Ride the Panamera Turbo after riding the Porsche 911 GT3. Then you feel that it is very similar

Panamera turbo

911 and the Panamera

The other day, when I was out on a board with a family member, my husband who was driving said something like this.

The Panamera looks a lot like GT3Wow. I'm saying this is really serious. There is no sense of incongruity because it feels like the feeling of starting to run out of the garage after riding on the GT3 and getting out of the garage really made 911 just bigger and made it luxury.
From the standpoint of being on both sides usuallyPanamera is made conscious of 911"I really understand well. The distance between Panamera and GT3 seems closer than the distance between Panamera and Boxster.
Sometimes, "Panamera is not Porsche"Some people say, but for those whoFirst of all, let's say you overthrow Panamera"I said.


Certainly, the smooth and hard ride of the 911 GT3 (991.2)(Although it picks up an impact on a road with irregularities), The ride and base of the Panamera Turbo may be similar. Of course, the Panamera Turbo has a profound feeling.

I"Certainly similar, but what's so similar?"When asked,

I feel the most similar, "handling"Kanaa."Vibration transmitted to the steering wheel, responsiveness of the steering wheel from the start of turning to the end of turning","Grounding feeling when turning a curve",in addition"A sense of bending on a curve as if you were stepping on the ground."I think that they are similar.
In the case of Boxster, it is slightly different from GT3 and Panamera, and the curve is soft and light, rather than strong. Boxster is a bit calm at the beginning of the steering wheel, but in the case of GT3 and Panamera, the area may be a little different.

When. I see….

Since I have only got on GT3 only twice, I do not remember that feeling clearly, but with regard to the Panamera, cornering is certainly strong, yetA sense of turning and crispness as if the car body became smallerThere is. Even though it's such a huge body, it can run fast even on a pass like Sakai Driveway.

My husband continues,

Well ... also for GT3Also to this Panamera, "Rear Axle Steering"Is attachedI think that is big. I'm going around in a great corner. Conversely speaking,"911 without rear axle steering" and "Panamera without rear axle steering"May be something very similar handling.

When. I see…. I continue to ask, "What makes the Panamera look like 911 is like the air cooling (964)?"

No, that's because the times are different. Compared to the time when the 964 was made, the modern 911 and the Panamera have evolved considerably. So, in terms of cooking, the ingredients are the same, but the seasoning is completely different, and it is hard to say in a word that they are similar.
If the Porsche 989 (concept car), the ancestor of the Panamera, was released, it would be similar to the 964. If you say971 Panamera is similar to 991"And probably"970 Panamera is similar to 997"I can say that."

When. Hum ... ... φ (· _ ·

While riding the 970 Panamera edition "It is absolutely impossible for the new 971 Panamera to exceed this PanameraI thought. It was a car that worked so well.

However, when I let the dealer test-drive the new Panamera 4S, I just stepped on the accelerator and started a little,"Light feeling" "smoothness" "ride comfort" "handling"... I was surprised to find that everything was far beyond the conventional type.

Her husband was also

"971 was not an improvement on the 970 line, it was totally developed from" ichi ".911 hesitates“The tagline is perfect!”

I was impressed.

Panamera is a Porsche

Porsche I drove for the first time in my lifePanamera“At that time, I am less interested in cars than now, and of course I don't even know the existence of the Panamera.Have you been to the dealer so why not give it a try on a huge Porsche?I was allowed to drive on a light ride.

... but at that time"A sense of unity with the car," "Smoothness of running," "A gap between the accelerator and the brake"... Everything was completely different from the cars I had been riding so far, I was so moved that the goose bumps were on.

And he thought, "Porsche is great!"

From there I became a fan of Panamera, but on the net,

"Panamera is not the best seller in Porsche" "Don't say Porsche riding even though it is Panamera"

Every time I see something like that,It is wonderful to know nothing about Panamera. Let's go over the opinion completely and shatter it into fine-grained dust so that you won't ask that again ...I have never thought that(Scary w)I've been through to think that doing such things is not very popular.

