I have been taking photos of cars and have been interviewing with university student car photographer KUGATTI for 7 years!


Yuuki Rikui'S profile(21 years old)
Living in Kobe City, 4th grade university student. I have been a big car lover since I was a child, and when I am in my third grade, I will take pictures of sports cars and super cars I saw in the city. The beauty of the photos that bring out the best of the car's appealNot only Kansai, but also the owner of Tokyo come in with a request to shoot a favorite caruntil.
Currently, shooting offers from companies are increasing, and it is a popular car / photographer that has attracted people from all directions. The number of followers on Instagram exceeds 7,500.
* Twitter:@ V12_SCL
* Instagram:@ V12_scl
* To request a photo to this email:kugatti.photo@gmail.com

1) Shooting your favorite car

Let's look into Rikui's daily life

What is Mr. Rikui's daily life like?

On weekdays, I usually spend my normal student life by doing part-time work and attending university classes. of course,If there is a request for shooting, change the schedule even on weekdays and head for shootingYou

At the weekend, I took a picture of a car in front of Kobe Daimaru.On Sunday morning, go to the owned driveway every week,I am taking pictures of the car owners who are indebted to you and the people who are at the observation deck.

Now I'm asked to take more photos, but originally, "May I have the owner of the car I found in town take a picture? Ask me and take a pictureIt started from so-called car spotter.

Depending on the car design is various, it is not very difficult to take each beautifully?

That's right ... Depending on the way you take photos, the atmosphere will change a lot in the same car. In my case, "For now, take photos of various angles and sort them out laterIt's like that.

If it is a rare car that you rarely see, I will take a considerable number of shots, but in most cases I will be allowed to take around 10 or so.

How much time do you spend processing photos?

About processing of photograph, there are thing which can be done in 5 minutes, and thing which takes approximately one hour if you notice. I work instinctively, so it's not good if I get lost. I'm going to get stuck in the pits ...

So for processing,Intuition is more important than spending timedoing.

The pen name, why did you make it "KUGATTI"?

As a junior high school student,It was called "Kugatchi" in a bowlIf you say it in Roman lettersBUGATTI"Like it, so I thought it would be like a car maker (laughs)

Also, I already had vague memories, but before KUGATTI, there was a time when I used "KUGANI". It becomes "Y. KUGATTI" and then simply "KUGATTI "became.

Also, for the origin of “V12_SCL”, which is an ID of twitter or Instagram,I liked the V12 carAnd that the initial Twitter ID is@SuperCarsLOVEBecause it was the first letter of the word, it became "SCL".

The reason why the "V12_SCL" lined up is because I was surprised to see something similar on the British license plate (laughs)

Living in Kobe and going to Tokyo to shoot ...?

I agree. Before, the owner of the acquaintance "Could you come to Tokyo to take a photo of your favorite car tonight?"I was told to take a break from my part-time job.

From everydayGrab it as soon as your chance comes!Because I was conscious, I answered "I will go!" Immediately without hesitation.

Therefore, I think that if I lose that opportunity, I will definitely regret it later. So, usually from "Whatever you do, the car is the first priority!I am staying at

I really like cars and I love them (laughs)

It is amazing that the relationship with the owner will continue thereafter!

Thank you very much. Let me take a picture of my favorite car, edit it as I think, send it to the owner if I can hear the contact information, upload it to Insta ...

I am doing only normal things, but I am very happy to be pleased with it. To the owner who was indebted before,

"The photo of Kugatsu is worthwhile. I think it is a Japanese person who can take a few attractive photos."

At the same time I was very happy to say that,Not satisfied with this, let's do more and more!"I thought.

Commitment to the picture of the car

What do you think the photos you take are so great?

Honestly, I do not understand well because I just like to shoot and I just like it (laughs) ... butI really like cars and it's a lot of fun getting them to shootSo I think that feeling is also reflected in the photo.

I started taking pictures of cars from the third grade of junior high school, but of course it was not taken well from the beginning. At first"Simply record cool carsI used to take pictures with a smartphone as it was

(* Ultra-early photo when Ms. Rikui is a third grader in junior high school)

Only graduallyI want to keep cool if I take a lot"I come to think.

To date, Condé(Compact digital camera)I also bought it twice, but I shot it until it ran out. After that, I borrowed a single-lens reflex camera from my friend, and when I got used to using it, I bought myself a single-lens reflex camera, bought a new single-lens reflex camera again a year and a half later, and now use it.

The number of photos taken so far is countless.At the time of the event, shoot 1000 to 2000 at a timeSo I'm sure I've taken hundreds of copies, millions of copies ... I don't know, but I think I took quite a bit

Having taken a huge amount of photos over the course of seven years, it may be that you have grabbed a point where you want to shoot the car coolly.(If you compare 昔 and 昔, the quality of Ms. Rui's photo is so high.)

Case 1 (↑, now 今)

Case 2 (↑, now 今)

What is the reason for taking pictures of cars so far?

I'm just that I love cars ... (laughs) Even though I want to take good photosI want to see a good carThe feeling of "is bigger.

With a good car in front of youWow, it's really cool!It's really fun to take cool pictures of the car while thinking.

Which do you like better, taking pictures or driving?

Hmm ... difficult. It is totally different, so it can not be compared ~. Just in the future,

"Buy your favorite car, drive yourself, head to your favorite shooting spot and take a picture of your favorite car to your heart's content"

That is my dream to be able to do all the series of things myself (laughs)

2) The road to the car photographer

I love cars from an early age

Did you like cars because your family had a car lover?

