Porsche Cayenne Turbo (late 958) test drive review

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Cayenne Turbo, test drive

The other day, when I sent Panamera for the second year inspection,It was decided to lend the predecessor Cayenne as a substitute car.So my husband who brought Panamera to the Porsche Center,I drove to work in Cayenne and the next day I was able to wind and run around the city togetherSo I would like to review Cayenne Turbo, though it is easy.

By the way, what I borrowed this time is "Cayenne Turbo (late 958)"model. 4.8 liter V8 twin turbo engine. “Maximum output is 520ps, maximum torque is 750Nm”.

Cayenne's impression (from a female perspective)

I was the first to drive Cayenne almost a year ago.New Cayenne test ridewas. until now"Although it was made by Porsche, it is an SUV, so it is far from a sports carI was surprised when I got on.

I was amazed by the smoothness, handling, and lightness.Cayenne, yeah! I want this!(Laughs)

Porsche new Cayenne test drive review

One year later, I got a very valuable opportunity to drive the predecessor Cayenne Turbo, but the first thing I felt when I got into the driver's seat was ``Good view from the driver's seat" If this is the case, even a small woman seems to be driving quite easily. At the same time, Panamera that I usually ride well understood "how it feels to crawl the earth"

When I started the engine,A quieter engine sound than Panamera TurboI received the impression. Although Panamera in my house says, “The engine sound became much louder as I drove compared to the time after delivery.”

And when I stepped on the pedal and checked the seat position,The accelerator pedal is slightly to the right than the cars we usually rideI felt. Even if you move your toes to the right, starting from the position where you normally put your heel, there is no accelerator pedal there.

To my husband, "Eh, is that so?"I wonder if it was just the difference in the size of the legs of men and women. However, the first person was confused, but got used to driving for 10 minutes.

I felt that I started driving again.Pedal and steering are light overall"I'm saying that. Panamera Turbo is heavier in steering and pedals.(Of course, the generations are different, so if you compare with 958 Cayenne, you should compare with 970 Panamera)I thought it would be easy for women to drive.

However, because it is a powerful car, as soon as you step on the accelerator a little harder,Boon! ! !"I was going to run with the engine sprayed, so at first I couldn't get that feeling well and was afraid of driving.

But when you get used to it,This is so easy to drive!”, And there was one who was driving in Norinori (laugh) Panamera Turbo's PDK, the reaction was directPashun, Pashun"Since the gear changes, this is also in battle mode.

On the other hand, the Cayenne that I drove this time is “Torcon AT”, so the reaction is not as direct as PDK, but it feels lighter. I felt that this feeling would be good for women and wives who have a lot of scenes to ride on the streets.

I also went to Arisu, but the handling is amazing. It bends. "SUV turns like this! ?"Surprisingly, it turned out, so I felt that it was a Porsche.

On the other hand, I was worried about "Ride comfort in the passenger seat" … No, it ’s not bad, I think it ’s a good one. The impact is not picked up one by one, and there is a feeling of grounding and is stable. HoweverThe comfort of the current Cayenne was too smooth and wonderfulSo, compared to that, I felt that there was quite a lot of usability.

So, I want to move on to my husband ’s review

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  1. Crescent Moon

    I wonder if the Porsche followers feel that the review is too detailed.
    Like a car journalist.
    To become a Japanese journalist and eventually become an unfounded sense theory,
    In conclusion, before the author's own skills and knowledge, I biased to the image-first review that I felt and the Porsche = Sport = Justice for the comparison target (question of validity) that I had experienced. I feel too much.

    It is clear that the biggest reason Cayenne is a big hit in the world is the brand rather than the performance, so I am not sure that the product called Cayenne itself is neither outstanding nor great compared to other SUVs. I think.

    Of course, Porsche also thinks that the approach to Cayenne, Macan, etc. will be basically sports-oriented in order for the company to use the brand image of sports.

    In that sense, Macan seems to have successfully embodied the image with overwhelming performance, but for Cayenne, it was not possible to get out of the framework of a mere large displacement SUV with a Porsche mark. Isn't it a thing?

    The overwhelming performance is not an advantage over other European sports SUVs (GLE, X5, 6 etc.) and the ride is not good. In terms of usability, Mercedes and BMW are still inferior in ergonomics. Porsche is good at sports cars, and there are still two generations behind Mercedes in the category of general cars. Equivalent equipment to rivals can be an expensive option, and I don't think Cayenne is a product-powered car.
    Still, it sells with a brand icon, but is it a Mercedes slope? I don't think brandism is bad, but I think Porsche is a theorist. So Porsche lovers are also theoretical, but if you become a Porsche believer, you will feel a sense and philosophy all at once from the theory. I don't want to be like a car magazine just to praise Porsche-I thought this blog. Please allow negative comments.

    • MinaMina

      Crescent moon

      Thank you for reading our blog.
      Also, thank you for writing something difficult to say.

      While watching the comments I received,
      I felt once again that it is really difficult to write a test drive review.

      Our couple love Porsche,
      Even if you want to write an article objectively, you will end up with a content that is close to Porsche lovers.

      Also, rather than luxury and convenience
      Because we emphasize sporty driving,
      Even though the general public is “NO”, it is true that we are not surprised.

      When I rented GLS in the United States and got on for a few days,
      There was no doubt that it was a great car,

      I sat in the back seat all the time,
      I feel like I'm being shaken by the bus
      “If this is the case, I would prefer a makan with a hard ride.”

      But it ’s not good or bad,
      It ’s just a matter of personal preference,

      To objectively evaluate this area, ride more and more cars,
      I think I need to increase my experience and data volume and improve the quality of my output.

