Tohoku 3000km Touring by Porsche Boxster [Part 1]

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To Tohoku with Boxster

I was muttering on Twitter a little while ago, but this is GW,My husband went to Tohoku touring with Boxster.7 nights, 7 days, without using the ferry, etc.It's all self-running long touring.By the example, my husband summarized this Tohoku Touring Report, but it is from DAY1 to DAY7, so it's quite a long film, so I will introduce it in several times.

By the way, by the message from my husband,

This year's GW went to Tohoku long distance touring. As usual, there is almost no general tourist information, just running around, but if it is good, I hope you can read it as if you were traveling with Boxster.

Because it isI want to read it!"Weekly" (W) below, I hope you can see.

Tohoku Box Star Touring Day 1

9:00 AM. Load the luggage into a suitcase, put together the shooting equipment and throw it into Boxster's trunk.The loading capacity of Boxster, which can easily load even large loads, is reliable.Hand over a CACAZAN driving glove. As always, insert the key into the Porsche traditional left key cylinder and put the engine on fire. I just changed the oil and the tires are still new.

Boxster GTS Driver's Seat

The Boxster this time is just the best for touring.

Slowly connect the clutch and leave your home garage to check Boxster's condition.Slowly warm the moving parts with higher gear until the oil temperature meter needle passes the blue zoneWhile it goes beyond the Rokko Mountains. From here, it is a grand touring for 7 days to 7 days in Tohoku.

I went to Sonoda via R372 to K54 via "Sandrable Link", which I introduced in the blog before. Although the distance is short, the K54 is easy to run with less traffic.

From Sonoda, pass K19, follow R162, and head for Obama City. Unfortunately the weather, like a drizzle, misty rain contaminates the freshly washed Boxster.Anyway, it is better to go down. Such a little rain is the most dirty.

Boxster rain

While paying attention to masking and catching a mouse, throw the gear into 3rd and 4th gear, and run up the R162's Hori-koshi to a quick pace. This is the most pleasant way for Boxster.Excellent turning and braking, engine sound, and a comfortable rideTogether as if it were part of the body.

Boxster Route 162

The weather has recovered as we approach Obama. I have been to Boxster before"Angel line"It aims to.
The road to the angel line is rough, there are many pebbles, and it can not be said that it is easy to run flatteringlyHowever, the view seen from the top is exceptional, so it is a favorite spot.
When it reaches the top, it seems that a clear space comes out from the break of the clouds and it celebrates the beginning of a long journey starting from this.

Boxster GTS

After taking a picture of the scenery and my favorite carAim for Sabae City, which is a hotel tonight.It is soon if you go at high speed,Don't get lost here, choose a good way.Through R27 to R8 and R305, cruising slowly while looking at the Sea of Japan on your left. It is a pity that we can not open the rooftop because the weather is still normal and it rains and stops.

It also looks like the scenery of the Japan Sea.

Japan Sea to go with Boxster

Tohoku Box Star Touring Day 2

The second day. Open the touring maple at the hotel and check the route,I can not find a road that looks good in Kanazawa-Toyama area.Actually,"Noto Peninsula"Ya"Senrihama Nagisa Driveway“I wanted to get in, but the weather was bad and I had no time to stop by.

So I am also a master of touring(I'm sorry, I think so, even though I have never met you)wata's blogAnd see you again,I found an article that was run on a wide-area agricultural road in Tateyama IC-around Shukawa City.For now, I will go there.

However, I have to go to Niigata today, so I can not run very slowly. Here, take the Hokuriku Road and decide the warp.It's been a while since I've been on the Hokuriku Road, but there is little traffic and it's really easy to drive.Keep the distance between the cars so that you do not disturb the flow of traffic and do not think you are crawling, and follow the front car.

Boxster Tooling

The front aero of Boxster GTS is C-shaped, and also DRL(Daytime running light)It seems that there is a sense of intimacy a little, so if you close the distance too much,A car in front of us gives way more than necessary.So I will always be careful not to get too close.

