Advice for those considering purchasing the Porsche 911 GT3


Purchasing the Porsche 911 GT3

I often get a message on my blog or Twitter about a car purchase, but the other day I heard that my husband's personal SNS also received such a consultation.

・Currently riding the 718 Cayman GTS
・Considering whether to switch to GT3 soon
・Please tell us what you liked and didn't like about GT3.


Every time I receive such a consultation, I think "Everyone, I would like to hear the raw opinions of the owner who owns it."I'm saying that. Of course, a test review by a car critic is helpful, but if you want to know what you do not understand in a few hours of test driving, that is, how you feel when you actually own it and use it everyday, what kind of defects are there? I think there are many.(Of course we want to know)

The reason why my husband often goes to the Ashi Driveway every week,Listen to the owners' honest opinions and impressionsI feel that this part has a great influence. The other day,It was interesting to ask the owner who has owned both the 992 element and S to see how they really differ.It was said.

GT3, buy?

So, I would like to introduce how my husband responded to the question I received at the beginning, after a while.

Completely different from the regular model

MasuI think about GT3 is quite different from regular models such as CaymanThat is. Since I can use it for everyday activities (commuting, shopping, etc.), I think it's good at first, then I'm tired and tired, and I feel like I'm missing Cayman.
This "tired" is more than a bad rideWhile listening to various kinds of gear noises and engine noises, I feel that I am constantly forced to run in combat mode.I'm tired.
Compared to Boxster, the ratio of the manual is not facing the city, the PDK isn't safe, and the stop-and-go is careful.
In fact, I've been on a GT3 recently and I happened to ride a Boxster the other day for a month.I felt that Boxster was incredibly mild, the power was just right, and it was a lot of fun to ride.

Winding and circuits are the best

Meanwhile,Winding, circuits and country roads with good flow are the best.. There is no comparison of regular models.
Accurate and unmatched handling, turning as if there was no limit, tremendous engine response, "After all it was GT3! "I think
So, if you think about riding GT3 in Japan normally, 80% of the roads and environment may not be interesting. However, you can enjoy the best on the remaining 20% of the roads. Recommended if you attach importance to these areas.

Boxster if you leave only one

IncidentallyIf I leave one, I think I will leave Boxster.I think the GT3 is incredibly good, but I think it's a car for a special time (winding or circuit).(It's the same as the high-quality marbled steak every day.)

It was that.

Addition regarding GT3

In addition to the above, my husband was saying this.

Because the 911 is a sports car that can be used on a daily basis and on circuits,If you are thinking of purchasing GT3 as a high-end high-power model on the extension line, you should stop and think twice.I think. I think I have a different personality, so I want to give advice.
Performance of the AMG model for Mercedes, the M model for BMW, etc. is completely different from the regular model, but even so, luxury and comfort are emphasized to some extent, which is an extension of everyday use. I feel
But,Porsche's GT series (excluding GTS) is not that sweet.At first I thought that was the difference, but I was surprised that it wasn't.A car closer to a racing carI think that.
So, if you try to cover everything with just one GT3, you'll eventually miss the regular model. In fact, I do, and sometimes I want to ride a 964 or Boxster.
But after a while, I missed the drug-like feeling of GT3 and got on GT3. SoIdeally, GT3 is the best as the second one after having a regular modelI think that.
If you want to tame the GT3, knowing these things and considering purchasing, you will not have any regrets later.

When. So that's it.

If you have any questions or consultations like this, please feel free to message us on the blog. We look forward to your continued blog "Porsche came to my house".

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  1. Billiard

    I strongly agree.
    I got tired, so I switched from 991 GT3 to 992 Carrera S,
    I'm not satisfied and I want to go back to GT3.
    But it's not a GT car, GT3

    • MinaMina

      > But it is not a GT car GT3
      Sure, it's named GT, but I don't think it's like grand touring ^^;


    Thank you very much for your kind advice when purchasing the GT3 Touring Package.
    Thanks to you, it was delivered safely.

    As you said, the GT3TP can be used on a regular basis, but I don't think it's a car that you can ride easily.
    After all, GT3TP naturally increases the pace, and I feel that I need to focus and drive.
    So I sometimes miss the lightness (or rather lightness) of the 981 Cayman GTS that I used to ride.

    But I'm really glad I got GT3.
    I would like to improve my skills so that I can maximize the abilities of this car.

    • MinaMina

      Congratulations on your delivery.
      Sure, you can say that you can do everyday, but it is not a car that you can ride easily.
      If so, the standard Porsche lineup is overwhelmingly easier to use and easier to ride.

      > I would like to improve my skills so that I can maximize the abilities of this car.
      wonderful! I will do my best and hone my skills ^^

  3. Kazugane Hills

    Exactly so.
    I also have a motorcycle
    Motorcycles with racing specs that are custom made and quick on the circuit are sold out of vehicle
    I'm addicted to a moped with only 13 horsepower, and I can't wait for a break today.
    Delivery of gt3 is 1500km in a year and a half
    Delivery of moped motorbike 1500 km in 2 months
    Well, I think about it.
    If life is so much fun with a bike for only 450,000 yen, then the significance of gt3 is...
    I will not let it go. Perhaps

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills

      >gt3 is 1500km in a year and a half
      > 1500km in 2 months for delivery of moped motorcycle

      That's right! !! (Lol)
      Although I think that the motorcycle is full of charms that the car does not have,
      Looking at the mileage is amazing!

      The rainy season is about to begin and the temperature seems to be cooler than usual, so
      I imagine that it feels good to run on a motorcycle ^^

  4. Wooper

    I use GT3 for commuting normally (other cars are more
    However, it is not suitable for everyday life.)

