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Porsche's catalog value is accurate, whateverThere are cases where a better numerical value may appear than the catalog valueAnd previously wrote it on a blog. At that time, I knew a bit that Porsche tested in harsh death valley, but the other day"The preliminary test of the new Porsche 911 Carrera really reached 3 million kilometers"I was surprised to find an article saying.

..., 3 million kilometers (; ゚ Д ゚)

Because it seems that the distance of the equator which can be called the stomach of the earth is 40,075 km,"Test driving distance is about 70 laps of the earth"Is that it? Such content was written in the article.

The 911 series always"High performance" and "daily life"As a car that realizes both of these, we are repeatedly testing severely to further improve comfort. In particular,
① In summerDeath Valley exceeding 50 degrees CelsiusMaintaining the air conditioning system, engine engine thermal management, influence of thermal expansion etc
Finland of minus 35 degreesThe operating situation at cold start, general traction, handling and brake performance, response speed of control system as a whole, etc.
③ Circuits in China andRough Road in the Arctic RegionTest with.
NürburgringAt the comprehensive test of chassis, engine, transmission, brake etc.
Nardo of Italy(Porsche has the current ownership of Nardo Circuit)Stability and cooling performance at the highest speed region, etc.
⑥ The second lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere, Death Valley'sAbout 90 meters below sea level in dry salt lakeTake data in the place called
Thin air at 4300 m above sea level in Colorado, The test to confirm the efficiency of energy regeneration and the status of fuel system

As a result, it seems that the mileage of the test vehicle has reached 3 million kilometers.

* Article Source:【NEWS】 The preliminary test of the new "Porsche 911 Carrera" actually reached 3 million km!

It's amazing ... I'll do that ... / /.I was surprised by the couple in the smoothness of the ride comfort by testing the new CayenneEven so, if you are in Cayenne, you will probably repeat the tests while off-road and road conditions are bad, so it seems natural that surprisingly comfortable ride on the road will be surprising.

And suddenly"What is Panamera's test run like?"I was concerned. Since 911 is a model representing Porsche, it may be particularly powerful for test driving, but then, in the case of Panamera in our home ...?

What is the driving test of Panamera?

When I looked it up on the net, I found a page that introduced the harsh testing environment to Porsche Japan's site!

Panamera challenging the criticality. It produces the highest quality from suffering. With such an extreme motto, the next Panamera will take a final shakedown with the sand, dust and gravel covered in the southern African burning earth.

"Bullying Panamera to that extent ..." Phrase (bomb) which Panamera seems even poorly from the beginning somehow is 971 Panamera's"Testing in harsh dry areas"It is an article that covered the state of the situation, but in the text"Testing on land already already in extreme cold is over"As it is written, as in 911, it seems that the tests are repeated every corner from the burning land to the extremely cold ground.

By the way, the main part which changed from 970 to 971,

· Newly developed 4 liter V8 engine
· Lightweight by improving aluminum usage rate
· Sporty design with lower roof line than previous generation
· Luggage compartment capacity expansion, interior space is also wider
- New ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) handled by 13 control devices

That seems to be the place. Including such newly designed parts, all of them"Whatever harsh circumstances, it will not work properly, will it continue to work?"In order to check and further improve the test run like this time will be carried out. And such content was written at the beginning.

There is still room for improvement in the feel of activating the switches of the center console, and some of the hardness remains in the upshifting operation from 2nd gear to 3rd gear. Okay will not come out from the development manager in this.

Feeling of activating the switch and somewhat hardness of the shift-up action ....

If I were responsible for development"Everyone has worked well well, we are closing in on the market, we are already around, we are here, yeah, yeah, I worked hard, OKOK!"It seems to be easy to say ... If you are not perfect, do not give out OK. The responsibility of the development manager and the pride of the engineer who improves it are really amazing.

By the way, it seems that Porsche engineers are preparing and preparing for the vehicle test like this time, the following is a summary of the contents.

· Head toward the summit of the mountain in the burning earthRunning up a steep slalom, there suddenly a brakemultiply. Then Panamera stopped completely in just a few seconds. The first test is successful.

· Today's test isRun through a 600 km country roadthing. The scorching sun gently strikes the body, the vehicle becomes covered with sand and dust for a moment, and in that stateCorresponds to coarse asphalt road surface full of holes and the rapidly changing climate.

· Test drivingCumulative number of hundred thousand kmAs well.

· Today's route isHeight above 3000 m above sea level. Although we simulate harsh conditions in advance in Weisach, there is nothing better than real warfare.In the field of development "truth is on the road" has been said.

