BMW 3 Series (F30) First Impressions


Impression of husband of 320i

It has been a while since the delivery of the BMW 320i that I finally got my husband to ride to some extent.320i First Impressions ReportI was asked to write My husband has always liked and loved BMW, so I asked him to read very interestingly how I felt on the 320i.

As GT3 came immediately after delivery of 320i, we were not able to get on enough, but we ran for approximately 200km this time and want to review impression that we felt in it.

And, please see the husband's report below.

Meeting with BMW

About 13 to 14 years ago.
At that time, I just started my business without money and I owned it at that timeAUDI TT 1.8T (8N)As it became painful to repay the loan, I let go crying. Still I would like to own only cars as anything,Purchased BMW 318is (E36) for 360,000 yen at Yahoo auctionIs the first meeting with BMW.

When buying 318s, I have no hope for cars at all.It's a normal AT car, it's old, it doesn't have the power, and it's better to replace it for nowI intended to.

However, when I got on it, I ran so well that I could not think it was only 140 ps on the expressway, and brought it into the winding, showed me a very straight handling with a light nose and a body that was more than I thought.

At that time, the rear began to slide down the rain, and it was bad! I thought for a moment, but I remember that it was not very slippery from there and was very controllable. I understand the behavior of the rear so as to pick it up, and I felt it was more fun than fear.

"What a good footingI remember that I was impressed. Despite having four cylinders, the engine blows well, and if you pull it to high speed, you enjoyed it with a pleasant sound.

Uh, is this what a "runaway pleasure" guy is,At that time, I felt like that.

F30 type 320i

Time has passed, now,Counting from E36, F30 320i after 3 generations in front of youis there.

The appearance is no longerIt is so splendid that I can not think it is the 3 series I knowWell, both the door and the interior stand are solid. If you start the engine, you can hear mechanical noise like BMW, which looks like BMW, but the interior is very quiet.

The clutch is very light, there are no oddities in shifting, and you can operate it with a slight spit.When the first gear is connected to start, the tachometer needle rises for a moment and the car helps startSo very easy to do.

Now, Toyota's Corolla Sport has a similar mechanism called iMT, but I was surprised that BMW had put such controls in MT from that time.

Very comfortable in the city. This individual is not M sports,Normal suspension with 17-inch wheels and tires Regno GR-XiWearing

Both the engine noise and the road noise have a good sound insulation,It was quiet. The sound insulation in this area is as high as the class, which is one better than golf.

Smooth and smooth surface irregularities and swells, anyway, impression that it is mild.Like a domestic luxury sedanI feel it.

Where did you go for "The Joy of Running"? !

Get out in the suburbs and follow Yamasaka Road.I try to pull the gear at 3rd and 4th, but the engine noise is quieter than I thoughtIt is. As I noticed later, in the comfort mode, the engine and handling are quite easy. In the middleSports modeIf you put it in, the response of the engine will be a little faster, and the feeling of direct handling will also be a little bit more.

Although this individual is not a variable damper, it seems that the seasoning of the suspension changes by the stabilization control by ABS.

At low and medium speed corners,After all it seems that it is FR, and it tries to turn as if it cuts in more and more inside.This is a feeling after a long time. Certainly E36 also had such a feeling, enjoying winding while recalling a vague memory.

However, I am not crispy. In addition to the fact that the suspension is originally seasoned with a comfort tendency, the synergistic effect of the tire being a comfort tire isI do not feel the "joy of running through"It is.

Of course not bad. But,It is not this that asks BMW.It was close to the impression I felt when I was riding a 5 series F10 before.

By the way, when I tried on the current 5 series (G30), it became a very solid seasoning, and I received the impression that it was close to the old BMW, but I have not yet got on, but the new 3 series (G20) also focuses on running I hear that you are leaving. Apparently the F-type generation may be mild overall.

