Porsche finally announced the new 911 (992)! @ Los Angeles Auto Show

Porsche 911

New model 911 (992) first appearance

Today at 13 o'clock on the 28 th, Los Angeles Auto Show(20 o'clock local time 27 days)It will be the eighth generation'New Porsche 911 (992)' officially debutsdid. This situation is to be broadcast live at the news TV Porsche, I also sat down waiting at the computer at 12:55 and tried waiting.

I will be scolded ~ (lol)

Start live distribution

At 13 o'clock, the words of Ferry Porsche, the creator of 911, were first introduced,

After that, the successive 911 appeared in order. First of all, the first generation 911 (901) which entered full production in 1964,.

Next, 73 Carrera RS.

Next, we are at home. I saw this body color for the first time.

And the last air cooling 911 993.

Known for watery eyes, the first water cooled 996.

And type 997.

And the current 991. This green is also beautiful.

New generation 911 (992) appeared with full when 711 generations of all 911 have come together.

As it was scooped in advance,Like the Panamera and the new Cayenne, the rear part is connected with the taillight, the front is designed like returning to the atmosphere of 911 a little before beforeIt has become.

Interior decoration has changed greatly so far, the atmosphere of the center console is considerably new.

Other, About the new 911 (992)

Horizontally opposed 6 cylinder twin turbo engine has been further developed, 331 kW (450 PS) in S model. Also,Porsche wet mode which further makes safe driving on wet roadIs standard equipment for the first time in the world,Night vision assist with thermal imaging cameraA new assist system such as is also equipped.

The time required for 0-100 km / h is 3.7 seconds for Carrera S and 3.6 seconds for Carrera 4 S, both of which exceed the conventional models.

The new 911 series (992)Release from "Carrera S" and "Carrera 4S"In both models, the transmission seems to be only 8-speed PDK. The basic model "Carrera" will appear next year in 2019, said that it will be able to select 7-speed MT car at that time. It is said that "Cabriolet" of the open car model will also appear in 2019.

Although it is worrisome such as the price range at the time of release in Japan, I would like to introduce this blog as soon as I know the information.

* Article · Image Source:The new Porsche 911: more powerful, faster, digital·【TOPIC】 The details of the new "Porsche 911 Carrera" will be live broadcast from 13 o'clock on November 28!

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  1. Ishi B

    It seems that S and PDK only to be announced in the preceding it seems to suggest the future direction of Porsche, I feel uneasy as a person who likes MT and does not require much power as much as I am.
    I would like you to put MT of Cabriolet even in Japan, but it will be difficult.
    On the other hand, I am also looking forward to how the electric motor technology that will be matured in e-hybrid and Taikan will be integrated into 911.

    I'm excited to announce the new type of presentation somewhat. It seems that you can play with the configurator for a while.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B
      It is certainly the case ... The Porsche MT cars gradually entering Japan are also decreasing,
      My husband also was angry at that time, "Why does not MT come in Japan, why is the manual of Carrera T absolutely fun? ^^;

      However, it is still fun after announcing a new model. I think that the silhouette from the side or diagonally behind is very beautiful.
      I also want to try it variously without worrying about the price with the configurator.

  2. PorscheDreamer

    How was your trip to Kyushu?
    Actually, I booked MY 2019 last month of 991.2, so the announcement of 992 was a little thrilling. What would you do if you were really cool?
    The line from the side is beautiful. I think the lower half of the front and rear is quite like a box and it is different from my image.
    It is probably 991.2 for me, which is probably the correct answer, since it is said that there is no MT at first as the width is widening as expected.
    Even so, just listening to the front 20 inch and rear 21 inch wheels seems to be at a high price.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you! Oh, or Porsche Dreamer was living in Kyushu!
      Kyushu, we were also blessed with the weather, and from Aso to Yufuin Road we were able to run Panamera comfortably and it was a great satisfying trip ^ ^
      Also, I would like to write an article about that.

      > Actually I booked MY 2019 last month of 991.2, so the announcement of 992 was a little throbbing. What would you do if you were really cool?

      Oh. . . ! ! ! It is amazing! ! ! Jealous! ! ! ! It seems to be super fun!
      Certainly 992 was getting bigger, I thought that feeling close to Panamera, or compact buddies feel diluted.
      Also, because I am familiar with it, I thought that 991.2 is cooler ~ and I think that the rear light's cuts are cool and so cool.

      Will 992 become familiar, will it be a different feeling?
      Please tell me about MT of 991, if you get delivered, run comfort!