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Boxster's Auto-Blipping

Recently, I practiced driving Boxster GTS (MT), "With MT car with sports chrono package, it is pleasant to auto-blip when in sports plus modeI wrote that from the readers

Does it auto-blip in sports mode, not sports plus? 718 Cayman catalog and sports chrono is attached, it is written to be automatically blipped in sports mode.

I got a comment. For this comment, experienced readers who owned 718 Boxster and 981 Boxster Spider are replying, and when you look at it"981 will be auto-blipping with sports plus, 718 will be auto-blipping in sports mode"I was writing about the contents.

Boxter Black Edition

I heard about this husband's death as dead, but as I also became anxious, I looked it up on the net, and from the automobile media to the personal blog, really various information came out.

About 981 Boxster

The information on the net was like this. First of all, about 981 Boxster.

Auto-blipping is a function that comes with purchasing Sports Chrono Package, and an assist function that operates with sports plus mode on
* Article Source:981 Brizing function of Boxster

Automobiles are attached to the cars that can set sports plus (usually ...) Just by downshifting, you can automatically shift the rotation and shift down is possible. On the contrary, in sports and normal, the auto-bripping function does not work (article in August 2017)
* Article Source:How to ride MT PORSCHE

When the sports chrono package is mounted with the MT specification model from the 2013 model, the function to perform the sky rash (automatic blipping) for automatic rotation synchronization at the time of shift down in the sports / plus mode is added.
* Article Source:991 A story not necessary for most people to confirm the automatic rotation synchronization at the time of shift down of the MT model.

My Boxster is equipped with PASM and Sports / Chrono package ... (...) Sports plus mode with auto-blipping function is not used much when running alone.
* Article Source:Porsche Boxster, 15,000 km [1]

W's Boxster 981 has an automatic blipping function! When you turn on sports plus mode, you do not need to fuel accelerator during heel & toe! ! ! It is said that the automatic blipping function comes from 2014 formula. It is not in my Boxster 981.
* Article Source:Boxster 981 Enjoy a night drive with my friend W

In the 6-speed MT specification which moved the test ride stage to the general road, this also received a positive impression on the control of auto-blipping, which works when sports plus mode is selected.
* Article Source:Take the top model of the Porsche 2-door sports

Porsche is preparing a model that also holds the title of "GTS" for "Cayman" & "Boxster" of midship sports. The shift feel of the six-speed MT also has a rigid feeling, and furthermore, by selecting the sports plus mode with the switch on the center console, the auto-blipping function works when shifting down. This allows the driver to concentrate more on braking and steering operations.
* Article Source:【Porsche Cayman GTS Test Drive】 More than 911 is added by adding option ... Motoyu Yamazaki

Hmph. I see.

About 718 Boxter

Next, I looked into the 718 Boxster's auto-bripping function ...

In the sports mode, the engine reacts more directly, and in the downshift, the auto-buipping function operates. In sports plus mode, these characteristics are further strengthened and optimized for maximum performance.
* Article Source:Skip navigation New 718 Boxster GTS and 718 Cayman GTS

The shift operation to synchronize with the exhaust sound of sports plus is a word of "fun". At the same time, if you select Sports mode or higher (Sports / Sports Plus), a blipping function at shift down is added.
* Article Source:Porsche 718 Boxster GTS (MR / 6 MT) 【Test ride】

By the way, there was such a description on the Porsche English site.

The drive so even more dynamic in conjunction with the optional Sport Chrono Package: in SPORT and SPORT PLUS mode, the dynamic throttle-blip function ensures the optimum engine speed for every downshift, a more emotional driving experience and an impressive sound.
* Article Source:6-speed manual transmission

So, when we summarize the information on auto-blipping of 981 and 718, probably

✓ Before 981 Boxster has no auto-bupping function
✓ 981 Boxster is not attached to the early release
✓ After Boxter, which was released in Japan around 2013 - 2014, auto turn-on began to operate when the sports plus mode is turned on with the car fitted with the sports chrono package.(Normal, it does not work in sports)
✓ 718 From the Boxster, a car fitted with a sports chrono package, in the sports mode the auto-bripping function works.(Activated in Sports / Sports Plus Mode)

Is it like that?

It does not need auto-blipping! What?

