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In this blog, I write about the children of the house for a while. "How was it when I went touring together"And"I was awful when I saw the back seat"And"My eldest daughter smelled her husband's smell and said it smelled of air cooling"And….

However, I do not intend to put out childcare in particular, butA car blog written by a mother with two young childrenAfter all, "Coexistence of child care and car lifeThere are a lot of comments and messages about

During that time, I wrote the other dayI participated in the Porsche sports car gather day 2019I received a message like this on my blog about the article.

I always look forward to blogging!
I read the article of this year's Porsche Sports Carter Day. I was also planning to attend on Saturday, but I abandoned because there was a child who needed heavy rain and a stroller.
I also saw it off because there were no precautions when participating as a nursing room (but it exists in FSW) or family even in the official information, but I hope to see Mina's blog and join by all means next year I thought. The perspective of participating in the family is very valuable.
I am very grateful that this blog has pushed my back, bought Carrera this year, thought to join an event, and opened a new world entrance.
There is no other blog like this! I look forward to it from now on.

Wow ... (TдT) ... something else, thank you so much really.

While watching the access transition of the blog, although it has increased considerably compared to the past certainlyIt's still a while ... I think it's fine with the way we are now ...Because I am doing various trials and changes every day, I am really happy and encouraging when I receive such a message.

"At the same time, surely in the world,I want to enjoy car life, but it is quite difficult because my children are smallI think there are many people who think that.

Honestly, we are also trying and trying daily to enjoy car life while raising children.

Two couples? Or is it with children?

In the past, when we went out to attend events on Fuji Speedway or a circuit, we often left our children with their parents and went with two couples.

Of course, my second girl is still small, but "I can not usually take the time of two couples, so I would like to enjoy this time without getting marriedThe feeling was great. If you have children, it's lively and enjoyable, but there are a lot of bothersome things, and honestly, it's because you can't really enjoy a great event w

And last June. Also at this time, I leave my children in my homePorsche 70th anniversary event held at Fuji SpeedwayTwo couples joined the I also had a plan to run Hakone Turnpike on Monday next day of the event, so I had to go home ...

While preparing for checkout on Monday morning, an earthquake early warning was broadcast on TV. so,The Osaka northern earthquake that observed a maximum seismic intensity of 6 or lower occurredIt is.

I immediately called my mother's mother and found that the coffee cups and dishes that the mother had cherished fell from the shelf and all were broken, but the children and parents were safe.

mother is"Because I think I feel relieved by telling the children voices"I was asked to put out the eldest daughter in the phone, but when I asked," Are you scared? Are you okay? ", The eldest daughter was shocked and did not speak out and was crying for a long time in the phone.

After receiving the situation, I immediately packed my luggage in a suitcase and went straight from Fuji to my home, but I remember when I came home and looked at the faces of the two children, I felt completely relieved.

From this experience "From now on, let's take children with each eventI decided. It was good because it was safe this time, but while giving priority to the two couples' hobbies, if something should happen, they will definitely regret it later.

That's whyWhile the children are small, two couples join each eventI'm not saying that I'm not denying it, I think it's rather a great thing, and we really want to do it too (laughs)

However, in addition to last year's earthquake, children have grown a little and become better informed?(2 years old second girl is lightly rebellious burns w)So we are going to go with four family members.

Actual conditions of child car life

Since that time, it has been held at the Fuji Speedway, the touring of the outing, the Okayama International Circuit, and the present Fuji, allTake part with children 5 and 2 years oldare doing.

However ... w it is hard enough to go crazy every time you take children

First of all, no matter whatThree times the usual takes time.In a car traveling on a freeway, childrenMom, toilet-. I want to be back. I was hungry"Because I will say something like that,Take a break into the service area for a longer, longer time than when going with a coupleThere is a need.

On the contrary, when children try to go to a break while sleeping, they feel bad at waking up and say "sleepy ~" or "do not wear socks ~"It takes about 5 minutes just to get out of the carThere is also time.

