I took a Porsche 911 and went to see the night view of Ashi Driveway.

Ashi Drive way

Night view of Higashi Rokko observatory

Famous among car enthusiasts in KansaiAshi Drive way". This blog has appeared many times.

For those who like cars, speaking of Yuiearly morning"Or"DaytimeThe image of "" may be stronger, but in fact,Kansai Night SpotBut it is a very famous place.

From the observation platform at an altitude of 645 m,We can overlook Osaka plains of Kobe whole area from OsakaAbove, because the parking lot is arranged in the south side row of the observation deck,You can watch the night view while you are in the car. It is also said that it is Japan's top class as a spot where you can admire the night view from inside the car.

* Image Source:yakei.jp Aoi Driveway Higashi Rokko Observatory

By the way, this "Higashi Rokko Observatory" isLocation of the popular drama "Hanazawa Naoki" broadcasted on the ground wave in 2013Became a temporary topic.

In fact, the husband has been visiting for a while, taking the opportunity to take the best shot of his car and the night view at the Higashi Rokko Observatory, but it seems that he has not yet taken a convincing picture.

Photograph of favorite car and night view

However, as a matter of course, you can not always see a beautiful night view. Last month tooEven if the weather is fine, if you look at the twitter of the Yuari driveway "snow"Even if the weather is fine, it is often the case that the cloud is covered when you go to the village.

The most beautiful night view is "The day after the heavy rain, when the sky clears with no clouds, the night of the dayIt seems like this, but this condition does not necessarily overlap every time. Therefore, living near Yuei is not easy to see a clear night view with a clear view.

Also, even if the night scene is beautiful, there are many cars that come to the observation deck on such a day(Sora ya do not you w),I can't park my car in the best place or get lots of other cars and I can't take photosSometimes.

The other day, the husband who came home early from work,

"I'm going to go there for a while now. Because the air is clear today, I may be able to take a beautiful picture of the night view and the car!"

However, I was eager to carry the camera out. To husband who came back after approximately one hour "How did you do that?"When asked,

I was happy. The night scene was beautiful, but there were too many cars and it was hard to shoot at all.

I was sorry to say that. By the way, the picture taken at that time is here.(Also the top image)

I think I'm beautiful enough, but my husband is not convinced at all, and it was to revenge again. ... What does the husband aim for? W

To see the night view of Yui at 911

And last weekend. On that day, it was a blue sky with literally no clouds, and it was a good day with short sleeves, so I decided to go to the park with the family 911 in the evening.

The girls ran on the beach, sat up in the waves, played with the playground equipment in the nearby park, and they were all very happy, and by the time they returned home they began to darken. "However, although it came out in 911 somehow, it is too wasteful to go home as it isMy husband told me

"Let's go there, but today is a very nice weather and there are no clouds, so the night view may look beautiful."

He told me that he was going to go ahead suddenly. I,"Today is the best night view of the world!"I was running 911 while expecting to expand my heart, but the wind started to get stronger as I passed the toll booth of the Sakai Driveway.

Even before the full moon was clearly seen like that, I noticed it was covered with thick clouds and the moon was completely invisible.

This is bad ... very bad (-_-) .... My husband,

You see, if you come with Mina, it will definitely be like this. I feel that the god of the mountain is angry w

I said that, but you tend to say that it's not wrong ... As you move upBlack clouds startCome,Strong wind,The trees on both sides of the road are shaking with great force. And by the time we arrived at the Higashi Rokko Observatory, the night scene was beginning to have a slight haze.

... No, I really do not know why (-_-)

Having said that, I came out and tried to take around one photo, but it was too strong and too cold that I could not even go outside.

what will you do…? I paid 410 yen and came to the observation deck, but ... I'm not sorry if I stay here ... will I go home?

So I decided to go down the mountain for 2 minutes on that day. The weather got better gradually as I approached the ax, and it was quite fine when I got down ... no wonder, I wonder what happened.

However, the night view of Yukari is so beautiful that I want to revenge again in the near future.

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  1. Sakon

    It is a wonderful view. Jealous.
    I can not be satisfied with such a nice photo w
    I would like to go, but it is too far to live in Tohoku.

    I am looking forward to the continuation of Tohoku Touring ^ _ ^

    • MinaMina

      You live in Tohoku!
      My husband is totally fascinated by Tohoku, and says that I will go in the near future again (laughs)

      The night view of Yuei is really beautiful,
      There are a lot of famous cars, so I think it's a very valuable spot.
      But it's certainly too far from Tohoku ... but there is likely to be a better spot in front of it.

      Also I would be glad if you could look forward to the article of Tohoku Touring.
      Continue to thank you!


    Hello Mina,

    I will comment for the first time.
    First of all, please let me know.
    I swear to buy Porsche someday, and while I go to work every day, I see Mina's blog, about the master's comments and Porsche
    I am learning. You can always spend the day with images of Porsche in your head or mobile image, and finally you can contract the 718 Cayman GTS with the option of no compromise in your production quota in July. The Thank you very much for coming to 718 Cayman GTS, thanks to this blog. I'm really thankful to you. If you do your best unwillingly and make an effort without giving up, it will become a reality.
    And on this blog, I remember that when I was 24 years old, I went to the Integra TYPE-R of Honda and went to see the night view with my girlfriend practicing Dora Tech each week. When it gets a little cold, the air is clear and the night scene is beautiful. . However, the woman whom I had a relationship with at that time has many memories which shouted well.
    In addition, it will be fun after a long time since it can go to the Yuei driveway if delivered. It looks like the very best 40 years old (laughs)

    PS. By the way, I'm rude to ask questions, but does Mina-san's family associate with Porsche Center Nishinomiya-like? Since I asked there this time, I wondered if the region was together. . I am sorry if it is an extra thing.
    We will greet you if you meet us in the drive drive after delivery.
    We will continue reading blogs from now on. I support you.


    • MinaMina

      Mr. TAKURO

      Thank you for your comment.
      Thank you for always seeing a blog again.

      I saw my comments and my heart became hot.
      It is rather here to say thank you ...!

      Despite speaking selfishly about Porsche every day,
      It is possible to have such a comment
      I am really thankful and full of gratitude.

      And congratulations on the Cayman GTS contract! ! !
      That's great! GTS model! ! !
      Will delivery be within the year? If it is delivered by all means, I am glad if you can share various information.

      Also, you used to go to the Yuei driveway a long time ago!

      > There is a lot of memories that I screamed to the woman who was just related at that time.
      I think I can imagine something (laughs). It is very envious to drive the possession with the 718 Cayman GTS. I think it will be absolutely fun.
      (Individually, Cayman was the most fun way to run Sakai)

      As you mentioned, my house is indebted to Porsche Center Nishinomiya.
      When you go to maintenance, it may be fair, etc. You may also meet ^^
      I would be glad if you could come along with us.

      Continue to thank you!