· The operation of the 8th speed Porsche · Doppel Cuving (PDK) is smoother than before.While traveling through the heat of burning at a speed of 120 km / h, a comfortable drive is realized with little running noise heardConfirm what you can do. Gear setting of 7th to 8th gear is devised to suppress fuel consumption, and average fuel consumption is remarkably improved.

· The test crew speeded up at a stretch. In this test, the legal speed exceeded, the certificate containing the contents is also issued.

· Numerous holes opened on the road inevitably attack the air suspension and low profile tire, and every time the body shakes violently, the dust rolls up. As long as the road surface is rough, the drivers just face forward and concentrate on the drive.

Even if we arrive at the local hotel after dark, after the test running like this kind of demon, the test staff from there,We are working on problem solving until late at night, and we will finally go to bed after having seen the complicated prototype guidelines for hours.Amazing ... If I were you, it will not be long after going back to the hotel, but it will be a full explosion during the test run (-_-)

Panamera, you are right.

Finally, it was written about the person who is the general manager of Panamera model range, Derner, like this.

Delonar reviews the feedback received from each crew again and looks back on today's test. What is unsatisfactory detail? And how to optimize it. We are already simulating testing from tomorrow.

No, it is already. Until now"There are people to do Porsche test runs"I heard that,

"Yeah, I can drive a favorite car, and it is Porsche" If this is not good, that's no use, "it would be great to get a salary!"

I thought ... There was a misunderstanding as well. Even though I am involved in the development of my favorite Porsche, I can not do such a tough job like this.

I mean"Let's never be a person who runs in such a harsh environment with Panamera"I thought reading and reading articles,"I think that Panamera's customers are not going to run such a bad road, but there are not many weaknesses that will make it apparent because they are tested in such a bad environment."There was a word of an engineer who talks about.

Sorry. Panamera ... It should not be a good car. By the way I will go on a trip from Panamaera to Kyushu Amakusa from today. Although I used a ferry on the way to and from the island, I was saying that I would like to touring around Aso, but the weather forecast is unfortunately rainy.(I am a rainy woman, a foggy, I have not anticipated it since there is not a sunny day)I'm looking forward to riding Panamera after a long absence!

* Article · Image Source:"Porsche harsh dry zone" - Porsche Japan

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  1. How to support life


    Good morning.
    Finally yesterday, I was delivered. I'm finished with a good look.
    I thought that GT silver is a little more venomous silver
    It is a well-balanced color.
    The crayon of the sheet was not as white as I thought it was a nice feeling,
    If this is dirty and does not have to be so nervous.

    I am still running a little in Tokyo, but steering control
    I feel preeminent.
    Acceleration up to around 50 km will go up exactly as stepped on exactly
    This may be nice! I feel it.
    Today I run a little capital city high, tomorrow is also due to going to Mishima (Shizuoka)
    I will try over 100 km over there.

    There are two types of parking lots in our apartment, flat and mechanical.
    When I was talking to an idle wrestler who was waiting for a car mechanically, that person's car came out
    It was black GTS. It is the same type as Mina and White GTS before this.
    Car placed in the flat parking place here is a lot of fancy cars that are bad
    It seems there were also Urakan, slope bargain, AMG and Ferrari.
    Something seems to be in a select shop of a car.
    If you just look at the exterior you can save time and effort going to the dealer (explosion).

    • MinaMina

      How to support life
      Oh! congratulations! I told you to deliver the car on the 23rd!

      And GT Silver ...! GT Silver is really messed up. It is a color that I do not see much in town, sports cars are so cool,
      It is very cool so it's enviable!

      > I am still running a little in Tokyo, but steering control
      > I feel preeminent.
      > Acceleration up to around 50 km will go up exactly as stepping on exactly
      > This may be nice! I feel it.
      Oh! ! ! It is amazing! That's right! The steering control is perfect, it is accurate and agile as I can not imagine driving such a huge drive.
      Please let us know about the capital city and the impression after having been away ^ ^

      > When I was talking to an idle wrestler who was waiting for a car mechanically, that person's car came out
      > It was a black GTS. It is the same type as Mina and White GTS before this.
      Oh! ! ! ! The GTS of 970, the sound is really cool. As expected it will be NA and I will hear the sound of the nearby GTS.

      Even so, I live in a wonderful apartment!
      It seems to be an eye candy and there is even a pleasure that we can meet which car today ... (lol)

      Again in the city center, if you become an apartment with a parking lot where you can park Panamera,
      It will be limited,
      Then, I thought again that those who possess luxury cars will gather in the same apartment inevitably.