      Right now, this blog is run solely from Google advertising revenue,
      You don't get money from Porsche or any other company, and you don't have to ask someone.

      It ’s a blog like a hobby extension,
      In that sense, you can write honestly as you think.

      If you can add more objectivity here,
      I wondered if it could be a blog that more people can enjoy and read.

      Thank you.

  2. To be sunny

    I feel wondering if I can achieve objectivity in the first place.
    I'm not a Porsche believer, so I don't feel fine dust because it's attractive to Cayenne.
    Since people have different values, there is an objective point of view in car reviews.
    Ms. Mizuno, the GTR developer, is probably from engineering position.

    So I feel that this blog is a blog written by someone who loves Porsche.
    When I buy a Porsche, I'm probably looking at this blog to find out what's good and at the same time look for the opinions of Porsche denialists to get the negative.
    I wonder if I should make my own judgment after that.

    • MinaMina

      By car
      Thank you very much!
      Carma's comments are always a relief.

      When I write a blog every day, I really care about the number of accesses
      You might think, “This article was n’t good enough,” or “What can I improve?”

      The carman wrote me,
      “I feel like this is a blog written by someone who loves Porsche.”
      I feel that I was able to return to the axis.

      I'll do my best to keep my stance, change flexibly and make a better blog.
      Continue to thank you!

  3. Cayenne Turbo 958.1

    Mina, husband
    I always enjoy reading. A nice-looking you tube is good as a warm heart.
    Finally, I reviewed a model of the same generation in my house and read it all at once in the middle of the night.

    After that, after a while after purchasing a Range Rover Vogue (BMW 4.4L V8) using a car magazine,
    The impact of testing the first Cayenne Turbo is unforgettable. I was paralyzed by the overwhelming rigidity and acceleration.
    Certainly, the design, the smell of leather, and the appearance are good, but everything has been driven away by the overwhelming running of the Cayenne Turbo.
    Since then, the zodiac has gone around for 12 years. The range rover disappeared, and the day of mamachari continued.
    Fortunately, Lucky came to buy a Cayenne turbo (previous first model) that he thought was impossible for his lifetime.
    About half a year after purchase. Every time you drive, that time will come back.
    I'm exhausted to express the profound feeling that moves the giant with tremendous power.

    Isn't this a word that people who enjoy Porsche will enjoy?
    The true owner's wife finds the domestic minivan more valuable than the Cayenne Turbo.
    From now on, like my husband, I have to calculate my wife into this world.
    This blog is a driving force.

    Please keep the Porsche Blog as it is.

    • MinaMina

      Cayenne Turbo 958.1
      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      And thank you for watching over the car life of a couple like a contest (laughs)

      > About half a year after purchase. Every time you drive, that time will come back.
      > It's all about expressing the profound feeling of moving a giant with tremendous power.

      That ’s true.
      There is no profound stress that moves the giant, but there is no stress of heavy pain, even if you start running, you can feel even lightness,
      I thought the turbo was amazing.

      On the contrary, I am not satisfied without a certain amount of profound feeling (laughs)

      > The true owner's wife finds the domestic minivan more valuable than the Cayenne Turbo.

      That's right! But that's usually the case, I think I was absolutely sure before.
      After all, the domestic car seems to be more convenient to use, and it seems that it can reach the itchy place.

      > Please keep the Porsche Blog as it is.
      Thank you ^^ I have so many things I don't know yet, so I will continue to look at various cars and absorb my knowledge.
      I hope I can continue blogging happily. Thank you for your continued support.

  4. To be sunny

    It ’s difficult.
    In the first place, journalists are conclusion generalists, not specialists. I think that their specific part is the world of journalism, not car specialists. That's why I don't rely on it, and what I'm impressed with is Mizuno-san's article from a specific position as an engineer.
    Isn't it almost almost partial that journalists analyze the specific parts of your job? After all, the journalist is not a party, so I can only see how much I was interviewed. Cars can be analyzed from various aspects, and as a result of trying to look objectively, there is no matter what you want to do.

    If that's the case, I think it would be better to write in such a position, so I should always start with in my opinion.
    I am from the financial market, but in this industry, analysts are first required to clarify their position.
    In the first place, this is a blog, do you need to think about such a difficult thing?

    Conclusion As usual, I wonder if it is a blog where Porsche loving couple life and a variety of Porsche owners' diverse opinions gathered.
    And that diversified information is valuable and will create objectivity later.

    I'm looking forward to reading the articles as usual.
    I wrote a Macan review in my opinion and said that I would write a carrera, but what is the objectivity like Mikazuki says? I couldn't write somehow if I thought I would write if the explosion turned

    • MinaMina

      By car

      Certainly, an objective car review written by humans is difficult.
      As you said, unless you are a very good person, I think you can't write articles that are both objective and subjective,
      If you are too conscious of that, it will be an unobtrusive and uninteresting article.

      > If that's the case, I think it would be better to write in such a position, so I should always start with in my opinion.
      > I'm from the financial market, but in this industry, analysts are first asked to clarify their position.

      I see…! Even though it was a blog, I thought it was the first step.
      While clarifying my stance, there are a lot of things that are noticed from the comments I receive,
      I would like to continue to write articles in the future.

      > I wrote a Macan review in my opinion and said that I would write a carrera, but what is the objectivity like Mikazuki says? I couldn't write somehow if I thought I would write if the explosion turned
      I understand ... you can't write (laughs)
      Nonetheless, I am very interested in Caruma's carrera reviews, so I am waiting with a long neck (laughs)