After the delivery of Porsche Panamera, the second oil change-the cost was 40,818 yen

Front of Porsche New Panamera Turbo
Panamera turbo

To oil change of Panamera

Last weekend, I went to Panamera's oil change. The oil change is the second time since the delivery of Panamera. The first time is 2 weeks after delivery, when the travel distance is approximately 1500km.

The first oil change of the Panamera Turbo-The cost was 47,558 yen

And half a year later from the end of March, once oil replenishment at the mileage of 6500 km. By the way this was supplemented by my husband, not by the dealer.

What is the result of calculating the actual annual maintenance cost of the new Porsche Panamera Turbo?

And this time. At a mileage of approximately 8400 km, to oil change.(Oil is decreasing so much in less than two months from replenishment)

Oil of Panamera

Looking at the netI did an oil change myselfThe article "" comes out quite a lot. It's amazing. When I used oil change and oil replenishment myself, I read the Panamera manual which oil should be selected."Porsche recommends Mobil 1"It was written.

By the way, even if you say the same Panamera, it depends on the model.

vehicle Approved item SAE viscosity rating
Panamera 4
Porsche-C 20
Replacement: VW 508 00
SAE 0 W-20
Panamera 4 E-hybrid,
Panamera 4S
Porsche-C 20
Replacement: VW 504 00
SAE 0W-30
SAE 5W-30
Panamera Tuebo Porsche-A 40 SAE 0 W-40
SAE 5W-40
SAE 5W-50

(* According to the manual at the above October 2017)

When my husband replenished oil at the end of March, this"Mobil 1's 5W-50"Of oil was used.

Amount of oil change

Incidentally, the amount details of the oil change of Panamera this time became like this way.

Engine oil change 12,960 yen
ENGINE OIL (SJ / 5W-50 / 0.1 L)
Quantity 95 L × unit price 292 yen
¥ 27,740
Total (tax included) ¥ 40,818

Oil cost high ((; ゚ Д ゚))))! !

Moreover, since Panamera has a large capacity of the oil tank, it becomes unnecessarily high. Well, even after safely exchanging the oils safely, the display has been fully filled up to MAX!

With this, it is perfect for running to the Fuji Speedway next weekend!

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