Although I was surprised to find out"The auto-blipping function is unnecessary!"There were quite a few people who wrote.

This time, I did not choose sports chrono as an option. Actually, Carrera 4 MT sports chrono is equipped with an extra careful function such as automatic blipping of shift alignment when shifting down. (...) When such extra functions arrive, it is impossible to adjust the rotation at constant speed and H & T.
* Article Source:991 Carrera 4 Delivery!

As far as automatic blipping is concerned, you do not have to wear a sports chrono package, but if you install this package, plus features will arrive in other runs. (Of course) Because it adds functions that can not be thrown away in terms of running, it is a package I would like if possible.
* Article Source:991 A story not necessary for most people to confirm the automatic rotation synchronization at the time of shift down of the MT model.

It seems so. (; ゚ Д ゚).

981 Boxster GTS MT

Since I am a beginner in MT driving, it is better to have autobripping function attached, but MT experts are not so. I feel like I can figure out something.

Just for Heel & To, Porsche"Because it requires advanced technology, you should try to do it well after training"I wrote that(*Heel-and-toe method),A person who is on the net said, "Although I heard it at the dealer, I do not assume that the driver will do heel & toe now, but recently Porsche was made in a form dependent on auto-blipping" .

Indeed, is that so? But, my husband, who likes MT driving, thought that I had never mentioned anything particularly about this case before purchasing Boxster GTS (MT) or after delivery, so I decided to ask a little bit about the area. Then the husband said this way.

I see."I want to do heel & toe by myself"I understand that people 's feelings. However,Recent Porsche brakes are basically much higher than acceleratorIt is difficult to heal and tou on an ordinary road if you can not move your legs deftly.
Too much, when stepping on the brake deeply and speeding up, if the height of the brake and the accelerator are good feeling, it is difficult to push the accelerator. It is rare to step on the brake deeply so much with ordinary roads.
Conversely, if it is like a circuit, it will be just right and it will be easier to do.However, if you want to run the circuit and get the time, the one with the auto-blipping function is definitely easier to run and I think that the time will be different as well.

He said. I see."You can not heal and toe unless you can move your legs deftly."I heard the phrase "I can not do absolutely" I thought. Actually I am too ankle to bend and extend(It rolls down in the back)Even when going to massage or body preparation, it is often surprised by the hardness of its ankle. In my case, in order to practice heel and toe, first of all I have to start with flexible exercises.


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  1. Ishi B

    Thank you for again verifying the autobriping of 718 (982) and 981. I was relieved that my memory was wrong.

    As always, I think that auto-blipping is not a sports mode or a sports plus but rather a normal mode is more appropriate. It would be appreciated if it would be possible to select independently from the driving mode if possible.
    You can use it when you are tired, or when you do not want to cause a shift shock by putting someone in the front passenger seat (you can not get a bad shift change).

    Heel & two do not care. Even though I can not do it, I feel comfortable when the rotation is decided. I think that this is enough for public roads.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B
      Thank you very much!

      Thank you for again verifying the autobripping of> 718 (982) and 981. I was relieved that my memory was wrong.
      There is no such thing! I also made it refreshing lol

      > Thought always, I think that auto-blipping is not a sports mode or a sports plus but rather a normal mode is more appropriate. It is hard to be able to select independently from the driving mode if possible.

      Certainly it would be nice to be able to reduce the shift shock when you are in a town or during normal driving.
      However, since I had no knowledge of the MT car for a long time, I thought that her husband was turning together because he wanted to ring the sound "BEON"
      "Even such a sound inside the town was thought as embarrassing (it is fairly loud because it is GTS) (lol)

      The car is deep inside ...

  2. How to support life


    Good evening. I'm sorry for the continuing work so far.
    Hanshin Express Porsche accident, it is a shame. The one who passed away
    I just pray for the souls.

    There are cases in which it is a bit trapped in this case, why the report is "Porsche"
    Was it named? I am also naming the news of that NHK.
    Did the accident car issue a proper noun even at Toyota or Nissan's car?
    Long ago, when Momoe Yamaguchi sang playback part Ⅱ in red and white song fight
    Product name is not suspect in NHK so that "Porsche" part
    I changed it to "car". Well.
    A couple of inquiries are not appropriate, but it seems that they do not come nicely.
    In any case, I want to keep safe driving.

