Take the Porsche 911 GT3 to Ashi Driveway! – McLaren 600LT, Rolls-Royce Dawn, GT3…


To Sunday morning drive driveway

My mother-in-law came to stay at a certain weekend in June, so I had my children watch on Sunday morning,To go to the Yuyu Driveway in a long time with two couplesdid. When I went last time, it was so full that there was no place to stop the car even when I arrived at 8:15, so I decided to head at 8:00 this time.

Of course, the car you are riding is GT3 touring.

By the way, my mother-in-law who saw GT3 for the first time this time saw the number plate "Who is the birthday of September 11? EveryoneI laughed because I was saying seriously. I would have thought that if I was a few years ago ... (lol)

My husband usually rides on the GT3, but I have been riding on the GT3 since the day of delivery at the end of May. Try on the passenger seat after a long time, "Well, how comfortable the GT3's ride was!I felt that. usual,Smooth ride of the BMW 320i and the PanameraIs it because it is ingrained in the body?

If I used to ride air cooling for a while, the GT3's ride would feel very smooth.

The road is still open on this day, and I arrived at the Higashi Rokko Observatory in Yuya. As I followed, there was still a lot of parking space on this day. Even if it says the same Sunday morning, it still depends on the week.

In fact, on Twitter the day beforeI will go to Tomari tomorrow!"I went also!" From four to five people when I muttered. I think that I do not know the face just because everyone is just the first meeting, while holding some shamefulness "Porsche T-shirt that came to my house"I'd like to come."

I stopped the GT3 and went out to see other cars, "Did you mean Mina?"I was immediately voiced. I always read my blog when I heard it, and the other day I got a comment. In addition, we go back to the time of blog establishment and seem to read all articlesI finally came to last August (laughs)"When.

Thank you .... Thank you so much.

When I heard that car casually to that person, what, what,McLarenToto-tsu (゚ д д)! What's more, I am surprised that my younger brother who was coming to Keiyo together on this day is also McLaren. No, there are huge brothers in the world ...

By the way,My brother was 720S, and my brother was 600LT.Because(And ride with my husband and two), I want to introduce in a separate article.


I also drove the 720S, but I got excited, tears came out, and my eyelashes were removed. By the way, my husband is too excited.McLaren, buy! ! !(But not now)"(Laughs)

Meanwhile, cars started to arrive at the observation deck one after another. DuringBlog readersAndTwitter's followersNext time we appear in the Porsche Owners FileOwner of Cayman GT4, Who previously contributed to the Porsche Owners FileBoxster EditionIf you are the owner of the, who bought the 964 because of the blog, and also the figure of Twitter followers who came from Osaka.(What a father is Panamera, and you are Abarth. What a wonderful!)

Some people came to the viewing platform for the first time, butThat there are so many super cars and sports cars gatheredI was surprised. After that, students who were coming in at Cayman? And I talked with the owner of Abarth with my husband and I was able to have a great time.

And so, Abarth (MT) also made a test ride on this day, so I would like to introduce this on a blog later.

Rolls-Royce Dawn

And on this day, it was here that was unusually strikingRolls-Royce DawnIt is. It is a heavyweight car that often comes into existence, and it is one of the many cars owned.

The owner is an orderly one that has been ordered in detail. The aura and the texture that the car brings out, and the atmosphere that the owner doesn't give away ... It was all overwhelmed and overwhelmed, and the opening remained empty.

By the way, the emblem of this wheel center cap isIt is designed so that it does not rotate together when the tire rotates, and always stands uprightIt seems to have been done. Wow ....

Also, the owner used the engine, butI was surprised to hear the engine noise.It was a calm and beautiful engine sound like a duvet, like an angel flying down, mixed with no impurities.(It is hard to say ... w)

It is like a British car, just like a sophisticated British gentleman.

At first, everyone was looking a little far, though interesting.

"The Rolls Royce emblem isIn order to prevent theft, if you try to touch it with your hand, it's a mechanism to pull back.From the word of the owner, "If it's really like to try," everyone notices if you notice. Just play too many times and the temporary emblem will not come out "Is it broken or broken? ?The air was flowing, but after a while it was recuperating properly.

Was good…

Everyone, I think that it is only people who have a position at work, but I smiled like a boy, like a boy (laughs)

Fun is fun!

Until now, I was somehow scared to go to YuiIs it okay to go for a car lover like me?"I was apologetic, but this time it was the most fun and I laughed a lot.

Everyone is friendly and good people,I felt it was wonderful to be able to get along well from age and position through cars.I'm talking about "Oh yes, I understand!There are a lot of parts that can be sympathetic with ", and there were many things that became study.

From now on, I will leave my child to my mother-in-law, and once a month I will try to show up at a gathering of Sunday morning. We will inform you in advance on twitter, so everyone who can come will be glad to hear from you.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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