will continue to increase my mileage every day. Due to environmental issues, I don't know how long I can keep it in the public eye. At least the exhaust noise becomes quieter and quieter, and I personally think that the 458 was a break for Ferrari, but is it a break for the GT3? Is it 992-1? I want to own the final one, but it doesn't matter if it's different after I sell it. Even if I say that I will continue to ride with that mouth, it's still wobbly. Porsche is good at rock-paper-scissors later by reviving NA and MT, so you can not predict what will happen in the future.

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT
      Thank you again this year.

      > I delusion that Boxster GTS 4.0 MT is good.
      Certainly, it looks pretty good!
      It's easy to ride, it's fun, it can be used in everyday life, and I feel like it will cover everything.

      > Porsche is good at late-coming Janken by reviving NA and MT, so you can not predict what will happen in the future.
      That's true ^^; Even though I said "the last ...", it's often different, so
      I can't predict what will happen, but I wonder if the engine noise will become quieter and quieter due to the effects of environmental regulations.
      It's hard to let go of GT3 now ^^; It's hard ...!

  2. Ishi

    Happy new year, MIina.

    If you only have problems with GT3 and ride quality, why not try the FALKEN tires that wata also loves (Is there a size?). The price is also reasonable. You may think that it is not the right way to enjoy GT3, but I personally think that it is a wingless touring package that should be supposed to be used for city riding.

    I was thinking of letting go of the ASTON MARTIN V12 VANTAGE because it was too spartan for a while, but thanks to FALKEN, I can keep it. The fact that the engine is too powerful to turn the engine is also enjoyable when riding in the city and at low revs when the ride quality is mild.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      happy New Year!
      Thank you again this year!

      > I was thinking of letting go of the ASTON MARTIN V12 VANTAGE because it was too spartan for a while, but thanks to FALKEN, I can keep it.
      Well, that's right! It's so different!
      I will tell my husband. Certainly cup tires are very hard, and it seems that the ride quality will change significantly just by changing the tires.
      Aston Martin, nice ...! I've never driven it, and it's a longing car, so I definitely want to ride it ...!

  3. nave

    Mr. Mina, husband Hello. I'm looking forward to the article again this year ♪
    As my husband said, GT3 will be left over, or on public roads, Porsche in general seems to be left over. ..
    I regretted that I gave up GT3 a long time ago after a year and a half. It's stress that I can't turn more than 7,000, I want to turn more
    But even if you have a driver's license, you can't go to a mini circuit all the time because the driving fee is high if it's a nearby international standard circuit.
    I thought about the reasons for letting go of various things such as being blown away in 2nd speed and being boring. When welcoming the first child, do not live in a rented house but own a house
    I made a down payment for the condominium because I didn't know how to welcome it, but I really regret it.
    It's a selfish story if it's not for financial reasons, but I'd like you to keep it. .. .. ..
    Anyway, if you let go of the car you bought after thinking about it, and the car you fell in love with, you will regret 1000%.
    I'm sorry for the uncoordinated sentences.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. nave
      Thank you again this year!
      Even if you can't carry GT3, if you let go of it, you'll probably regret it ...

      When I knew that stimulus, I lost it
      It ’s going to make you want to taste it,
      After all GT3 is exceptional ...

      My husband does not come to a conclusion immediately,
      I think that I will think carefully while thinking about the future car life ^ ^
      Also thank you very much this year!

  4. 991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications

    Thank you for your continued support this year.
    For use on long-distance travel on highways
    I don't care about the hardness.
    However, I don't use the performance 50%, so I feel sorry for the car.
    I also pay attention to my physical condition when riding, but in the sense that I am in good physical condition so that I can ride, I am a person who pays attention to health management. I want to continue riding as long as my physical strength continues. When I let go of GT3, I will graduate from Porsche, so I will do my best to enjoy it now. The joy of manipulating.

    • MinaMina

      991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications

      Also thank you very much this year!

      > Hardness is not a concern as it is used for long-distance travel on highways.
      Traveling long distances on the highway with GT3, it's the best ...!
      I also ran on the highway with GT3 for a while, but that smoothness, stickiness, feeling of ground contact,
      Anyway, I was impressed with the feeling that I had never tasted before.

      It's really nice to be able to continue riding GT3 all the time,
      I also wanted to become a woman who looks good on Porsche again and improve myself and my driving skills.

      Well then, thank you again this year!

  5. Former Elise ride

    Former Elise rider now owns a 981 Boxster Spider. I think that it will be 911 someday and I am interested in GT3, so I have seen all the material of GT3 in particular. The content about GT3 so far is in perfect agreement with what I felt when I owned Elise and what I expected to think if I owned GT3, so let me write a comment for the first time. I received it. By the way, the content about Boxster GTS is almost the same as what I think of Boxster Spider. In my case, in addition to that, with Elise, I was sometimes driven by the obsession that I had to drive to bring out the potential of the car. You can't really relax.
    Through the possession of Elise, I felt that it is worthwhile to actually own and experience it, which you cannot understand until you actually own it. Do you repeat it with GT3? GT3 is not cheap, so I spend my days asking myself.

    • MinaMina

      Former Elise rider

      > Former Elise rider now owns a 981 Boxster Spider.
      Oh, that's right! !! !! !! 981 Boxster Spider! !! !! I envy you ...!
      The 981 Spider said that an acquaintance said, "It's fun to run slowly, it's fun to turn, the sound is great, and I can't let go!"
      I wondered if that was the case after seeing the comments.

      GT3, the vehicle price is high, I think that the way of running and riding is completely different from ordinary cars,
      When it comes to actually owning it, I think everyone will be very annoyed ...

      I would like to continue to write frank impressions about GT3!
      Continue to thank you.

  6. taro

    Mina's husband Hello!
    "I don't own a turbo model ..." I would like to say such a handsome line.
    I'm from 991 Ⅽ 4 to now 964 Ⅽ 2 ... and what's next?
    I'm an old man of the supercar generation, so I can't erase the desire to ride (own) a Porsche turbo once before I die, even if it's a detour.
    There is a saying, "Look at Naples and then die," with a similar expression to "without looking at the sunlight ...".
    Naples for me is not Ferrari, of course 911 TURBO!
    Let's work hard this year so that we can buy it!

    • MinaMina

      Hello! Thank you very much.

      > There is a saying, "Look at Naples and then die," with a similar expression to "Don't look at the sunlight ...".
      Oh, that's right! If there is such a saying, I definitely want to go to Naples ...! w

      The 911 Turbo has a certain personality, a big butt, and it is full of atmosphere that "this is not a normal person".
      I also want to do my best this year!
      Continue to thank you.