No, that'sMy family doesn't like cars(Laughs) I think most of my young boys like cars and vehicles, but I did the same.

From an early age,Trucks, trains, vehicles such as carsI am very interested in However, I didn't really have the opportunity to actually see a cool car, and I didn't know where to go.

Therefore, when I started playing car racing with my friends, I knew that there were various sports cars and super cars in the world, and I became enthusiastic about cars.

After that, for the first time, I had the opportunity to see a live super car with my own eyes. The place is Kobe, yes,Orange Lamborghini MurcielagoI think it was ... it is already very shocking.

Of course, the game was completely different from the game and it was powerful, and it was so exciting that I could see that the car was moving from my point of view, and I was completely stuck in the car from there.

Does your parents say anything about Mr. Rikui's "car enthusiast"?

Hmm ... I think a bit drowning (laughs) from the old "go studyEven though I was told, I was going to take a picture of the car immediately, so there was no study.This child can not stop whatever you sayDo not you think?

The other day, I asked my parents what they thought about the hobbies I am doing now.If you get it done, there are various encounters!"It said. You admit a little (laughs)

Where were you taking pictures of cars when you were in third grade?

Go to Midosuji in Osaka and shootThere were many things to do. In the previous Midosuji, there was a famous spot where a super car stopped, and I used to shoot well there, but now the coaching of the police has become severe, and the appearance of the super car has almost disappeared.

I was shooting in the so-called car spotter, but personally,Taking pictures without permission to the owner and giving them to SNS without hiding the license plate and your face is a strange feeling from that timeThere was.

After all, as long as you let me take an important favorite carCall out to the owner"Remove the license plate and your face and raise it to SNSThere was a lot of desire from the time that I wanted to know the minimum manners properly.

Get yourself a chance

How long have you been asked to "shoot"?

In fact, recently, it has been about two years ago that you came to say that. The first time I asked for a full-fledged "want to shoot" is a car tuning shop in Osaka, "I want you to take a picture for posting on a used car sales site"Was asked.

About three years ago, I went to the shop that deals with a custom maker that I like, and I took a picture of the car there and sent it to the shop later.

I like to do it, but as I go through several times, I ask you to formally requestIt has become. While working steadily and steadily, you will gradually get many opportunities, and you will reach now.

Are you different from photos taken with your hobbies and photos taken on request?

That's right ... For the photos requested and taken,Always take pictures of this compositionI'm trying to shoot them well, conscious of that.

When I was just taking a picture of a car, I was excited to take a picture without thinking, so when I looked back at it later, "Well, I wonder why I took a picture like this,On the contrary, I would not have taken at any angleThere were a lot of points to reflect on.

On the other hand, I am conscious that I take pictures so that there is no leakage because I am asked to take pictures and that is not the case.

What kind of composition do you always take in any car?

It is important to take pictures of any carDiagonally in frontIt is a photograph from ". I can see the front part firmly, and I can see the body line next to it, and I think that it is a composition without the sense of incongruity often seen in the town.

(The picture above is a photo taken during a travel event in London)

later,Diagonally behindI also take it. After all, after changing the camera to one with a good lens, you can now take more beautiful pictures.

How about interacting with the successful people of luxury car owners from a young age?

That's right ... it's interesting. I do not know if I can do that, butLots of things to learn from the successors of lifeThere is.

However, with everyone "I love carsBecause we are connected by a common term, "I do not usually talk about cars ... ... So I have met many times,"What kind of work are you doing"I do not really know that (laughs)

Do you not get nervous if you let them take photos of their favorite cars?

I was nervous at firstNe. I met someone at Sakai Driveway three years ago, and I have been accustomed and helpful every week, but at first I learned about the existence of that person at Insta.

And for those who get along well with that personCan you introduce me by all means when I went to Sakai?"I was able to introduce you after that."

When I first met, I was already scared of the aura, not a fool, I had an aura that would not keep people coming (laughs).

But in the real world, it is very friendly and good, then "I want you to take a picture of the car again"Now, I'm going to go home and take a picture of the car, and sometimes I'll drive a valuable car.

You move by yourself and you have a good chance!

That's right ... indeed, you act from yourself. "To actI think that's really important.

For example, I mentioned at the beginning "Could you shoot me tonight in TokyoWhen I happened to go to Tokyo, my first encounter with someone who saidI'm in Tokyo now, but if it's ok, could you let me take a picture of the car?It started from the point where it sent DM with Instagram.

When I first sent DM, I was extremely nervous and needed courage, butOK!"I was told," the connection expanded.

Of course there are also those who say "the photo of my car is NG"Is this person OK? Is this person NG?While I was in contact with a lot of people, I was gradually understood as a skin sense.

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  1. cara


    There are a lot of special ones-(* _ *)

    488spider color, black roof, caliper color
    It is very similar to how to use carbon (sweat)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Hello! There are many sports cars and supercars that have been made to the specifications, so it's fun just looking.

      > 488spider color, black roof, caliper color
      > It is very similar to how to use carbon (sweat)

      Oh, that photo, maybe Ms. cara-san ... (laughs)! ?
      Oh, speaking of that, I met the owner of McLaren, who was acquainted with cara on the other day at the Keiei Driveway!