I tried to activate BMW's (DRL) daylight!


BMW 320i Daylight

Today, the story about the BMW 320i daylight. The BMW 320i, which became my first car, is a 2014 model, soDaylight function remains in sleep mode when deliveredwas.(By the way, I am writing in the following article about Boxster's daylight function ON)

About Porsche's Daylight (DRL) - For safety, light as much as possible

With day light"Light to turn on during the day for safe driving(In English, daytime running lights / lamps)"It is about. As I often drive on the highways regularly, for safety reasons,Turn on day light settingsI decided to do it. Also, people with daylight usually look very cool when looking at the car from the front.


It is PLUG DRL + for BMW (PL3-DRL-B001) of Codetech CAM that attached to my house BMW320i this time.

created by Rinker
PLUG CONCEPT! (Plug concept)

When this plug is attached to a car,On / off item of daylight function added to vehicle setting menuIt is possible to optionally perform the daylight ON / OFF operation.

Also, when storing the door lock interlocking door mirror, it is possible to store the door mirror with one touch without holding down the key or the door lock button. I hope so.

The actual work is "OK just plug in the OBD2 port of the vehicleSo it is very easy. Plug it in and the lighted lamp goes from green to yellow. Also, since recovery mode is installed,It is also possible to easily return to the vehicle condition before inserting the product.

That's why I tried right away.

320i Daylight ON

Even though it was easy, I decided to get my husband to do it this time, because when I set up the mechanical system, unexpected things happen or things don't work with great probability. First, plug the PLUG DRL + into the OBD2 board.

At first, the lamp is green, but it changes to yellow immediately.

Then, put a check in the light of the touch panel light,

When I checked from the front, the daylight turned on without any problem.(I am a bit confusing because I worked during the day)

After all the day light comes on, the front around is crisp and very cool.

Before, when you turn on the daylight function of 981 Boxster GTS, husband,

Porsche has acceleration and power, so it can reach legal speed quickly. At that time, it would be dangerous if the preceding car does not notice behind and makes a sudden lane change."To get the car ahead and around noticed early"Also, it is better to turn on daylight

He said.
Recently, there is a lot of news of heartache accidents, so I would like to try to drive with a sense of safe driving in the corners and corners.

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  1. Sakon

    I coded it ^ _ ^
    Door mirror storage, idrive was updated at the time of car inspection and reset and came back, though it was plain, I felt that long press was troublesome when used to instant storage.
    Such a small modification is also fun.

    • MinaMina


      Door mirror Certainly, it feels bother if you press and hold for a while (laughs)
      It is interesting that it becomes my house specification little by little ^ ^