2018 Goodwood Festival hosted - I gathered Porsche's videos and images in it.

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Goodwood festival was held again this year.

My husband said "I want to go someday" for a long time"Goodwood Festival". This year of 2018 is held on the 4th day of July 12th - 15th.

Originally it is a Goodwood Festival ...

Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​(abbreviation · FoS, also known as Festival of Speed ​​in the UK)A motor sports event to be held at Goodwood in West Sussex, England.It is held from late June to early July once a year.
Racing cars and racing cycles from around the world gather, and it is crowded with many motor sports enthusiasts. Japanese automobile manufacturers also participate and the appearance of holding in automobile magazines will be picked up.
* Source: Wikipedia "Goodwood Festival of Speed"

This Goodwood Festival,The eleventh Richmond Duke, who was an enthusiastic race enthusiast in the UK, revived the circuit constructed by the grandfather of the 9th DukeThose that made it. The race was held for the first time in 1993, since it opened its private estate,A worldwide event in which the good old age racing machine to the new model car all go throughIt has become.

Awesome ... circuiting to private estate ... .... Even though there is a pond in the garden in Japan, even though there is a pond in the garden, although it is a mansion, the construction of the circuit ... the rich level of the duke of Britain is not half the level.

Porsche is the theme this year!

And at this Goodwood Festival, each automobile manufacturer is taken up as a "theme" every year, and the monuments associated with it are set up at the venue, The theme of 2018 this year is "Porsche"!
A huge monument with a total length of 52 meters created by an English-born artist, Jerry Juda, was exhibited at the Goodwood House in the center of the hall.

* Source:https://twitter.com/PorscheRetail/status/1017333577523126272

Because this year is the year of Porsche 70th anniversary, I wonder if Porsche was chosen as a theme.

* Source:https://twitter.com/PorscheGB/status/1017871126792429568

So, I gathered images and videos of Porsche exhibited and running at this Goodwood Festival.

Of course "356" is alive!

I'm pretty cute when I see 356 many times. Although I do not see you easily in Japan(I also saw 356 other than the exhibition, only one of those who was aboard the Fuji Speedway)When you come to such a place, it is amazing as it is running normally or being parked.

And this is precious! 919 Hybrid ebo and 356 co-star of dreams!

* Source: https: //twitter.com/Aus_Freak/status/1017931393144315909

Many racing cars are exhibited, running!

The other day I came to the "Porsche Experience Day" held at Fuji Speedway,In the 919 hybrid tribute (EV car), the one that was exhibited was "919 Replica of Hybrid Evo"So I think it is really valuable to see the exhibits being displayed as close as possible to the picture below.


the LMP 2000. Black racing car is cool.

* Source:https://twitter.com/Porsche_Team/status/1017688676510334978

Japanese fans also have this picture on twitter.

I can also see the running of gt 1 at hand!

Also, my husband was excited, "gt 1".

I saw the exhibition car at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, but I think that it is unlikely that you can see running in this way. this is"The 'Playstation' 911 GT 1 Evo"It seems that specification.
* Source:https://twitter.com/mimut36T/status/1017426622549405696

And here is "gt 1" I saw at the Stuttgart Museum.

The racer got excited and got an image on Twitter. I wonder if I can drive this, I am also very glad for the racer.

By the way, gt1's two shot.

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