Buy driving shoes for women! – One hour to look for, decided on this!

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I wanted Negroni though

As I introduced on my blog before, my husband has always loved Negroni's driving shoes.

Husband always wearing driving shoes "NEGRONI (negroni)"

When my husband goes to buy Negroni's driving shoes, I often follow her, and at one time I also wanted to go for women, but from the store,There is only MENS for the part put in the shop in NegroniI was very disappointed.

Later from blog readers, "If you go to a factory in Tokyo, you can make it for women"If you think about the round-trip Shinkansen, etc., the time flows as it is, while thinking that it is not a little.

And in May of this year, BMW 320i came to my house,Drive a manual car on a daily basisIt became so. However, the sneakers I usually wear are high cut, the soles are thick, and it is very difficult to operate the clutch.After all I want driving shoes ..."I thought," but time passed without much.(Incidentally, the sneakers I wear are 履)

There is no driving shoes for women

One day, from my husband who saw my shoes,

"I'm still wearing such shoes! Sora GT3 will be able to drive well, and I will soon be able to drive! Buy driving shoes quickly!"

As I was told, I finally started looking for a heavy waist, but I'm looking for women's driving shoes.Loafer type“There are many, and there are almost no sneaker types.(I usually wear sneakers, so I definitely wanted sneakers if I bought them)

I checked at the site of various manufacturers,Even though there is something that I think is "good", usually for menIn many cases, the size is only 25 cm. there"I want driving shoes, but I do not want them to check"And my husband also searched for various things on Amazon, but

If there is 24.5cm, there will be 24.0cm

It seemed that he was struggling. I"Another 24.5cm may be (-_-)"If you say husband,

"Akan, driving shoes don't fit snugly on their feet. When driving a manual car, shoes are really important!"

However, he was searching for me. However, it has become troublesome to look for something gradually, so I think that it would be okay if it were like thisIs it like this running shoe, is it?"When asked,

"Ok.In the driving shoes, the heel of the sole is rounded to make it easy to operate the pedalsNo. Is the running shoe horny? It doesn't make sense to buy something like this.


Then there is thing that seems to be good with Puma driving shoes "Chopsticks! This is good!"When I examined the size, I thought that the price was 45,000 yen for only 24.0 cm, although the other sizes were less than 10000 yen.

Amazon, something like this mystery ... (* _ *)

Also, there was something that looked good on overseas sites, The currency symbol you have not seen is written,I gave it up because I was scared. Then my husband,

I do not have it at all. If this happens, I have to make it myself. Ferdinand Porsche also said. "There was no car that would make my dream come true, so I decided to make it myself"W

It has been said.

"No, I can't say that's absolutely impossible (-_-)," "But there are a lot of women in the world who think like me, there is a great need for women's driving shoes, and if you make the world In the middle of selling stupid, and to save a great success ... "I tried to delusion for a moment ...

I decided not to do that because there was no way I could think of it.(Natural w)

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    Thank you for always interesting articles.

    I'm interested in driving shoes but I haven't used them yet.
    In my case, I have always been living like walking shoes for a long time. It is ASICS or Pedara recently.
    There are no particular inconveniences, including heels and toes, with this shoe, but there are also squared heels, so if you buy a driving shoe, can you operate better?

    In winter, the hands and feet cool in winter, so when it is cold, snothing shoes are used well, but I think that the sole is too thick and too soft to be a problem. However, adjusting the seat position is essential depending on the thickness.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much.

      > I'm interested in driving shoes but I haven't used them yet.
      That's right!
      I think that Mr. PorscheDreamer is a manual expert.
      There is an image that seems to be driven without problems with any shoes.

      > If you buy a driving shoe, can you operate better?
      My husband has always been driving shoes when riding a manual car,
      After all it said that the ease of pedal operation is different ^ ^

  2. Cara

    Good morning
    I'm sorry for the late-comment comments

    I am not conscious too much
    If the heel is round
    It is to be caught
    I think it is less

    I am mostly loafer type
    Abarth and Castelo
    It is a shoe type.

    Racing shoes on the circuit
    Because it will come, shoes type is
    I use this most lol

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      > If the heel is round
      > It is to be caught
      I think> less

      It may be a little bit, but round bottom is still easy to do and smooth.
      I want to wear racing shoes once (lol)

  3. Wooper

    Nice to meet you!

    It is not a driving shoe, but a spin glue move,
    Both Patricks have dried soles of the soles and are dry
    It is good as a bing shoes.
    In particular, the sole of the spin glue move is soft and handles the pedal
    I think it is okay.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper
      Nice to meet you, thank you for your comment!

      > Spingly move,
      > Batrick's soles are dry with the heel of sole
      > It is good as a bing shoe.

      Thank you very much! Thank you for your valuable information!
      Let's find out right away!
      At the moment, I have only Puma BMW, but I think that it will soon go away if I wear it for a long time.
      I thought I wanted a few feet.
      Continue to thank you!