I've been touring to my favorite shooting spot with BMW.


To Haga with 320i

The other day, at BMW 320i, I went to Haga in Hyogo Prefecture with 4 family members.Haga is a rural town located in Sakai City, Midwest Hyogo PrefectureIt is. If you are a car / bike enthusiast in Kansai, there are many who know it, but the roads and landscapes are very beautiful.

At my homeWhen I buy a new car, I first go to HagaIs regular. Because not only the road is clean "Because there is a great spot for taking pictures of your favorite car". This shooting spot is a favorite place that my husband has been secretly passing about 25 years ago.

So, this time I decided to head to Haga with 320i, which was just delivered the other day, but this time I asked my husband to drive, "At a later date, I would like to write a report like how I felt"It was to be.(My husband is riding only the date of delivery because I am riding every day)

... I'm relying too much on my husband's test drive report lately ... I will do my best to be able to report (sweat)

Achievement of practice of MT driving!

At first we leave by my driving. "I will show you the results of 10 days of practice after delivery! "I just started driving." From my husband "Yan became able to start normally!Even though it is said that the husband is on the side, the instructor feels like being in the front passenger seat, and it is possible to stop at a place where it would not normally be possible or to fail to start taking a slope. Oops(-_-)

From her husband,

Really Mina-chan, "Mental disorder"But it is"Operation disorderPeople who are connected to “w

I laughed and said "う ー も っ と ン, usually more good! I feel nervous because the instructor is riding!"I made up my mind and continued running.

Gradually get used to the instructors of the front passenger seat, and while regaining the usual driving feeling, casually look at the sticker on the sticker of the leading car ...

"MT car slope cautionI wonder if there is a sticker on it (」д))! In the previous blog, I wrote that I ordered this sticker(I'm in landscape version)

There are people who really put it on! The first time I saw.

The power of this sticker is quite amazing, and I was driving a scary car with a slight gap between the following cars,The leading car never slips down the slope, but it is rather smooth starting and good drivingwas. There is no need to use a sticker at all-is it put on for family practice?

Then get on the freeway and alternate driving with your husband in the service area along the way. Now it is time for my husband to drive 320i. "What kind of impression do you really say"Hearing," her husband tried various ups and downs,

"It's pretty easy to understand how the clutch is connected." "Such as BMW's handling and bending-I'm going to turn into a bit-" "I have high speed stability, but after all a little fluffy ride comfort is because of the tire"

I was driving while saying so.

When this 320i first started the engine"Comfort" modeAnd the feet are soft, but we and our couples like to have a comfortable rideSports mode"When I ran, I felt my leg just as good.

However, if you get used to it,There's something like Sports Plus mode on the other side, so I hope it will be a little more for the underfoot.I also thought. However, this 320i is a bare model, not a sporty model such as M sports, so I should not ask too much for that.

Even so,The sound of this 320i is very quiet.My husband didn't feel much acceleration because he hardly shifted to the engine and could not hear the engine even if he ran up.(So be careful not to give too much speed)I felt like it was a Mercedes-Benz, quiet and comfortable ride, very comfortable for the passengers.

Down to Haga

Get off the highway at Yamazaki IC and head for Haga from here. At first, there were many cars, but as we headed north, the traffic volume decreased and we were able to enjoy pleasant farm roads. Because it was fine and hot on this day, I stopped by the convenience store on the way to rehydrate.

After that, I ran freely along the agricultural road leading to Haga.

So let's run the rural road in the countryside.Japan is really beautifulI thought again. There are cherry blossom trees in spring, fresh green in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and a snow scene in winter, which have different beauty from season to season.The road leading to Haga was also a completely different expression when it came to the autumn leaves seasonSo I felt I would not get bored again and again.

It takes less than one hour to drive on the lower road, and arrive at the parking lot of the spot shooting spot. After all nobody is w this day

When I come here, my husband usually takes a picture of the car for 30 minutes to 1 hour, so I leave it to my husband and let me play the children on the grass square next to it.

There is a clear stream nearby and you can see fireflies at night. The children were delighted and playing barefoot. "I played a lotWhen I glance at my husband while thinking ... I still still take (laughs)

By the way, this is a picture taken by my husband at that time.

Also, I want to come here to take pictures in different seasons. ... I say I want to come to take a picture, but I leave it to my husband and I also take a shot but I do not know (detonation)

After my husband's shooting of 320i is over, I also took pictures of children,

I tried to go up the mountain of Haga and go down the mountain in the opposite direction.Sinking attention"Because the signboard was closed, so I turned it back.(After all, there is such a thing when I drive), I went back to the way I came back, I got back on the way.

The children were tired of playing a lot, or they were comfortably sleeping.

After all, on this day, we run approximately 200km including highway, city riding, farm road,The fuel consumption is 12.3 km / lwas. I thought, "Eeah!" But is this better than the other cars in this class? ... When I was looking at the fuel efficiency of Porsche, my senses were paralyzed and I could not understand well anymore (-_-)

Anyway, it is not good to be cared.With cars, families can go anywhere in Japan.I once again appreciated this environment on this day and day.

Well, let's try MT driving practice.

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  1. Funny

    We always have fun look.
    The other day, I saw this article and went from Kobe to Haga with 981 Boxstar. It is a really good scenery from the area around Tsukuhogawa to the campsite. We also found a parking lot in the cave (laughs). Since I am a family of four of my two daughters, I would like to visit at the Atenza Wagon, where everyone can ride.
    I always refer to the drive course. Please let us know if there is a good drive course.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > The other day, I saw this article and went from Kobe to Haga with 981 Boxstar.
      Thank you so much! Thank you!
      (Laughs) There are few people in the parking lot on the day of the day off (laughs).

      > As I am a family of four with two daughters, I would like to visit at the Atenza Wagon, where everyone can ride this time.
      981 Boxster, and two of you ... I feel very close to myself.
      There are still many good ways in Japan, I think, every time I hear the story of my husband and you.

      > Please let us know if there is a good drive course.
      Yes! In the near future, I'm planning to carry out a plan to share the recommended touring path with you on the blog ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!