[Porsche Owners File # 13] 718 Boxster GTS (PDK) Purchase ・ Option ・ Travel Review

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche has come to my home," is the custodian Mina. A project born out of requests from readers who want to share the raw voices of various Porsche owners!Porsche owners file". The thirteenth bullet was given by "Micchan", "718 Boxster GTS (PDK)"Purchase, option, driving review.

〘Owner information〙
・ My favorite car to introduce this time: 718 Boxster GTS (PDK)
-The pen name: Micchan
・ Area where you live: Kanagawa Prefecture
· Past travelers' favorite history:
Nissan 130 Fiaredi Z 2/2 → Nissan 130 Fiaredi Z 2 Seater → Toyota Crown → Suzuki Wagon R Wide → Toyota Noah → Mercedes-Benz C-Class Station Wagon → Mercedes-Benz E-Class Station Wagon
【Current car】
1 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Station Wagon 220 Avant Garde
2718 Boxster GTS PDK
-A word to the reader: I bought a 718 Boxster GTS as a second car this time, but it is a fun car to ride.A car that you can easily ride on a city or a womanis.

1) History of purchase

"Get on Porsche by the age of 50"I have been working with the goal of", but since I am 50 years old this year, I was able to clear the goal safely.

Also this time, I wanted a car as a second car, so "sports car"And"Midship"I chose a slightly weird boxster. in addition,As it is also an open car, there are many ways to enjoy it and it is satisfactoryDoing.

We also considered purchasing a new car, but the period from ordering to delivery was long.I can't stand waiting for my characterI thought, "I was looking for a used car and I thought to buy it if I had the edge.

The grade was also considered base car, S, etc., but I met GTS this time and I was immediately determined to see the vehicle. I far exceeded the budget I was thinking about,High asset valueIt will be a vehicle that has convinced myself.

2) Option / specification

・ Body color: Charala white metallic
-Interior: Bordeaux red
・ Entry & drive system
・ GT sports steering
・ Light design package
・ Vehicle anti-theft system
· Auto air conditioner
· Seat heater
· Seat ventilation
・ Smoker package
·floor mat
・ Black Aluminum Black Interior
・ Footwell Sledge net for passenger seat
・ Without Alcantara

I like it because it is GTS, so I have so many options.

3) Background to delivery

The vehicle was at the Porsche Center in Kansai, but I took a break and went to see a play and decided immediately. Order on the spot, not looking forward to the delivery,I spent every day watching Porsche on YOUTUBE and online.During the period until deliveryAbout 1 monthwas.

) Porsche's performance to feel owned

① Engine

There are many people who say that it is not the 981 six-cylinder, butI love the feeling of the smashing noise of these four cylinders, the outstanding acceleration poweris.


PDK responds well, and if it is in sports mode or sports plus, you can enjoy each way. I also feel comfortable with the downshifting during the paddle shift, soIf you are thinking of buying a Porsche, please put on the Sport Chrono package, if possibleI think.

3 handling / brake

As expected, Porsche,"Bend" "Stop"Is great. It makes you feel like your driving has improved. Even without speeding, I can do winding driving very enjoyable.

④ Fuel economy

In my case, I often run at a relatively high speed, so the fuel efficiency may be a little bad. However, I think that it is a fuel-efficient car for the amount of running normally.

⑤ ride comfort, glue taste

Both city riding and winding can be done without stress. As it is still a sports car, the leg is hard.Excellent for both Choi and Seriouslyis. The ride at high speed does not have the feeling of pushing up unless the suspension is hardened by selecting sports, sports plus mode, etc.

And because it runs so as to stick to the roadYou can taste exactly the taste of a sports car.

⑥ Family's reaction

"Cool!It is said that. The family is not driving because he is in the passenger seat, but stillEnjoySay. With the open feeling of the open car, it looks like a different view even in the place where you are usually running and it seems to be enjoying you.

⑦ Favorite points

The small two-seater, the silhouette, the thickness of the tire, the appearance, and the excellent movement performance of Porsche are the best as a second car.

5) Options you absolutely want to purchase if you purchase Porsche from now

"Sports chrono package"is. The reason for recommending sports chrono package is "By choosing one of four modes, you can enjoy it as if you were in four different carsIt is because. It is good to have an analog stopwatch.

【Normal mode】... The sound is quiet, the number of rotations is low, and the shift control runs like fuel saving driving.
【Sports mode】... The number of rotations is slightly higher, the sports exhaust is on and the sound is slightly larger,Shift control feels like normal mode and shift upWill you? You can enjoy city riding and winding while feeling the sports car.
【Sports plus mode】... Spartan. The speed is set to a high setting, and it runs aggressively with the engine brake for rapid acceleration and shift down. Also,The suspension also turns on hard, so you can enjoy driving like a circuitcan make it, right. It seems that this mode can launch launch control of rocket start here, but I have not used it yet w
【Personal mode】... This is a mode that you can set by yourself.

In the first place, GTS comes with sport exhaust and PASM (suspension) as standard, so it can be set in various ways.

6) Parts to worry about

If you say that, the front lip spoiler something, carMay I show high a little lower?I think.

Also, I would like to turn off the PTV someday, but I can not be scared w. I can realize that the PTV's traction control makes it possible to turn quickly.It is also good that PTV's accuracy is that you misunderstand that driving has become successfulI think.

7) Overall rating

It is 5 out of 5 points!The reason for the perfect score of 5 isEasy to useIt may be exhausted. Like a super car, you do not have to worry about driving in various ways, you can go shopping, winding driving, you can also circuit driving. It is the brand Porsche that can enjoy such a wide range, "Porsche's philosophy"I also heard.

8) What is Porsche for you?

Porsche is

From longing for cars to enjoy yourself.

所 sense of blog administrator〙
I saw Ms. Michan's report and I was happy to see how satisfied 718 Boxster GTS was. Porsche is a sports car, but while being "sporty", I think it is a great attraction to be able to use it everyday. Since I also like the ride that is stiff, I had many points that sympathize with Ms. Michan's report. Mr. Micchan, thank you!


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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