In PA, I stopped bySpeaking of which, it is a remorse from todayA short break while watching the live broadcast of the morning glimpse on the smartphone. After that, get off at Tateyama IC and get on a wide area road.Although there was a little traffic, I was lucky enough to get a clear lap so I could run at a comfortable pace.If the weather was fine, I would have been able to see the Tateyama Mountain Range, but the rain continued to be quiet as ever.

Morning glories

again,Take the Hokuriku Road and aim at Niigata Prefecture at a stretch.Go to Amagasaki City and head north on R352 along the coast. Along the way, I will run Boxster to R402 to the side of the Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant that I often heard in the news. After all, unlike Kansai, there are few traffic lights on general roads and the pace is easy to run.After all, long straights along the coast are fresh because they are hardly found in Kansai.

On the way, while taking a break at this tour park, continue northward aiming at Niigata City. As always, the Sea of Japan is lead-colored, and it is disgusting. Early on that day, I decided to drive Boxster to a hotel where I would stay today.

Boxster GTS

(Continued to the second part)

Next time, Akita, Aomori ...

While readingWas your husband aiming for a novelist? No, I can not do thatThis time I focused on access to Tohoku this time, I felt like a prologue, but from next time it's OK, the contents of the full-scale Tohoku touring and the beautiful scenery and a picture of Boxster I would like to deliver

By the way, the middle and second parts are here.

Tohoku 3000km Touring by Porsche Boxster [Part 2]

Tohoku 3000km Touring by Porsche Boxster [Part 2]

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  1. wata

    I was looking forward to the touring.
    The weather in the first half of this year's GW was bad, and I was hit by rain in the west, but maybe I could see how he would lower the hood from around DAY 3 and blast the Tohoku area. I am expecting it.
    By the way, I'm not just a master of touring, but a mere driving enthusiast.
    Please be patient (sweat).

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for reading the article! I am very happy! ! !
      As you said, it was very sunny from around Day 3 and it was a wonderful touring!

      > By the way, I am not just a master of touring, but a mere driving enthusiast.
      My husband said, "Wata-san is no different from what wata-san is my master, w

      In the meantime, somewhere in Japan, it will be the day when Mr. wata and her husband's boxster will pass each other?
      And each other "Ah !!!" and turn back ...
      I'm secretly expecting what a scene should come from (laughs)

  2. yuke

    Nice to meet you. I commented involuntarily because Tateyama IC of neighborhood came out. Lol
    I'm riding on a Mazda roadster and I have a life that has nothing to do with Porsche, but when I was searching for "open car family with 2 children ..." I came and got a lot of helpful information and also had fun You

    In Toyama's wide-area agricultural road (all referred to as super agricultural road), I think that around Tateyama-Kurobe has traffic lights and traffic volume, but I can enjoy it with ups and downs and corners. If there is a chance to go through Toyama by all means-

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      Also, thank you very much for searching for this blog from such maniac keywords!

      Roadster, a very fun and good car, someone I knew was acquainted.
      I hope that one day there will be an opportunity to test drive.

      Thank you for the information on the wide area agricultural road in Toyama!
      The information from the local people is very valuable, and I was very happy to give it to her husband immediately!

      Thank you for your continued support!

  3. yuke

    What about persuading your wife when buying a roadster? I feel that I was wandering endlessly

    I think that Roadster is close to Boxster I can win Boxster only where the car weight is light ... Porsche is a world I can't imagine so far.

    GW went to Nara Nyuru to see this blog. That area was very fun.

    • MinaMina


      > What is your wife's persuasion or when you buy a roadster? I feel that I was wandering endlessly
      That's right lol! And it was actually purchased from there ... Great, congratulations!

      Roadster, when the weight of the car is light, I can run it,
      Winding will be very fun too.

      Did you go to Nara Nur to GW! The season is good, so it looks very comfortable, I'm envious!
      (I do not know where to NARA Nuru yet still though ^ ^;)

      Also, I hope that you will be able to teach me more information in the future.
      Continue to thank you!