We and our couples do not want to spend money and time on rice, and they want to go as fast as possible, but not with children.

A second-year-old girl always sits on my knees, so my eldest daughter who saw it starts to burn a pacifier and starts to feel sick ... Starting with two children usually asking for a set of children, rice is on the table Always line up, "I want my mother to eat. Dad's good-"Will be intercepted without notice w

As I twist my body and sometimes eat with my unfamiliar left hand, I finish eating without knowing whether I ate or did not eat each time. And in the meantime, childrenSpilled water''Your water''I want ketchup for potatoes"I'm talking about various things.

It's too annoying, "Urusei (`Д ') no! !It is likely to end up saying that, but since it is the presence of the public, we are working hard to deal with it calmly.(No, maybe you are unknowingly out there w)

In the morning, when going from the hotel to Fuji Speedway, "I don't like this clothes, I like yesterday's clothes"And it is fine,"I want to wear bootsIt takes a considerable amount of time to get out of the hotel, as it says "Oh, it's poopy!"

When I arrived there, my next womanIt is mother"If you think so, you cries and cries out that you push the stroller by yourself, and so on,"Run! The cars here are all so expensive, and if you get hurt, it's very bad!And chase desperately, chase daughters.

And my husband is Banshu valve,

Wowa (Matchakucha) and I ... (-_-)

And every time I struggle. So the other day,By the time I arrived at the Porsche Lounge, both my husband and I alreadyIt had become.

When I arrived at the lounge, I immediately took off my shoes and tried to run around, spilled sweets on the floor and said "I can't see it" loudly even during the award ceremony after the race. Please be careful every time.

On the other hand, if I go outside to watch the race, I will see the cars that I will drive to eat at first, but will I gradually get bored, "I want to go to the grass over there and play"I will run and I will say," and the parade run of a lot will say "Eh ~ I will run again ~"(Because my house parade ran twice a day, Panemaera in the morning, 964 in the afternoon),

Such an experience, I can not do it easily, I can not experience when my father and mother are small, and I am very lucky.

When we look at the back seat apart from our couple who are excited by the parade run while saying, it is said that both are in a deep sleep ... (lol)

Anyway, it feels like time passes while fluttering from beginning to end.

... It became something like a complaint, but I was able to make a surprise and it was refreshing. Thank you m (_ _) m

Porsche fans who are warm with children

However, it was impressive to attend this Fuji Speedway event,Everyone around you was very warm with childrenIt was that.

When I have a child,Sorry I'm sorry"I wonder if the stroller gets in the wayNot a few people care about it.

Under the circumstances, instructors are more likely to be children at Porsche Track Experience (PTE).It is a good talker.The staff smiled and said that the staff made a high touch with the children, and they were concerned about something.

In addition, while pulling down the stroller with one hand while pulling a child's hand on the stairs where I go to the outside lawn, a stranger male saysMy uncle will hold you down and drop me down!"Have a hold on to the next woman,"

Because the second girl was wearing a Porsche T-shirt(Bought at Porsche Center's Goods Corner), "Let's want to give a present to a pretty grandchild, let me take a picture," and laughed and said to me.

Everyone is very warm, "After all, good people are Porschefan! !Once again I was convinced again (laughs)

So it was hard, but I was saved many times by the warmth of everyone around me, and the result "It is not unusual for me to bring a childI thought.

In addition, it seems that children were also unexpectedly fun, and the eldest daughter is Carrera cup driver of acquaintance every time when it runs aheadWhat is it?"I'm talking about it, playing at my kids' corner, playing with my friends, going to the high-touch staff, and going to high-end ...

I think this view of the world would have been fun for children. In fact, when you ask, "How was it today?"It was fun!"I answered with a smile on the face.

While saying that, I will not forget it by all means when I grow up ... (-_-)

However, I think that it is not a reason but a skin sense, and that there are many worlds that I do not know in the world, and that the seriousness and passion of adults and so on meet each other.

