When going to a luxury car dealer like Porsche, should we be conscious of watches, clothes and cars?

Porsche Dealer

Is it difficult for luxury car dealers to enter?

While watching the net"Luxury car dealers are hard to enter"And"It is better not to put a cheap watch because the wristwatch is also checked."What I said is well written. Inside"When going to Maserati with T-shirt jeans, it seems that it can be seen with a terrible disgusting face"There was also a post called.

> No, it is not a lie indeed (laugh)?

Somehow, there is a sense that rumors are funny and walking alone. That's why I asked when my husband actually visited the Porsche dealer for the first time.

On the way back to the meeting

My husband went to the Porsche dealer for the first time on a weekday in winter of 2014."The sight for buying Boxster is coming soon"It seems that it was around that time, as it happened that the meeting of work finished quickly,"Yes, let's go and see the Boxter to the Porsche dealer on the way home!"He seems to have suddenly thought.

Call the dealer immediately"I would like to go see Boxster's exhibited car ..."As I told you,"Since there is a display car, please come here"That's why I headed straight. "When you asked," I did not want to take a test ride, just went to see the exhibit car? ",

"Since I never saw Boxter closely in the first place, I thought I wanted to see what it was like first."

When. continue"What kind of clothes are you? Was it conscious of the clock, after all?"And,

No, I do not mind anything. Did you go to some ordinary shirt with pants? I just remembered from work, I do not remember what the watch was wearing.

And that. By the way, the car that my husband got on at that time,Mercedes · Benz SLK 350was.

I tried it but last time

When I arrive at the dealer, Mr. H who is in charge of my house is still indebted and came out and asked me to show the exhibition car of Boxster"I am wondering whether to be Boxter or Boxster GTS"While talking with him,

After all GTS is good. As the test car of Boxster GTS comes in next time, shall we contact you as soon as it arrives?

It was advised, "It certainly means" Please leave it and the day came back. Then, as soon as it comes to informing that "a test car of Boxster GTS came," go straight to test drive and go to "Everything Meccha Ya! Buy!" And order in January 2015 the following year did.(Hayat w)

By the way, while my husband ordered Boxster, I never went to a dealer once, my husband came home one day"I ordered a Boxster!"Because he said"Wow! Already! ヽ (゚ Д ゚) ノ !?"I have a memorable memory. Even so, as we talked about buying Boxster by that time,

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As a wife's position, I thought that I would buy it sooner or later, but I felt it was earlier and surprised than I thought.

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  1. hiro3008

    I am always looking forward to seeing you. I will comment for the first time.
    When I went to a Porsche dealer for the first time, I was wondering "Is it necessary to look like that?", So I arrived at this article.
    After all, it was a rough style of denim and leather jacket, but I was particular about the watch and attached TAG Heuer's Monaco. I expected the sales people to say, "It's a glorious Le Mans!", But without that ... well, that's right.
    This time, it was assumed that the car could be driven by a family, but I couldn't buy Porsche after all because I was struck by 911 and Cayman, but next year I will buy a second car, so I will buy Porsche again. I think I will consider it.
    For that time, I'm going to let you check the blobs firmly!

    • MinaMina

      > Next year will be a replacement for the second car, so I think I will consider Porsche again.
      Oh, that's right! !! !! wonderful! !! !!
      We would like to continue to convey the life-sized content that we felt!
      Continue to thank you.