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Measures against door punch

On the blog the other day,"What are the countermeasures against door punching everyone?"I got a comment. If you think about that, 970 Panamera, which was in my home before, wore a transparent stone guard film, but with regard to Panamera and Boxster now, I have not taken countermeasures against door punching in particular.

So, I tried a little research on door punch countermeasures"Choose a wide parking lot" "Do not stop next to a car with many scratches" "Stick a door edge protector""Well, that's probably not the case." Only things came out ... Is that only measures to that extent?

I examined the goods for door punch countermeasure, but it seems like damaging the car's design"Even if there is practicality, I do not want to put this on"There were many things that I felt.

Measures against our home

Measures concerning door punching can be divided into three.

① Measures for not doing (not doing) the door punch(Prevention)
② Countermeasures to prevent scratching (even if it is door punched)(Reduction)
③ Measures to restore the wound as it is after the door punch is by any chance(repair)

It is. By the way, in my house, only ① is done, but when going shopping at the supermarket and shopping mall in Panamera, even if it gets far from the entrance of the store, I try to stop around the car in the space where there is no car.

Porsche Panamera Edition 970

For example, in a space with walls and pillars on the left side, if you are not worried about being parked on the left, park on the right with a white line"Do not absolutely stop this next!"Parking the aura in full opening(Lightly nuisance parking ... I'm sorry), I am conscious of parking with reducing risk as much as possible anyway.

However, if parking lot of holiday shopping mall or parking where there is not wide site so far can not be parked extensively, in that case we can not take measures. For now, I have never become a perpetrator / victim of a door punch, but I do not want scratches on important Porsche as much as possible.

So,From what do you do, what kinds of door punching measures are taken?I would like to share your information on blogs at a later date, so I would like to write your suggestions and suggested goodies etc. in the comments section. Thank you!

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  1. Kasama Tikara

    We always have fun look.
    It is a thing that owns Cayenne 957 and Boxster 981S.
    How to prevent your own door punch,
    ① Do not use Porsche to buy supermarkets etc.
    ② Search for a place that is open widely even if it is going to walk a little.
    ③ Avoid the sides of dented cars and dirty cars.
    (Conversely, if you go out with a Bokoboko car, there will be empty spaces next to it, which may make returning ride easier)
    ④ When there is no vacancy I park the car as high as possible next to the driver's seat side.
    (Because it seems that the driver in the passenger seat does not care as much as the driver to open and close the door)
    At sightseeing spots, etc., when a parking lot where a person in the parking lot is located is chosen, the person in charge will care and will choose a place to put nothing to say.
    (When I bought a cayenne it was still rare that when I put it in the parking lot of the hotel, a pylon is standing around the morning, and my aunt in the parking lot is allowed to be stopped in places where I can easily see He told me to go out all the way to the easy-to-parking parking lot opposite the road, and I got lots of fun things being guided by a large car private parking lot)

    Parked the cayenne in front of the Karuizawa outlet at the end and looked at the return, Hammer II, Mercedes, Jaguar etc were lined up next to each other and it was laughable because it was in the used second hand car sales area.
    Everyone is thinking the same thing for door punch prevention, is not it?

    From now on, we shall strive for good relations.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Casima
      Always thank you for seeing the blog!

      > It owns Cayeng 957 and Boxster 981S.

      Oh! It is wonderful ^ ^

      > ④ When there is no vacancy I park the car as high as possible next to the driver's seat side.
      (Because it seems that the driver in the passenger seat does not care as much as the driver to open and close the door)

      Oh I see…! This is certainly the case! The luxury car driver seems to be careful about the door hiding.

      > We parked the cayenne to the end of the Karuizawa outlet in the past, and when I looked back on the way, Hammer II, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc were lined up next to each other, making laughter being used second hand car sales area.
      > Everyone is thinking the same thing for door punch prevention, is not it?

