I have been testing the new A-class with Mercedes me!


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Take the A180 to Itami Airport

The other day I wrote an article about the Mercedes Me trial cruise experience, but today I would like to deliver the second part.

I went to Grand Front Mercedes me!

The new A-class, which was fully remodeled last October. The feeling I looked at was more than I had imagined. Total length 4,420, width 1,800, height 1,420 seems to beI felt a lot bigger than golf.

The design of the headlights and the shape of the front grille have also been renewed, with the latest Mercedes feeling.

I was also shown the trunk, but quite wide.The golf back can be loaded easily by defeating the back seatThat's it. I asked if I could understand the size and put in the work bag I had, but it was more difficult to understand ... (lol)

Finally get in the car. The door is indeed a German car,The feeling I had and the feeling I closed were very solid.Also, when the door is opened, the door projector function(Is it so?)I was surprised that the logo was illuminated by

And above all, I was surprised at the coolness of the interior.

What an A-class interior is so cool (か っ こ д д)! ?

Although rude, I thought that the A class was a cheap interior with a more plastic feeling.It's amazing because this is a standard specification.The digital representation of the meter is also sporty and sophisticated, and the touch panel has a 10-inch presence and is easy to see, and has an overall impression of being a youth sports car.

Also,Standard equipment including electric seat adjustment and front seat heatingAnd that.

Awesome ...

In addition, the function of the staff one push, MBUX(Mercedes Benz User Experience)ofNatural interactive speech recognition function.By saying "Hi, Mercedes" and giving instructions, you can operate using only your voice without using your hands.

At this time, I was asked to set the destination with only voice for trial, but I could set it without any problem. You can also operate the seat heater ON / OFF with voice only, butIt is quicker to press the button yourselfW you said

Also, from this model, there are more buttons on the steering wheel,More functions can be operated simply without releasing your hand from steeringThat's it. With regard to cruise control, it was possible to operate only with the thumb of the right hand instead of the lever as before.

It is convenient to complete all the operations by steering.

In addition, there were safety equipment such as a convenient brake hold function when waiting for a traffic light, and a function that warns the driver with a warning sound when trying to change lanes when an oncoming vehicle is in the blind spot.

With these features,The driver can concentrate on driving, achieving high safetyThat's it. No, it's Mercedes, though.

And finally, the test drive started.

This time, on the test drive on the route that rides Hanshin Expressway from Grand Front Osaka to Itami Airport. I tried to depress the accelerator while I was nervous, but I was surprised and surprised.

Axel is light! And the steering is very light (゚ д))!

Involuntarily, "The handle is really light!"He said loudly. It's too light, so if you're not used to it, you need to be careful about turning too much.

The ride is very smooth and it goes well. The slope from the basement to the ground also climbed without feeling any lack of power.The engine is 1.33L turbo engine, horsepower is 136psIt was an explanation, but I felt more power.

I went from the Grand Front to the Hanshin Expressway entrance and passed the ETC gate, and I stepped on the accelerator. even here,It accelerated more smoothly than I thought.

It is a German car on the highway.The feeling of rigidity was high, and I could run stably as in the city.According to the staff,

In this A class,The reaction of the accelerator is improvedIt is getting very well. Mercedes is strictly built on brakes, handling and accelerators.Realize safety and comfortdoing.
It must be common to all models of Mercedes, whether A-class or S-class. I think that the difference is clear compared with the same grade of other domestic cars.


Certainly, when I turned a curve on a freeway, I felt comfortable, stable and clean, and the brakes were firm.Although it is a compact model, it was made very wellI felt that.

The transmission was a 7-speed DCT, but it was so smooth and smooth that I could not tell at all when the gears had changed.

After a while on the freeway,To try out using cruise control.It's easy to do because you can operate the button on the right side of the steering wheel by simply raising it with your thumb.

Although the cruise control function itself responds firmly to side interruptions and is normally clever, I did not feel the difference with the cruise control function of golf.

At once here "Do you have any sports mode?As I asked,

Yes, sports, comfort, eco, individual and mode can be changed, and you can enjoy sporty driving even in A class.Just test drive in comfort mode onlyIt will be.

It was. I wanted to experience a little bit about the difference between sport and comfort underfoot, and how the engine response would change.

In the flow of the conversation, I told you that I am riding an MT car nowPlease try driving by paddle shift"I tried running on the paddle shift to test.

Although the display on the meter changes from "D" to "M", it is easy to understand, but there is no shift shock and the sound is too quiet and smooth,I didn't feel like driving in a sporty wayI see.

