Is there a measure against flat tires on cars?

Porsche Panamera

Flat tire

It has been three years since the delivery of my home Panamera, and now it has been flattened three times. The first time,The second time there was a nail stuck in the front wheel,The third time, tires have deteriorated and air is gradually leaking from the place where I repaired it.That was the cause.(At the time of the third puncture, I changed the tires to Michelin Pilot Sport 4)

And the other day, when I started the Panamera engine, the air pressure error was displayed again. Moreover, it is the right front wheel again...

After that, when I looked at the air pressure deviation, unlike the usual flat tire, the air pressure of all four tires was decreasing.

Just in case I emailed my husband,

This time, the air pressure was all the same, so it may have just disappeared naturally. What if I worried about bringing the Porsche Center?

And that.

I've heard that somewhere in the car suddenly breaks when the parting with the car approaches, but recently "Say goodbye to PanameraI wonder if I'm damn Panamera's mood... I was worried if it was a flat tire, so I decided to see it at the Porsche Center just in case.

I made a reservation by telling the situation, brought in Panamera on the day, and waited while drinking the iced tea that was served, but the service in about 10 minutes,

This time it was just flat air pressure, not puncture. You don't have to hurry to drink, so please take your time.

I told you.

I wonder if it was... good! !!

I'm glad I brought the car right away, and I'm relieved to see it in person. After all, I had to get four tires inflated pressure to go home, but I thought it was kind of like drinking just tea and going home (sweat).

Ingenuity to keep tires flat

I usually try to be a little conscious of the tires to keep them flat.

For example, the nail that the previous car stepped on flew away,Keep an appropriate distance between cars so that you don't step on the nail with the front wheel of your carAnd,Do not get too close to the median strip, zebra zone, etc. when turning rightAnd(It seems that nails and stones may have fallen)…But all the flat tires I have had so far are on the right front wheel, so it may not be effective even if I'm aware of it.

Also, it is better to run as long as possible for the tire,Do not suddenly accelerate by depressing the accelerator when startingOr, I try to be as smooth as possible so that the steering wheel operation when turning a curve does not put a burden on the tires, but it is unavoidable when it becomes a flat tire, so this is unavoidable.

By the way, my husband is trying to prevent punk

It's hard to prevent punctures consciously. Boxster once had a flat tire with a nail stuck in the rear.
Basically, punk isA case where the front wheel winds up a nail or the like and steps on it with the rear tireMost likely.
It seems that the front wheels are flattened due to mischief or stepping on the nails of the preceding vehicle with the front wheels, so it seems stochastically lower than the rear tires. All Panamera's front wheels areIt may be related to the fact that the front wheels are also torqued by 4WDIt may be.
I am anywayI run as much as possible to avoid areas such as the zebra zone and roadside belts that are likely to have a lot of dust and dirt.I mean I also avoid behind trucks and construction vehicles.
However, there is a limit to avoiding it, and punctures will always occur at some point in probability, so I prioritize measures against punctures rather than prevention. For example, I always carry a flat tire repair kit and jack when I go touring. (Only GT3 is a center lock wheel, so it is impossible to repair it on the go. So I gave up.)

they said.

Well, as long as you drive a car, punctures are something that can happen, but I thought once again that I would like to be careful and be calm and able to deal with them when they become.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Ishi

    Good morning, Mina-san.

    > And the other day, when I started the Panamera engine, the air pressure error was displayed again. Moreover, it is the right front wheel again...

    There is a similar thing before, and when I asked the dealer, no matter which tire was abnormal, the error of the pneumatic error was displayed on the right front tire (the second photo of this article), There is a memory that I was told when I checked the tire pressure deviation screen in the third and sixth pictures to see which tire had the problem.

    At that time, I wish I could get rid of the trouble, and I didn't check the explanation in detail, so I couldn't be confident because my memory might be wrong.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you very much.

      > No matter which tire is inflated, the tire pressure error is displayed on the right front tire.

      Is that so?
      I was always wondering why it was coming out right in front of me.
      I'm glad I didn't have a punk this time, but I hope I can spend the rest of the day without a punk.

  2. 991 treeing package with almost the same specifications

    I had a lot of punctures on my previous GL550. It wasn't abnormal air pressure, and the nail was brilliant. Thank you for letting me know. I think it was all right front wheels. With an emergency call, I was saved by the exchange service at high-speed SA and the stand when refueling. In GT3, there were two abnormal air pressures, but neither was flat. When the dealer closed it with Corona, and when I got it while watching the monitor on the stand, I got a little troubled by the stand. But it's a tire that saves lives, so it's always important to check it. I would also like to refer to the distance between cars.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. 991 Treeing Package with almost the same specifications

      >Emergency call helped with replacement service at high speed SA and stand for refueling.
      Mercedes has such a service!
      It's convenient and safe.

      > In GT3, the air pressure error occurred about twice, but neither was flat.
      That's right! It was good.
      I would like to be more aware of air pressure as well.
      (I haven't inflated the tires by myself yet, so I don't think I can do that either.)

  3. Nak

    Good evening Mina, sir.

    Even if the driver is aware of the puncture, it seems difficult to avoid.
    Especially at night, I can't see it.

    My M only sees the rotation difference, so I can't understand it without measuring any of them.
    So the air gauge and inflator are mandatory.
    Originally, it did not come with a jack, but I purchased it.
    However, it's troublesome because it can be quite nice.
    It is genuine and comes with a flat repair kit, but if it is torn it will be useless
    Make sure that your insurance has a wrecker contract
    Certainly current insurance is okay up to about 350 kilos.

    A nail stuck in the tread once in Tohoku, but a nearby tire shop
    There is no such large size in stock anywhere, and a shop called Study famous for BMW
    Since it was in stock, I had it carried over 150 kilometers to Sendai.

    I also had a puncture in the middle of the night and had them carried from Gunma to my home (^^)
    I had another wheelset when I got home, but it was said that it would arrive within the warranty.

    So an insurance wrecker contract is a last resort, but not a runflat without spare tires
    I think it is essential for cars.
    I hope it doesn't help.

    Since the GT4 doesn't have a jack, I asked the genuine price, but I'm surprised because it's fine.
    It's around this time of the day that I'm wandering around Yahoo Auctions.

    • MinaMina

      Is that so?
      It would be nice if I noticed a flat tire near my house, but if I go flat when going out or touring,
      It's quite difficult...

      > Since GT4 does not have a jack, I heard the price of the genuine product, but I am surprised that it is quite good
      > It's around this time when I'm wandering around Yahoo Auctions.
      The GT4 and GT3 jacks seem to be quite expensive if they are genuine... But in case something goes wrong,
      After all, I want to put it in a car, and every time I hear the story of my husband and everyone, I realize that it costs money to maintain a sports car ^ ^;

  4. To be sunny

    That's right, because my GTS is also center-locked,
    In GT3 as well, I thought that the center lock wheel was difficult to repair on-site, but the adapter to cover the center lock is in the place where the resin cover on the right side of the front trunk is open.
    Once I removed the cover and confirmed. It seems that there was something on the left side

    So you can change tires anywhere without being Polsen

    • MinaMina

      By car
      Thank you very much!
      Thank you for your valuable information!

      I will check ^ ^