Until the day when you can manage Porsche Boxster GTS (MT) -Vol.2

MT (manual) ride

Vol2 article could not be written ...

The other day my husband"I often go to the end of blog posts, think about trying to post articles about ●● or something like vol.1 that is like a series of things I write well, have not you ever written an article?"It was said. Certainly ... (-_-) That's why I decided to write a sequel to this article I posted earlier.

→ 【past articles】 Until that day that we can overcome Boxster GTS (MT) - Vol.1

Since April 25, when writing the above article,Actually I have never driven an MT car 's Boxster (explosion)I tried practicing to drive with a paddle shift at the most in the presteftime. However, even though I said such a thing, since manual driving does not work well at all, I finally decided to drive the Boxster GTS last weekend.

Review of MT car driving

"I can go to the Ashi Driveway tomorrow for driving practice of Boxter, so I drive a Boxster, so if you follow me from behind and run, there is something safe anyway." When asking her husband,

Okay, yeah. But I do not care if I say such a thing as I can go alone.

While being told ... to review the manual driving before going to bed."Well, what do you do first? What is the clutch, brake and treadle with the gear in the parking?"When I asked,

What are you talking about, there is no parking in the manual car, with neutral or (- _ -)

And returned. Huh! What? I did that ... (゚ д ゚) ...! What? Continue to say, "Well ... First of all, did you move the gear? Would you like to release the clutch? When are you going to step on the accelerator ahead?" Because it's just a foolish thing,

Is it okay, huh? I seriously question that (- _ -)?

Although he was frightened facing ... managed somehow on the morning of the day.

Practice at Boxster!

My husband took the lead in Boxter, and I took my daughters to arrive in Panamera and changed driving at a parking lot near the Ashi Driveway tollgate.Just to make sure that you can make a phone call at face time,When I get into the driver's seat of Boxster.(From here onwards, since we are writing in accordance with the novice beginner's driving of the manual car, the talk of a considerably low level continues.I am sorry.)

Check the position of the steering wheel, adjust seat position and height,

Whether or not to clutch the clutch and brake all the way,

Gear operation etc.,

I confirmed it at face time, what ah, oh no koi saying so I will not start at all

No, let's start off with yeah.

I was urged by my husband ...

"HOLD" lights up because of the parking lot which is a little slope, so let go of the brake, stepping on the accelerator and about 1000 turns and loosening the clutch gradually.If you are accustomed to manual driving, you probably can do it in around 5 seconds, but in my case I slowly loosen the clutch and it took about 30 seconds to feelI feel like (explosion)

Then, the car body gradually moved forward little by little. At that time, the feeling that I practiced manual driving in the past revived. It seems that it seems, I got this feeling like connecting the clutch (゚ ∀ ゚) When I think with my head, I do not understand well, but I remember the feeling properly.

→ Although there was a rarity that the intention to stay on the next page 1st is on the back (R) ...

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