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Test drive review of the new Panamera

Previously, I went to test the new Panamera 4S and the new Panamera Turbo. I also wrote about the test drive at that time on the blog, but the acceleration power and high speed stability of Panamera Turbo were so amazing that I completely perceived fear and I wrote a test drive review of what I do not understand why ...

→ A testimonial of a new type Panamera Turbo, a story that was hit by a sense of defeat.

Moreover, since this article is the most accessed in this blog, it is a very serious situation that it comes to the top of the list by keyword search ... so I decided to write about test drive again. However, since I am neither a motor journalist nor an expert, I do not know about the structure of such a car, such as the chassis, suspension and torque,As an amateur of a Panamera fan to the last,Write a felt reviewI think that it seems.

Was it really beyond the current type?

It was around February and March this year that I tried the new Panamera. I tried the Panamera 4S in February and the Panamera Turbo in March. At that time, car-related medias and motor journalists were "The new Panamera has far exceeded our expectationsAlthough it was evaluated as "970 Panamera edition of our house is too good performance, it was a half-trusted question about how far it would actually exceed this.

However, when I actually tested Panamera 4S, I got it in 2 seconds after calling. "It has completely exceeded the previous model," he said. Rather than exceeding"The new Panamera and the current Panamera are completely different things"I felt.Rather than Panamera's evolution, it felt like "I made 911 big"Body.

Three differences between Panamera and new Panamera

So, first"Panamera and new Panamera"I want to write about the difference. Because Panamera edition and Panamera 4S, it is not compared with normal Panamera, but among them I felt it was big as the difference between the two cars was three.

① Smoothness of departure

The launch is very light and smooth. Just by pressing on the accelerator a little, it starts to move as if sliding on the rail. There is no heavy feeling to move the big body as "Yokko Rusho".Still, there is proper contact with the ground.I grasped the ground firmly, it was not too hard, it was not too soft, and I realized a comfortable ride. Maybe because it is an air suspension. Test drive was mainly town ride, so I often stopped at the signal, but I never felt the stress to move the big body every time I started.

② No big feeling

It may be similar to the feeling that "starting smoothly", but there was no gigantic sensation. Actually it is a car with a width of 1900 mm and a length of more than 5 m, but I did not feel such a thing at all. as if"Is the new Panamera a smaller one?"It was enough to make you mistaken. There was no fear of driving a big car, so I felt the driving was very easy.

③ comfort of treble engine sound

The engine sound was very comfortable. When I stepped on the accelerator, I heard a good engine sound of high-pitched goods from behind, it felt like the engine was behind. Even those who dislike big engine sounds, there are many people that there is no problem if that sound is of the order.(Was it supposed to be soundproof glass ...?)

That is what I felt when I tried the new Panamera 4S. However, I did not run with the engine fully open on the expressway, or running over the pass road, so I think that we can only taste the power of the new Panamera 4S.

On the premise of saying the overall impression"People who like 911 seem to like it."I thought so. Meanwhile, I am personally individual, but I felt somewhat unsatisfactory. Since 4S was an honor student atmosphere, it was frank thought that it was OK even if there was a more violent part.

Difference between the new 4S and the new turbo

After that, I tried a new Panamera Turbo, but I would like to give three major differences between the new Panamera 4S and the new Panamera Turbo.Even with the same Panamera, I was surprised that it seems like such a different car if the model is still different.Therefore, as for the new Panamera Turbo,

① A sense of gigantic remains in a good sense

I like the feeling of massiveism. Of course, it is better to bend smoothly on the curve, but I do not like strange centrifugal force due to heavy, but for Panamera only, I do not need to worry about that. The new Panamera Turbo, although it is a much lighter slide compared to our Panamera edition, felt it was still a big feeling compared to 4S.

② Engine sound is good deep bass

The engine sound of the turbo is double heavy bass unlike the high tone 4S.The sound "bukkin" when the engine is put on,I like like "I'm running out of time!" During the test drive, I was looking forward to the sound when I first hung the engine, but as the engine was already warming up a bit, it was a more modest sound than I thought. If the engine was cold, it surely sounded amazing. The engine sound at the time of acceleration also sounds unique to the V8 engine. Porsche engine sound is not only big and noisy, but also because it is good, I like it.

③ You can fully enjoy two aspects

Since it is a turbo, there are more power than 4S and there is acceleration power. It was big news that running through the Nürburgring in Germany at 7 minutes and 38 seconds. About this run Motor journalist Goro Okazaki said,"Accelerating like a beast against a prey"Although expressing as, the acceleration on a highway is such a feeling.
On the other hand, you can enjoy luxurious and elegant running in city cruising and on cruising on highways.Elegantly in the streets, like the beasts on the highway, the curves of the mountain road are as if it is their own, and you can enjoy running that was occasional in any sceneIt is a big charm of Turbo.

Panamera 4S and turbo, if you buy it?

That is why, as a general comment,If you can drive easily and have fun cars 4SI think that is good. Also, it is quite common 4 sr where usual town riding is main rather than running on the road or highway. On the other hand, I want to enjoy running not only on town riding but also at winding roads, emphasizing acceleration on highway and high speed stability,If you want to enjoy running in various scenes, I think that turbo is good.(Such a person may be rare)

And, my house that emphasizes both pleasures of running and riding on a regular basis, I chose Panamera Turbo.

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