Both child care and car life.

About two years ago, when the second girl was just born. My eldest daughter had just entered a new kindergarten, soLet's go with parenting priority over the past yearI decided. I reduced my work considerably, increased my time at home as much as possible and went to pick up kindergarten at 14:00 every day.

By doing so, there was a world I saw, and it was good that I could get along well with my mother in kindergarten and spend more time with my children. But on the other hand,

I am an unreasonable person for "child rearing"

I also noticed that.

When I decided to give priority to children, I was annoyed that I was going to do everything behind me, and I hit the children and my husband with that annoyance, and I think I was always disgusted.

Because I am a single person before I was a motherWhat I want to do"I also want to take care On the contrary, it is only because you value what you want to doThank you very much for letting me do what you want to do", I feel I will be able to handle children with ample time.(I'm irritated while saying, but w)

So lately, even if the children come by saying "Mothers play!",

"Mom is unreasonable because I want to write a blog now!" Or "Mom and I want to think by myself now and keep quiet!"

I think it is far from the mother image that is said in the world, and I think that I can not do something like a mother properly, but "My mom loves two people no matter whatIt would be fine if it had been transmitted.

So I will continue to "I give up my car life because I am raising children"I don't like it, but I think I'd like to find a way to enjoy it, either through mud or trial and error.

Well, I can do that, thanks to my husband, because the part that is thanks to her husband is quite large.

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  1. Ransuke

    Nice to meet you.
    I am always looking forward to blog updates.
    I had already applied for the FSW event, but I gave up crying crying considering the weather and the 2 year-old child companion.
    When there are children, all life tends to be child-centered, so there is no way! ! Dissatisfaction accumulates while thinking.
    In this article, I was in the position of my husband, but I felt refreshed as if I had expressed my feelings. Lol

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > I was also subscribed to the FSW event, but I gave up crying crying considering the weather and the 2 year old child companion.
      That was right! No, I understand that feeling. That rain, 2 year old child, I think just "I can not ..." Imagine.

      > In this article, I was in the position of my husband, but I felt refreshed as if you had expressed my feelings. Lol
      Thank you for telling me that way (laughs)
      Somehow recently, I was thinking, "On the contrary, it was easier when I was 0 years old-I always slept for a long time," (laughs)
      However, I would like to tell you that children's hands will be released in a hurry, so today I think that I want to be able to enjoy these days.

  2. Gori

    Mina's, Hello!

    It was good that Fuji Speedway seemed to be enjoyed by the family!
    I'm very envious! ! !

    If you have children, it is hard to do anything. .
    I, too, always! Sorry! ! ! Oh yeah! ! ! I yelled. .
    However, I think it will be a habit to share various experiences and feelings with the family, and it is good for everyone to participate! ! !

    And children will grow up looking at their parents' backs, so I think Mina's couple will surely be independent children like Mina's couple! ! !

    Do not forget the gratitude to my husband, Mina is wonderful.

    As I am an evil wife who is likely to be forgotten every day, I think it is no good to infuse Mina's nail broom.

    Please do your best to blog for child care from now on.

    • MinaMina


      > I, too, always! Sorry! ! ! Oh yeah! ! ! I yelled. .
      That's true ... "I see, I'm ex-Yang, I'm sorry ..." I sometimes use words that are so scary that I'm afraid ... ...

      > And children will grow up looking at their parents' backs, so I think that Mina's couple's children will surely become independent children like Mina's couple! ! !
      I'm glad if that happens. I want you to be able to walk on your own life with your own feet,
      It's pretty sweet, so it feels like it's going to be (laughs)

      I also tend to forget my gratitude to my husband,
      In this way, when you write a blog, it seems that "Oh, I can do something like this thanks to my husband",
      After all, I think once again that "writing" is important.

      Continue to thank you ^ ^