BMW320i (F30) Goodbye, and thank you.


My car BMW 320i

As I touched on a little in the article the other day, after thinking variously,Farewell to BMW 320i, my first car of my lifeI decided.

I bought a used 320 in April of last year. I was struggling to drive my home's MT specification Boxster, and I could not run for 3 years even if I canceled AT limited,

"I won't be able to ride a Porsche MT car for the rest of my life. Buy your own MT car and practice!"

I thought.

It took only two weeks from that decision until I met the current 320, and I decided on the day I went to see it, but when I look back now ``At that timeI feel.

After the 320 was delivered, I rode on a daily basis with a series of engine stalls, but in about a week I was able to drive as it was. After that, "To be able to start smoothly"Smooth operation without shift shockI began to drive consciously, and by the time half a year had passed, I was able to react smoothly without any thought, and be able to drive smoothly.

And after gaining some confidence in driving MT cars,Boxster, who was not so good, can now drive normally, and the fun of driving GT3 can be gradually realized.…I realized that a new door was opened in my car life.

And that's all thanks to the 320i, I think that without this car, I wouldn't be right now, rather than exaggeration.

Regarding 320, I mainly ride in the neighborhood,I went back and forth from home to Fuji Speedway once.It was quite challenging for me at that time to drive around 1000 km round trip with an MT car, but I was able to drive without unexpected stress and when traveling long distances using the highway, AT and MT are too much I knew it wouldn't change.

I'm really grateful to 320 for making me feel confident in various situations.

Reasons to let go of the 320

So why did you decide to let go of such a car 320?The third person will be born next month.When I bought the 320, I was completely unaware of the comfort of the backseat and my passengers.Buy MT that is reasonably pricedI was only thinking about that.

However, this 320,There is no smoke in the back seat instead of light-shielding glass, and because it is parked in the blue sky parking lot, it is quite hot even with a cooler in the middle of summer.Especially, the cooler on the back seat didn't work so well, and one day in the middle of summer last year, the children suddenly looked sweaty.

In addition to this, the baby was born next month, and I thought that the children were a little sorry because I had to load a baby seat and move around.

Well, you can use light-shielding glass or attach smoke, but due to your budget,I want to ride this 320 as it is without spending as much money as possibleI had a relationship with me...

In addition, the purpose of the initial purchase is "You will be able to drive an MT carIt was also a great achievement. From my husband

“If I can drive up to this point, I'll be back in tens of minutes, even if I'm away from the MT for a while, and I'll remember it again. I don't think it's okay if I don't take an MT car everyday.”

I was told, ``I think it's better to let go of 320 and save money towards the goal of buying Porsche next timeI also started to think.

In addition to the above reasons, my husband's company became a company-wide work at home triggered by Corona, and that will continue in the future,My husband bought it for his commute at the beginning of the yearNote e_POWER NISMO SThe number of opportunities to ride onThat also has an effect.

The notebook is quite comfortable, cools and heats well, has a backseat larger than 320, and is very popular with children.

Besides, it's compact, so you can go anywhere, the fuel efficiency is very good, and because it is Nismo, it has power and runs well enough.

It's a great waste not to ride this versatile notebook, and considering the whole family, "If I ride this with my kids, everything will work."When.

Due to all these reasons, I decided to say goodbye to 320.(But even if I paid the car tax...w)

As a method of selling 320i, it was said that it was good when my husband sold SLK before.Collective bidding methodWill be However, since there are almost no opportunities for car business negotiations, it is often the case that the other party says what I am saying.(When I bought the 320, the sales staff talked to me.), For hereWith my husband's help, I'll study it sidewaysI think.

So when the rainy season opens, I'll wash the car and prepare for farewell.

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  1. Ono

    It was a bmw article, so when I read it, I was surprised that a woman is riding MT! ️I am surprised that the air conditioner in the rear seats is not effective, but I wonder if the temperature of the rear seats can not be set?
    It's been a fun car life ever

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for visiting the blog!
      It's been a while since I've been able to drive MT cars, but thanks to you, I am having a good car life.

      I could set the temperature of the rear air conditioner, but the wind did not come out much even if the air volume was MAX.
      It was pretty hot when I ran under the scorching sun ^^: Is it individual difference?

  2. MT mania

    Nice to meet you.

    I bought 320i (F30) MT under almost the same conditions as a certified used item last year, and I learned about this blog at that time.

    FR-4 doors that can be purchased reasonably and reasonably are becoming rare
    (Is the current 320i only AT, maybe the Mark X/GRMN, which was a limited sale afterwards?)
    So I hope it will be handed over to the owner who likes MT again.

    We have domestic SUV/MT, wife's compact car/AT,
    For high-speed commuting, we use two MT cars in sequence, and for city riding we use a comfortable compact car.

    It is my respect and respect to own and maintain multiple Porsche, both old and new.
    I also love the driving impressions of my husband.

    It's still a while, but I'm looking forward to blogging again, aiming for a plain 911 MT.

    • MinaMina

      MT enthusiast
      Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting this blog from before.
      I am very happy.

      > I hope it will be handed over to the owner who likes MT again.
      I really think so... When I look at a used car site, I think recently that the number is smaller than when I bought it before, so
      I wish I had a good encounter with an owner who likes MT.

      >Two MT cars are used in order for high-speed commuting, and comfortable compact cars are used for city riding.
      It's nice that you have the best car for your family's purpose ^^

      >I'm still ahead, but I'm looking forward to blogging again, aiming for a plain 911 MT.
      Thank you for your continued support!

  3. Kimura Katsumi

    Nice to meet you. I am always looking forward to seeing you.

    I am also a basic MT group, so I inevitably tend to be a little older than the current model. It only increases by buying and not selling or trading in (・・;).

    Recently, I have retired a little, but I have visited Ashi often, so I have seen it several times. I didn't have the opportunity to talk to you.

    The last time I was riding a decent 911 was 993RS3.8, and unfortunately the car crashed and was scrapped. 918 I'm aiming for the Spider & Carrera GT & singer, but I'm having a hard time because there is no good.

    I think I will come out to Ashi again when my work is calmed down. Please sign if you can meet me at that time (laugh) I am a fan of a wonderful couple and car life.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting the blog.

      > Only buy, not sell or trade in, so it is increasing (・・;)
      I'm sure there are many famous cars, and some will be hard to get once you release it, so it's annoying ^^;

      >918 I'm aiming for around the Spider & Carrera GT & singer, but I'm having a hard time because there aren't any good results.
      Wow... it's amazing... It doesn't look like it's coming out, but if it comes out, it's incredibly valuable.

      You also come to Ashi!
      My husband does it every week, so I would be happy if you could say hello when you come ^^