    I went to Mishima on Sunday but it was the last day of the three consecutive holidays,
    It was a terrible accident traffic, so returning to Tokyo is going down Izu Rongjiro
    Beyond Hakone, go out from Hakone Yumoto to Odawara and go via Odawara Atsugi Road
    came back.
    Thanks to that, I was able to run the mountain path of Hakone for a while.
    Sounds good. Executives are better than ordinary turbo
    I feel that the tail fitting in the corner is good (maybe due to mind).
    I think that the feeling of grip is perfect. Anyway, with accelerator
    The response to the operation of the steering is perfect without excess or deficiency.
    I have not raised the rotation yet because I am accustomed to driving in earnest.

    Even so, I can not master my function.
    Even the navigation setting on the first day, I could not be satisfied.
    Mr. H of dealer seems to teach it in three times.
    "Is it impossible for one time?" LOL
    Next time I will learn Car Play.
    When will it be possible to master it?
    Well, there was a button that I did not use at last Lexus which I was riding. ^ ^

    • MinaMina

      How to support life
      No, thanks for your comments, I'd rather thank you lol
      Well ... Painful accident ... If you think about the person who passed away and its family, you can not beat it.

      > There was something a little catching on this subject, why did the report name the "Porsche"?
      That's right. Even though it is a passenger car, if you are a domestic car you absolutely will not name it, Porsche will become cuckoo's stuff this time.
      I guess that would be so ... I think that it is somehow ... on the other hand I think.

      Thanks to> I was able to run the mountain path of Hakone for a while.
      > Sounds good. Executives are better than ordinary turbo
      I feel that the tail fitting in the corner is good (maybe due to mind).

      Oh! Jealous! From the Kansai people, it seems like I can run to the road around Hakone soon,
      It is really enviable.
      I never got an executive, but the rear axle steering was also equipped as standard. A good option was attached considerably,
      Surely you will be able to do a good run -! This enviable again!

      I also went to Kyushu for family trips in Panamera this weekend and I ran for Panamera for the first time in a long while,
      I was deeply impressed all the time (I'm still deeply impressed after more than a year passed since delivery)

      Navi, it is difficult, is not it? Until I get used to it, I do not know what is where,
      I could not set it at all.
      On the home screen (although there were about five templates), it made it much easier if you let out the button you often use.
      However, I still can not master my sweat

      My husband is doing useful things by car play, such as setting navigation from my smartphone, but I do not know at all ...
      I would be happy if you could tell me if I know something useful!

  3. PorscheDreamer

    Thank you Mina. It is a wonderful research article, it is truly amazing.
    Just like Mr. Ishi B, I wish I could set up autobripping separately (I would like to attach spokoki) I think. Even though PSM can be turned off naturally it seems to be good.

    Well, I am satisfied with the MT without sports chrono and am enjoying it though.

    It may be a little maniac, but at what timing will auto-blipping be done? What will happen to the speed change until the clutch is engaged after reacting though the gear has entered by the shift operation (If the clutch is not engaged it will rotate all the time?). Or will you react to it if you try to connect the clutch? That would make it impossible for the timing of the clutch to connect. As soon as I can experience it, I understand it soon, but unfortunately I have never met MT test car yet.

    • MinaMina

      There is no such thing!
      Thank you for gaining a chance to investigate here lol

      Timing of auto-blipping ... I never thought of that before.
      It seems interesting to test it (laugh)
      I always say "All operations are slow" from my husband, so what will happen in that case ...
      I will think about a bit when riding next.

      But it is certainly a good idea to have a MT test car.

  4. Ishi B


    > At what timing will auto-blipping be done? What will happen to the speed change until the clutch is engaged after reacting when the gear enters by the shift operation?

    It will be bleached when the shift knob enters. As I tried, I did not connect with the clutch stepping on purpose after the shift operation, but the rotation speed dropped and a shock occurred when I joined there (laugh). Actually it responds to the bleach pink tone or it will release the clutch pedal unconsciously when my shift operation is completed, so if you use auto blipping you will not feel a shock.

    • MinaMina

      Oh, you Ms. B! Comment Thank you very much!
      Very easy to understand ...!