Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid test drive

Porsche Panamera 4E Hybrid
Test drive report for each car

Panamera 4E hybrid test drive

Panamera with the smoothest ride

When I got into Panamera and looked around the meter and the center console, I definitely felt nostalgic for Panamera that I had at home until last summer.

Also, the display around the meter is the same as the Cayenne E-Hybrid currently in my house, so there is no particular discomfort.

Porsche Panamera

When I started runningThe first start when you step on the accelerator is extremely smoothI was surprised at what. Including test driveThe smoothest and most luxurious Panamera I've ever rodeI got the impression.

The Panamera 4 that I had tested before was lighter, the GTS was hard and dry, and the turbo that I had at home was more profound and hard.

Also,Even though I had a motor, I didn't feel "heavy" at all.About this, my husband

The Panamera turbo was a V8, and the front was heavy. The hybrid model may be called V6 or Kara.

However, I was very surprised that it was luxurious and not heavy, and that it went smoothly.

You can drive freely

The Panamera Turbo had a tremendous power of 550 horsepower, so it was a car that felt scary and fierce just by stepping on the accelerator a little.

On the other hand, in the case of Panamera 4E-Hybrid, if you step on the accelerator, it will accelerate slowly, and if you pull it out a little, it will decelerate as it is.It was a car that could keep driving smoothly as the driver wanted.

Since it is a four-wheel drive, it is stable even in the rain without any fear, and on the pass road, the car body feels smaller than the turbo and it is easier to drive, and it turns more quickly than I expected.

Porsche Panamera

When I hear that it is a hybrid model, "Eco car, not a sports carIt's easy to get the impression, but it's clear that it's an unmistakable sports car.

Enjoy the fun of sports cars

Recently I often ride Cayenne.Cayenne is very easy to drive, comfortable and comfortable.Also, if you step on the accelerator a little on the highway, you can feel a pleasant acceleration, so it is an SUV with a sports car element.

However, compared to Cayenne,Panamera is overwhelmingly a sports carI thought it was. I thought that the line of sight was low, the turning was sharp, the running was powerful, and there was an excitement that made me want to run even more.

Porsche Panamera

On the way,I switched from the default E power mode to sports mode and ranHowever, the engine sound was good and the volume was just right. The turbo engine sound that I used to have in my house was louder and more powerful like a beast,The sound quality of the hybrid is elegant and well-balanced.was there.


Good, Panamera is good after all, I hope I can buy Panamera again when the children grow up and calm down. At that time, I want to buy it myself, no-I want Panamera!

I was driving while mumbling to myself.

Try riding the Panamera 4E hybrid

The Panamera 4E hybrid that I got on this time, personally "The most favorite ride and running of Panamera I have ever rode"was.The dimension of both comfort and sportiness is very high,The sapphire blue body was insanely cool.

AlsoPorsche is a car whose running and riding comfort changes greatly depending on the gradeI think it is, but this time I got on the Panamera 4E-Hybrid and thought so again.

Until now, I've been riding the 970 Panamera Edition and the 971 Panamera Turbo for about 5 years in total, and I thought I knew about Panamera to some extent, but I think there are still many things I do not know about Panamera. I see.

It's deep ...

It ended up being a sensational story, but I'd like my husband to write a report later, so I hope you'll look forward to that as well.

Thank you very much to the owner who came all the way to the Ashi Driveway in the rain. Next time, I would be happy if you could worship the sapphire blue Panamera on a sunny day!

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  1. Tarobo

    Mina, husband

    Nice to meet you. I always enjoy reading articles from each of the couple's perspectives.
    It's been a few years since I started reading this blog ... I recently ordered the late Panamera model!
    I read the article everywhere and added options and of course rear axle steering.
    I got the production quota safely. I just hope that the factory will continue to operate without losing to Corona.
    I feel that the world looks beautiful. I am floating every day.
    I was thinking of writing the next article about Panamera. Please remember Pana once in a while.
    I will continue to support you in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tarobo

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > It's been a few years since I started reading the blog ... I recently ordered the Panamera late model!
      I read the article everywhere and added options and of course rear axle steering.

      Oh! !! !! That's right! !! !! !! Congratulations! !! !!
      I'm glad to help you with a little effort.
      Thank you!

      Panamera is a wonderful car, and after farewell
      I often think, "It was a good car-I want to ride it again."
      I will do my best!

      Thank you for your continued support ^^