I summarized the MT car of Porsche that can be purchased with a new car in Japan.

MT (manual) ride

MT car not entering Japan

Since my husband"In Germany, you can choose the specifications of the MT car, you can not enter Japan," "●● a yeah car, but PDK and so on need"And often speaks.

I was not familiar with the circumstances, so I thought that "911 and sports car type Porsche can all choose MT", but apparently it is not.

so,"How many models can MT choose in the lineup currently posted on Porsche Japan's official website?"I examined it.(Examination on 17th July 2018)

Of the 58, 11 only

The Porsche Japan official website currently has 58 lineups,Among them, only "11 types of manual tranche mission can be selected"was. Below, I wrote all the lineup at once, but the one that is in deficit is MT type selectable car.

【718 Cayman Models】
(1) 718 Cayman (2) 718 Cayman S
【718 Boxster Models】
(3) 718 Boxster (4) 718 Boxster S
【718 GTS Models】
(5) 718 Cayman GTS (6) 718 Boxster GTS
【911 Carrera Models】
(7) 911 Carrera (8) 911 Carrera S  (9) 911 Carrera Cabriolet (10) 911 Carrera S Convertible  (11) 911 Carrera 4(12) 911 Carrera 4 Convertible(13) 911 Carrera 4 S(14) 911 Carrera 4 S Convertible
【911 Carrera T】
(15) 911 Carrera T
【911 Targa 4 Models】
(16) 911 Targa 4 (17) 911 Targa 4 S
【911 Tarbo Models】
(18) 911 Turbo (19) 911 Turbo S (20) 911 Turbo cabriolet (21) 911 Turbo S Convertible
【911 Turbo S Exclusive Series】
(22) 911 Turbo S exclusive series
【911 GTS Models】
(23) 911 Carrera GTS (24) 911 Carrera GTS Convertible (25) 911 Carrera 4 GTS (26) 911 Carrera 4 GTS Convertible (27) 911 Targa 4 GTS
【911 GT3 Models】
(28) 911 GT 3  (29) 911 GT 3 RS
【911 GT2 RS】
(30) 911 GT 2 RS
【Panamera Models】
(31) Panamera (32) Panamera 4 (33) Panamera 4 Executive (34) Panamera 4 Sports Turismo (35) Panamera 4S (36) Panamera 4S Executive (37) Panamera 4S Sports Turismo
【Panamera E-Hybrid Models】
(38) Panamera 4E Hybrid (39) Panamera 4E Hybrid Executive (40) Panamera 4E Hybrid Sports Turismo (41) Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid (42) Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid Executive (43) Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid Sports Turismo
【Panamera Turbo Models】
(44) Panamera Turbo (45) Panamera Turbo Executive (46) Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo
【Macan Models】
(47) Makan (48) Makan S
【Macan GTS】
(49) Makan GTS
[Macan Turbo Models]
(50) Makan Tabo (51) Mcan Turbo Performance (52) Makan Turbo Exclusive Performance Edition
【The new Cayenne Models】
(53) The new Cayenne (54) Thenew CayenneS
【The new Cayenne Turbo】
(55) The new Cayenne Turbo
【Cayenne Models】
(56) Cayenne Platinum Edition (57) Cayenne S Platinum Edition (58) Cayenne SE Hybrid

When I write it together, it looks like the following.

Series 718 718 Cayman,718 Cayman S,718 Boxster,718 Boxster S,718 Cayman GTS,718 Boxster GTS
Series 911 911 Carrera,911 Carrera S,911 Carrera 4,911 Carrera 4S
GT3 series  911 GT 3

It seems I understand Panamera, Cayenne, Makan there are no manuals, but 911 is a GTS system annihilation!(How to say annihilation is bad, but ...)In addition, in Japan,If you want to ride a new car's open car (MT), you have to choose Boxster inevitablyI mean that. I also looked at Porsche manual cars on the net and found such an article.

I believe that Porsche has survived the MT for the first time in seven years 911 and that the importer also entered Japan. Even though there is a topic of version upgrading that is the same as PDK as PDK, from the time of Tiptronic, the MT ratio of 911 in Japan was insignificant. Although it brought it there and the PDK evolved, it often used to leave the MT in Japan spec.
* WEBCG: Porsche 911 Carrera (RR / 7 MT) [Test Driver] (2012.9.26)

I see ... In 2012 it is written that way, it may be a pleasure to be able to choose MT 911, even though it is currently less in Japan.

→ Next page I studied how much car you can choose MT in Germany mainland!

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