I went to Shiodome's restaurant "The Momentum by Porsche"!

Living with Porsche

To The Momentum by Porsche

When my husband went on a business trip to Tokyo the other day, a restaurant on the first floor of Shiodome City Center near Shimbashi Station,The Momentum by PorscheSeems to have gone to In any case, customers who knew that "my husband likes Porsche" seem to have made a reservation for dinner in advance.


The Momentum by Porsche is a restaurant that opened in December 2014.Attached to Porsche Center Ginza branchIt is done. Anything, now,The only Porsche-certified restaurant in the worldIt seems(The restaurant attached to the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles had a similar atmosphere, but it may be positioned differently.)

The Momentum by Porsche is a restaurant for Porsche owners and fans.I want to have lunch at work"When", "I want to read and think"When", "I want to enjoy dinner with a feeling of relaxation in a relaxing space"When", "I want to have a drink with friends in the barIt can be used casually in various situations such as "when". The site is

"For Porsche fans who are always busy with work and busy life, while being surrounded by their favorite things, a place to take a break at their favorite time,Pit Stop for the customerIt is

The contents such as were written. It's a wonderful concept.

Porsche at the store

Because it is Porsche Center Ginza branch, while eating at the restaurant,You can see Porsche's display cars in the near future.It seems that Blue Cayman was left on this day.

The stylish shop where white and black are valuable is not so wide, and the shop was full when the husband went to eat. Looking up from above, fashionable lights are on the ceiling.

I thought it was just a light, but if you look closely,A mini car is embedded in each lightThere is. It seems that there are 156 pieces.

The mini cars arranged like the starting grid are also nice,

You can feel Porsche everywhere in the store.

Naturally, Porsche is sprinkled in the menu and the table set.

The restaurant's atmosphere was calm and the food was delicious, but parfait was especially delicious.

This Porsche Crest cookie is cute. Soft cream also looks delicious. Oh I want to eat ...

To her husbandHow much can you eat for dinner?"When asked,

This time, I think I did about 7 to 8,000 yen per person. I will drink alcohol, but if I drink alcohol, I will go further. It wasn't too expensive, but it was a full-fledged taste, and I did it quite a bit.
Fresh for Porsche fans in KansaiYana. If you make it to the Porsche Center in Kansai, you will often go there

He said.

Porsche restaurant in Kansai

I hope this restaurant will be created in Porsche, Kansai. If you make it at the Porsche Center in the neighborhood, you will feel like you're carrying your feet quite often w

The city we live in is also Porsche rate nationwide(Imported car rate)Known as the city of In the neighborhood there is a street called Benz Street, where there is no big dealGerman car runs one in threeThe scenery such as In addition, the car which stopped at the parking lot of "spin sushi shop" which stopped the other day was also Porsche exhaustive (laugh)

The Porsche Center, which is always indebted, will not make Porsche's restaurant or not.

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