But I would like to say it again. No matter who saidPanamera has a nice PorscheIt is.

I am not completely aware of Porsche, but I still know only the surface part, but I have been driving various Porsche car models so far.Certainly, it is 911 that is flowing to the base of the Panamera"I realize that.

And, here back to the conversation with the husband at the beginning ... Husband,

"Panamera has similar handling to 911"But I think that's not such an easy story. I think that the Panamera is made with the 911 in mind after the Porsche people have researched and developed to the details that we do not understand.
Although the weight of the body, the wheel base, and the size are different, I think it's really amazing that they are similar.

I was saying that.

The other dayPaname Lacoe Development?The news such as “The late model of the 971 Panamera is coming soon ...” has come out, so the evolution of the Panamera is more exciting nowadays.

And I still like Panamera.

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  1. Ishi

    MIna, good evening

    > The Panamera looks a lot like GT3.

    Certainly, Mr. Kawakubo commented that the 971 Turbo had a similar taste to the 911 in the video review of Loperaio.
    The other day I tried on the 992, but I was too stable and I could not feel the speed or the stimulus even if I stepped in quite a bit. I think that you can feel the potential inherent to the 992 if it is a highway or a circuit, but I felt that it was difficult to feel like a sports car in the use scene in everyday life.

    > When I was riding the 970 Panamera edition, I thought, "It is absolutely impossible for the new 971 Panamera to exceed this Panamera." It was a car that worked so well. However, when I was allowed to test drive the new Panamera 4S at the dealer, I stepped on the accelerator for a while, and I felt "light feeling", "smoothness", "comfort", "handling" ... much more than the conventional type I was surprised to realize that

    The evolution from 970 to 971 is so amazing. Next to the 970 PHEVs I own now, I was thinking that a Volvo V60 and a PHEV per V90 would be a good thing (I am not bored with the Panamera, I think the family's everyday use would not require that much), I read this article and wanted to be in the second half of 971, which will come out in the future. I have no choice but to work hard.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      > Certainly in the video review of Loperaio, Mr. Kawakubo commented that the 971 turbo had a similar taste to the 911.
      I also have such memories. But I think it is really similar.

      > The other day I tried on 992,
      It was 992 test ride! I'm envious!
      We have not been married yet. In everyday life, I also saw several tweets that are not very interesting.
      Is it extra because PDK?

      > I read this article and wanted to be in the second half of 971, which will come out in the future.
      I can not wait until the second half of the Panamera season.
      Certainly, the high performance of the Panamera is not necessary at all for everyday riding, and I think, "I think that only about 5% of the ability of the Panamera can usually be exhibited."
      However, it is great to say that a sedan that can taste a sports car like this, but I think that I can not get away from the Panamera very much, so I am looking forward to the second half.

      My husband said, "If you buy the next Panamera, it's enough for you to have a bare model."

  2. To be sunny

    It is a car made by Porsche, and the Panamera is also Porsche.

    BMW is no matter what BMW or anything.
    It is also BMW in the BMW Mini. Maybe it's also BMW in Supra.

    I do not think so deeply. Panamera is a Porsche lol

    • MinaMina

      By car

      Thank you very much!

      > It's a car made by Porsche, the Panamera is Porsche too LOL
      Yes, yes (laughs) Panamera is also Porsche.

      When I'm doing this kind of blog,
      We often touch information such as "Panamera is not Porsche",
      This time I spit out the feeling I was holding for a long time without thinking (lol)

  3. Yosshi

    Hello Mina

    > But let me tell you again. Whatever you say, Panamera is a Porsche

    Let me tell you again. Despite the overwhelmingly small amount of information about Panamera, "Paname Life" is a blog for those who are considering purchasing Porsche, no matter what

    Let me tell you. I will continue to support you.
    I want to go to Ashi someday w

    • MinaMina

      Thank you so much for your kind words!
      I'm very happy to hear that.

      From now on, based on our actual experience,
      I would like to continue writing a real blog!

      Please come to Ashiyu too ^^