      I can tell you that it's funny! Lol
      It is much more important that you can not hit a car even if walking somewhat, rather than the merit of stopping near the entrance and shortening the walking time!
      As a result, it is said that it will become a zone where luxury cars thinking the same thing gather ...

      Thank you for various valuable information ^ ^
      I would like to share it on my blog later!

  2. shimoyannjp

    Mina, Hello ~ ^ ^).

    When my 996 carrera appeared in the world, it was ridiculed that the car width was uselessly useless than 993, but now it became the most slim type among water cooled 911. Happy new year Happy New Year! Panamera seems to have a car width much longer than 911, and will be distracted.

    Also, of course it is NG to be door punched, but in the case of 911 the door was long, so it was sometimes inadvertently playing a door punch before getting used to getting on and off. Although I apologized to the light of sorry, I apologized, but since the door of 911 is harder than light, it is heavier than the door of 996 and it gets pretty decent ^ ^). I'm sorry. Let me take this opportunity to apologize. )

    In order to avoid disgusting there, in my case it is the end space, the outside of the white line is a fence, and I am looking for about 1 meter between the fence and the white line at the end of it, so boldly I try to stop over a white line. Then, the other car comes in only one side of the other side, and even if the door is fully opened here, it does not reach the opposite white line, so worry of hitting worrying worry also disappears.

    In parking buildings etc, I got up to an inconvenient place of the high strata and sometimes stopped the white line in the space of two cars across the middle, but I can not recommend it except on the day which is pretty much ^ ^).


    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp
      Hello ^ ^

      In the case of> 911, the door was so long that I accidentally did a door punch until getting used to getting on and off.

      Oh ... that is dangerous! But certainly, when you ride 964, the door does not stop half way through, cancer! I will be with you, so this is afraid that ... if I get a car beside it, I will definitely hit it.
      I would like to avoid as much as possible when doing door punching and doing.

      I see ... there are plans to stop at the edge!
      Also, in the case of the higher floor, you can also understand that it will rise up to inconveniences as much as possible ...!
      It goes higher as you go to the high rise and it is much more important to avoid the risk of the door punch than it is from the communication aisle ^ ^

      I see, I will share it again ^ ^ Thank you very much!

  3. BUPPA

    My wife's driving Cayenne
    From the parking lot of the elementary school pick up in the kindergarten parking lot of the learning
    Shopping mall from neighborhood supermarket of ordinary shopping, parking lot of work here
    I will run with a narrow street in the residential area somewhat behind the branch of the tree planted on the side of the car.
    In winter, skiing will go a long way on the rough road of the snowy road and also digging out Cayenne who was buried in the snow.

    Well, my kids run through the car while placing backpacks and school bags on my car.
    When children ride on and off, often getting down on this car and hitting it, something often, Dovira is also Don.
    After passing through the mountain road of winter snow, the lower half of the car is murky, if you forcibly escape the car buried in the snow, it will be full of fine scratches anymore.

    But my wife caught a glimpse after goning and said, "Oh, it got scratched, hmmm," then it does not matter.
    Since it is a car, it is also SUV, so it seems that you use it, what you ride, what a ride, somewhat scratches are evidence riding well, charming.
    The stinky wound heals indeed cures truly, but if he does not have to do it, rather than getting irritated and riding each other,
    In any situations, I am satisfied that Cayenne is good to use, easy to drive, and comfortable to ride.

    The door punch countermeasure of our house is that it "is something you do not care".

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      Madam is too cool as ever, lol

      But Cayenne is surely heard that it is often used in towing boats in Europe and it seems like a racetrack running off-road.
      If you think so, like BUPPA 's family riding on a gun and using it without worrying about some scratches ... may be the way you use it ^ ^

      You can go to the mountain road of snow with Porsche
      I can go with Panamera, though I do not mind bothering to bring sedans to the snowy mountains somewhat, but if you are cayenne, let's go skiing or something!
      I feel like I feel like ^ ^