Things to think from Hanshin Expressway 3 Kobe Line Porsche Panamera Flame Incident.

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Shock news ...

Since yesterday, I came to Kyushu for a family trip in Panamera, but as I was watching the news in the evening without any concern about the accommodation, the contents of the shock came into my eyes.

Porsche flames up near Hanshin Expressway 3 Kobe Line Amagasaki. Truck rollover.

Well (゚ Д ゚) !!

This Hanshin Expressway 3 Kobe Line near Amagasaki is the way that my husband goes by commuting everyday. I ran well this past. Besides, the burning Porsche is 970 Panamera.

* Image quotation:twitter wohamase

According to the news, the 70-year-old driver who was driving the truck unfortunately seemed to have passed away, and it was said that the condition and safety of the injured driver and passenger of Panamera was unknown .

Do not overstate.

In the vicinity of Amagasaki of Hanshin Expressway,Especially there is no sharp curve, three lanes with good lineage continue.I also thought that the speed of Panamera is too much, but since there are quite a lot of patrol cars around here, most of the cars usually seem to be traveling at less than 100 km / h.

Whether Panamera suddenly tried overtwo, or did the truck drive too hard ... I do not know the situation, but it is a fact that it was a painful traffic accident of death accident.

When such an accident happens on the road that I usually drive a lot, it is thought that it is never another person's affair.

I also usually ride Panamera"I can not show Panamera's tremendous ability at town ride"I often feel it. So on a highway, sometimes it fly comfortably, sometimes it points to a value that the meter is surprised just by pressing on the accelerator.

Porsche is also excellent in stability and steering operation is also fun, so it tends to be overconfident in his driving skills.

But, as you drive the car, you should be aware of it as "safe driving" for both 1 and 2. The pleasure of running is next. I swore to my heart again to try safe driving again.

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  1. shimoyannjp

    Good evening Mina, sir. It is shimoyannjp.

    It is truly a disappointing news. Today, I am planning to write the topic leaked by New992 's image here, but when I saw the latest article I became very regrettable feelings.

    As far as I can see the picture, PANAMERA kun 's front front wreck, more flames. Speaking of the track to the other, falling down? I wonder what kind of speed I was sick of. It will not be a shame.

    So, I thought again that I should be careful.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp
      That's right, right ?, As recently Porsche launch and new car related news is crowded,
      This news was disappointing.

      Many times the trucks of Porsche are overturning and Panamera seems to have burned, although the door seems to have opened, and
      It is kind of complicated feelings. .

      To tell the truth, you have to be careful.

  2. Pana

    The rear wing is hopping up
    Have you raised more than twice the speed limit if you did not raise it manually?

    • MinaMina

      970 The rear wing of Panamera is supposed to come out 90 km / h,
      If that flame up and the truck was also wrecked, it seems that there was no doubt that a considerable speed had come out.
      I do not know whether it is true at Twitter, but there seems to be an eyewitness testimony that it was about 200 km / h. .

  3. HeartOfGlass

    Passenger cars hit the truck from the back but rolled over, dead etc.
    Although it is a hard to imagine accident, "Porsche" has been okay though it is not necessary originally!
    Report that, moreover, the perpetrator? Is a doctor in his 50s.
    Accidents made absurd with the car that I bought while working with the heavy pressure of human life
    It is necessary to be self-warned that raising should be done badly. Original Chari
    There were some unbelievable young doctors who fooled and fell down and ran away.
    This age, awareness that a luxury car ride will be seen with curiosity, envy
    Should it be a nuisance to another Porsche ride.
    Nuisances by manufacturers that provide cars that are most fun. For injured people
    I feel sorry, but as a sports car lover of the same job, by all means
    Without saying any complaints ...
    There was also in other articles, but the performance of the car with my technique
    Safety first so as not to be confident, this is the best. I reconfirmed.

    • MinaMina

      You are right as you said.
      Luxury car Porsche is a good news story,
      Not to mention that a doctor who saves people deprives people of their lives ....
      There are many doctors in the Porsche owner I know,
      Everyone is driving moderately,
      Because I love sports cars, if you are going to show the performance of that car it is going to the circuit etc.

      In order not to worsen the image of Porsche more than this,
      I also wanted to try safe driving again!

  4. PorscheDreamer

    Even so, I do not manage the accident report any more.
    The driver who backed up seems to have been arrested without license, and why being Porsche seems to be irrelevant to the cause of the accident at all, why continue using proper nouns?
    In any case, if you report it sensibly, you do not have to be at once, so I would like you to tell the cause of the accident properly.

    • MinaMina

      It is certainly true, is not it? ... It seems like you really want to use the proper name "Porsche" ....
      What matters is that as we know the cause and cause of the accident, I think that it is to prevent safe driving and prevent such an accident from occurring,
      I would like to have a calm and flat report.