While I was doing so, I arrived at Itami Airport in no time, and on the way back from where I came. There was no time for navigation operation without getting caught in the signal, but at such time "Hi, MercedesThe turn of ". This feature is still useful.

On the way back, I got used to driving a bit, so I asked a lot of questions.

Q: What kind of people buy Class A?
A: I like the hatchback design,Transfer of people who are in the hatchback of a domestic carThere is a lot(It seems that there are many transfers from L car). Of course, there is also a transfer from the hatchback of imported cars. After that, there are a lot of Bataan who have S class and E class, and can purchase A class additionally as a castor that they can ride easily.

Q: How much was A180?
A: The new car starts at 3.28 million yen, and the A class exhibited in the Mercedes Me's shop has a good option, so it is around 4.5 million.

Q: Are you selling well?(A rude question or something)
A: Yes, thanks. Where I confirmed before, if I ordered now,Delivery is early, Octoberis what they said. As early as October, it may be even later. In the case of diesel, delivery is relatively fast.

Q: How much is fuel consumption?
A:15km / L on averageIt is toka.

Q: Class A seems to be popular with your wife and women.
A: Yes, that's right. However, for women,GLA is more popular than A classI think there is. There is a lot of people who choose GLA as a result because it is easier to drive if the line of sight is high.

While asking questions, I arrived in Grand Front Osaka in a matter of seconds. It was a cruise for less than one hour, but it was a lot of fun.

By the way, in the A class, while in the car(You can not operate outside the vehicle like in the S class)There was also a function that automatically put in the garage. That's great. Even if you are not confident in driving, you can park with confidence.

When the test ride is over and you get off the car,

"Please come and try other car models!"

In fact, I showed you various other car models.

If you ask, it is possible for all models to do the test drive in their own driving instead of the passenger seat test drive. However, in the model of the luxury lineup "Only predetermined test drive routes within 3 km in advance"For left-handed steering, at least half a year's experience in the country is requiredIt is good to check in advance because there are

Also, G class isBoth conventional and new types are availableSo, if you've never got a G-class, first of all, you can try the new model after experiencing the conventional type, and there is a way to realize the difference. It looks fun.

(The above is the conventional G class)

After the test ride, I returned to Mercedes-Me again, finished writing a simple questionnaire. It seems to be also doing the A-class option half price campaign now.

I got a brochure for A-class and a magazine that featured C-class. By the way, thisThe C-class feature was quite voluminous and quite interesting.So I will try to read it later.

Impressions of Mercedes Me

Try a trial cruise of Mercedes-Me this time,It was better than I had imagined and was very satisfied.Probably "I happened to be able to take a free trial on a freeway and I was allowed to drive for about an hour"I think that is big.

In addition, when I am going to take a test ride with a dealer, I am worried that "I am sorry if I have not considered purchasing" or "I wonder if the sales phone will get stuck after that", but in the case of Mercedes Me There is no such thing,Feel free to experience MercedesI thought.

In addition, although dealers are often located in the suburbs, Mercedes-Me felt that the location was very convenient with Osaka's Umeda, so it would be good to be able to stop after visiting Osaka.

Impression that we tried on A180

So what was the point of the impression that the test drive was on the A180?A car that is generally excellent and well done"I received the impression that it was. Mercedes is indeed,The quality and luxury of the interior, the latest safety equipment, the height of the standard specification, the height of the driving performance, etc. are all well done.

It is wonderful.

Then, when asked, "A 180, do you want?" ... If I was five years ago, I would like it to my husband, "I bought it!"At my home five years ago, there is an Audi A3.I was riding in the main.

At that time, I had no confidence in driving and often rubbed or bumped the car. If I at that time, this A classSafety equipment, sense of turning around, luxury of interior, also a yearning Benz brandIn that respect, I must have absolutely wanted.

But time flows and I am now ... in the carFun of runningOf course, the comfort, safety equipment and interior luxury are attractive, but more than that"Sense of driving by yourself" and "Pleasure of running"The weight to is greater.

I like the more solid rideDish,If you can hear more engine noise, you will feel the runningI think. So if I choose the same car model now, I think that it will choose the golf of 300 million yen which is fun to run from the 4.5 million yen A class with the option attached.

However, if you ride on various vehicles, you will be able to objectively know about cars comprehensively, and it will be a good opportunity to know the characteristics of each manufacturer's car. For those of Mercedes-Me "Feel free to come on a trial rideHe said, "I will go there again."

Please go by all means.

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