I head for the highway and try to pull the engine, but honestly I do not feel the power feeling of about 184 PS. Although there is no sense of acceleration from the 6th gear, it is possible to shift down to the 4th gear and try to accelerate well, but the thinness of the torque in the rotation range, no,The feeling of the rise of torque is thin and it is hard to feel the degree of growth.

Speaking of flavors that don't make you feel like a turbo, it's up to then, but it has a thin sense of torque. At the same time, the engine is quiet and the car is stable, so I think it feels more like that.Golf 7 was 105 PS, but the sensation of acceleration and fun felt above golf.

In terms of stability at high speed, the feature is goodI think. However, in the case of this individual, the tire is bad. The straight-line stability is also slightly thinner compared to the European tires, and when the steering wheel is modified at the corners of the high-speed range, etc., the softness of the side wall slightly feels a swing back.

It's a very comfortable tire with very low road noise, so I think that's the best for those who like it, but personally I prefer a more robust seasoning.

General review

I tried running around town, winding, and high speed, but if this car's emblemIf the three-pointed star is attached, the evaluation may have changed moreunknown. It is a good car in the sense that it is mild, comfortable and sporty.

So, for those who are looking for comfort and comfort with BMW, I think it's a car that's a weird car, and I think it's done very well in that regard.

However, it should not be there for many BMW fans to seek. Of course, I think that core fans will choose M model and M sports model from the beginning, but even if it is a normal model,Pleasure to run throughI wanted you to leave it.

If this wife is to ride for a while without giving up, I would like to eventually change the suspension, tires, wheels etc. and finish it as my favorite BMW.

... That's the first impression of BMW 320i (F30) by her husband. It was written in the last sentence "If your wife does not let go, change the suspension, tires, wheels etc ..."Does it mean that my husband will give me some money? W

If so, I would like to do it without hesitation (laughs)


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  1. To be sunny

    There was an F-type 320 in my house, but I think it is BMW Has Gone.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      > After all, I think that it is BMW Has Gone.
      You mentioned before, too.
      My husband also said, "Although it is a plain model, just a little more.

      However, I have never been in the car when BMW embodied the pleasure of running through,
      I want to ride by all means.

  2. yone0531

    Mina's Hello.

    My husband's impression is very useful.
    With regard to the joy of running through, it should be that if you are the master, you can not be satisfied with ordinary grade
    think. After all, I think that I can not be satisfied unless it is about M model.
    There is a memory that I read in a magazine before, but a general person runs at the Nürburgring Circuit
    As for the manufacturer, it seems that Porsche and BMW are overwhelmingly many. Is it the proof of the manufacturer who is stuck with the run so much?
    As I am a BMW rider, I feel that the joy of running through is felt and running (though it is not a M model)
    The story is different, but in the blog of GT3 break-in completion, the result of "Toto!", As a Gundam generation
    In addition, it is a grinful expression! I'm sorry for the uncomplicated comment.

    • MinaMina

      Hi, Thank you for always looking at the blog!

      > With regard to the joy of running through, if you are a master or someone, you can not be satisfied with ordinary grade
      > I think. After all, I think that I can not be satisfied unless it is about M model.

      It seems that 318i, where my husband used to ride before, was very good.
      As we compare with BMW of the times, we said, "It is absolutely impossible ...".

      My husband has always wanted the M model, so
      I think that when you get on M you will get a totally different impression.

      > General people are running at the Nürburgring Circuit
      > Manufacturers seem to be overwhelmingly Porsche and BMW.
      That's right! After all, people who really like cars will be BMW or Porsche ^ ^

      > The story is different, but with the blog of GT3 break-in completion, the result of “Toya!”, As a Gundam generation
      > Also, it is a grinful expression!
      Thank you! Husband seems to want to put the expression of Gundam to blog
      My husband is also a Gundam generation, so I just want to use Gundam quotes in various scenes w
      (Just because I don't know Gundam at all, I'm always unresponsive, but ... lol)