    Speaking of Porsche at home, Cayman is also an S sports shirt.
    Since it is a sea, the same thing about the hardness of the underbody
    However, 993 is more concerned about the clutch.

    Well, I have to step on the accelerator once in the road (even once
    (If the sports exhaust valve doesn't open)
    The stress accumulates...

    Also, how much is 4,000cc on a busy road like when commuting?
    No, the fuel economy is so bad that I can not think of it as a modern car (bitter smile)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper
      Wooper's car lineup is amazing...! !!
      The impression is that these cars have different charms in pursuit of driving.

      > And how much 4,000cc is on a busy road like when commuting
      > No, the fuel consumption is so bad that I can't think of it as a modern car (bitter smile)
      I wonder if gasoline is leaking from somewhere... (laughs)

  5. 991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications

    I was aiming for GT3, so I was happy to get it. I'm really satisfied with the fact that even a regular dealer handled the touring package at the right time. I think the mileage is about the same as that of my husband. Almost all driving on highways is 200 km or more on a one-way basis. In addition, I have two kitchens for commuting and family, so the situation is quite limited. I'm not good at driving, so I don't think I'm using 20% of the performance, but I'm planning on graduating from Kakuraku with this best experience at the end. We are working desperately to maintain GT3. It is a vehicle with that special feeling. It is one of the best camphor agents in life. I would like to continue enjoying Porsche Life, aiming for the individual with the longest mileage in three years.

    • MinaMina

      991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications


      >Since I have 2 kitchens for commuting and family, the situation is quite limited.
      That's right! If so, it seems to me that I can run the GT3 in a situation that suits the GT3 and it will be very fun.
      As you said, GT3 is a special car, isn't it?
      For many people, I always think that it is exceptional in terms of performance and feelings.
      I will do my best to improve GT3 driving!

  6. White beast

    That's right ~.

    When I get on, I think that I want to continue riding forever!

    If you change the muffler, it will be more prominent.
    Before I changed it, I thought I would get over listening to the sound from the muffler...

    Macan and Mini Cooper are like casual sneakers and are easy to ride.

    It's not just the height of the car.

    • MinaMina

      White beast
      GT3 is deep...
      You have a Macan and a Mini Cooper! !! !! Jealous!
      As you said, it seems that it will be easier to ride, and I can not ride GT3 with the feeling that I will feel free to go now ^ ^;

  7. Garuda

    I am always looking forward to reading it.
    I saw...I think so. Even if you know it, it's a good thing to do once, so it's something that you want to fully enjoy. Cayman S → 997 Carrera → 991Ⅱ Carrera S → 991Ⅱ Carrera GTS… came in the normal step. After all it is the yearning GT3.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > The first Cayman S → 997 Carrera → 991Ⅱ Carrera S → 991Ⅱ Carrera GTS… came in a normal step.
      It's amazing! !! !! Steps like Porsche's royal road...! !!
      Each has its own charm as a Porsche, and you can enjoy Porsche deeply and deeply.

      > After all it is the yearning GT3.
      I would be happy if you could exchange various information when you purchased GT3.
      Continue to thank you!

  8. 991-2 GT3 MT

    Hello, I am always looking forward to the update. I am also using the 991-2 GT3 MT for commuting and have exceeded 10,000 km in one year.
    My Porsche road started with 997-1 GT3. Even with the bucket seat at the front, it was difficult to release the heavy clutch because the legs were short. The 997-2 GT3 RS I own after that is a little embarrassed to ride if my mental skills are not fulfilled. Therefore, it can only be moved on holidays.
    Compared to them, the 991-2 GT3 MT has a lighter clutch and can start clutches even when starting on slopes, and the ease of riding is more isolated than before, due to the difference in the muddy water. However, it is quite sophisticated, and the wildness including the sound in the room is weakened and it is a bit lonely. The 991-2 GT3 MT is much easier to use than the 997 at all times, and I feel that the 991-2 GT3 MT is all right for me.

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT
      It's amazing 10,000 km in one year!

      I've heard that the 997GT3 has a heavy clutch, but that's true.
      With that in mind, I think that the current GT3 will be much easier to drive, and that it may feel unsatisfactory.

      Certainly, if you are familiar with 997, compared to 997, it is easier to spend everyday,
      I think it's understandable that one modern GT3 is all right,
      I think that what kind of car you have been riding so far is a very big factor.

  9. Kei

    Nice to meet you, I have a lot of interesting articles, so I am bookmarking them while shadowing them so that I can look at them from time to time.

    Although I am still at the start, I am on the 718 Cayman and I was considering the next candidate with the 991 GT Sor GT3, so it was very helpful.

    I think that GT3 is wonderful because it likes engine sound and it is a super car, but I thought that it would be good to enjoy GTS that can go anywhere with a simple design for many years.

    Usually, I don't really think about anything, but I often run the national road properly and drive to other prefectures, but after all 60-70 km/h on the national road or bypass road level is normal 911 on public roads Is it more fun for you?

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for visiting the blog!

      > After all, it seems that the normal 911 can be enjoyed even on public roads where the main road is 60-70km/h driving at the level of the national highway and bypass road.

      When I asked my husband about the questions you received,
      "In the speed range around that, I think the absolute normal 911 is more comfortable.
      Frustration may be accumulated over time because GT3's ability is not used at that speed range at all.
      Also, depending on the road surface condition, GT3 may be tough in that speed range.
      On the contrary, it feels good if it is in the speed range of the passing lane of the highway, which is a little higher."
      I said ^ ^

  10. Kei

    Thank you for your polite reply.
    I will use this article and the answers as a reference, and I will consider the next candidate vehicle as normal once.
    Next time I will actually try a test drive.

    I will continue to look forward to articles!