Test drive the Mercedes-Benz C-class (late W205)-I evaluated the C-class from women's point of view-


I want to try not only Porsche

The other day, I will drive Abarth and McLaren on the Kanai Driveway,There are many cars in the world, not limited to PorscheI felt it in my skin. Since then, more than beforeI want to drive cars from various manufacturersCame to think.

If you try various cars, you will be able to evaluate the cars objectively, and I am a woman"A look at mother" "A look at wife"It would be fun to report cars that are fun to drive.

By the way, in my case, when I usually use a car,

1 city riding(Picking up children's kindergartens and nursery schools, shopping etc.)
2 highway driving(Mid distance travel within 100 km of return)

It is. I seldom go along a winding road like the Sakai Driveway and never go to the circuit. So first of all, "City riding"When"Highway drivingI want to emphasize whether it is fun without stress and you can drive. Perhaps the world's wives are also more likely to use this way.

If I give more details,

【Points to be emphasized】
✓ Ride comfort(I like a stiff and smooth ride)
✓ A feeling of spaciousness in the back seat(I think children in the back seat will say if it is too narrow)
✓ Handling(Good handling response, too light steering, I want a moderate weight)
✓ Reaction of accelerator and brake(I'd like you not to react on "stepping, but it works at a certain point", but only on the part you step on)
✓ Some power(There is no need for the amazing power of 500 horsepower, but it is better not to accelerate at all even if you step on the accelerator, but it will accelerate properly if you step on it.)
✓ Fast stability(High speed straightness, whether you can run without fear even when changing lanes at high speed)
✓ Fun of running(It is difficult to express, but it seems like you want to run more!)
✓ Simple and beautiful design(I don't like cars that are designed to lack naturality in order to force them into their own personality.)
✓ Pack some luggage(Must carry luggage, suitcases, strollers, etc. when you go shopping)

Do you feel that? I don't feel like this kind of wife isn't very much in the world.

On the other hand, the interior should not be luxurious, and it is not a problem if you are comfortable with the run. Also, I don't care much about fuel consumption. ... I'm sorry I was not trying to save at all the gas charges

so,"I want to try on various carsAfter I came to think about it, I tried to register with the car share app Anyca, or examined the test drive campaign of the nearby dealer, but suddenlySpeaking of which, I was asked to say that C class should come for a test ride by all means in the near future by Mercedes me who went to last timeI remembered that and decided to go back to Mercedes-Me at Grand Front Osaka again.

I went to Grand Front Mercedes me!

To Mercedes Me

If you make a reservation on the evening of the day before and go to the Mercedes-Me store on time,EQC 400 4 MATICThe unfamiliar car was displayed. The other day just announced in JapanMercedes-Benz's first commercial electric carThat's it.

The price of this display vehicle was written as ¥ 1.80 million, so involuntarily “Very expensive!I wondered, "Well, that's it. However, once the EQC is ready for testing, I would love to come here again.

After that, we finish license confirmation and finally to parking lot.I was able to run the Hanshin Expressway because I had made a reservation for the test drive run time frame of the expressway by chance.However, since there are no free trial slots for expressways except for Class A, this time, it took about 40 minutes to travel around Osaka.

By the way, C is the class I was allowed to test drive this time,

■ Optional: Radar safety package, AMG line
■ Exterior color: polar white
■ steering: right handle
■ Minor change in the fall of 2018
■ Price: 6.9 million yen

It is.

On the way to the parking lot "I was surprised that the steering wheel was too light when I used to get in Class A before"If you say", the staff,

"We feel too light about the A-class steering. The test drive this time is C-class,"Mercedes from C classIt is said, "I think that this time, you will be able to taste the DNA of Mercedes firmly! "

When. Oops-If you say that way, expectations are rising! !

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  1. Conven

    No, it's been a long time since there was no content in a long time, and the report below was amazing!
    Observation power 0. No logic The object of comparison is only Panamera!
    In this way, I do not notice that it is useless.
    You should stop posting the report in the future.

  2. 4e

    Excuse me for comment, I'm always looking forward to it. Of course, Porsche is different from Benz because it is a sports car, and it is also a form of comfort from there, and I am aware of the approach to the car, but I would like the lever type of cruise control to really change to a button type, now Even if a test ride of each company is a test ride, the Porsche is a good taste, but it seems that the lever type of the cruise control will hit the winker as well. ・ ・ It seems to be inconvenient compared to Mercedes and BMW that enter with one touch I don't feel like it. If you are a Porsche rider, if you are told to drive yourself, it is until then (laugh)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > I want the lever type for cruise control to really change to a button type,
      That's right ... I always check the position and operation of the lever for 1 or 2 seconds when setting the Porsche cruise control.
      There are times when I think, “It's dangerous because I'm distracted here for a few seconds.”

      The button-type Mercedes cruise control was operated for the first time at Mercedes Me,
      I was very impressed with the ease of operation.

      > Person who rides Porsche, if you are told to drive by yourself, it is until then (laugh)
      I'm sure Porsche fans will say that, or ask Porsche for that! While thinking that would be said,
      After all, it will be compared to other German cars that have great operability ^^;

      If you buy a Porsche, please let me know!

  3. Bio


    From my point of view, when I read what I wanted from a car and came to Porsche with various manufacturers,

    VW Polo GTI
    Audi A1

    I feel that is the best match.
    By the way, if you think about parking your child in a small parking lot in a supermarket for shopping!

    A few years ago, I was riding the 6R, but it was fun to drive on the circuit.
    The power and lightness that can be used up was the best.

    From there, I've been riding only high-powered cars, but I still think that was the most fun.

    When considering a car for everyday use, please try it once.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you.

      > VW Polo GTI
      > Audi A1
      I feel that> is the best match.
      Oh! Both look very fun ...!
      The surroundings are nice, the design is good, it looks fun, and it looks insanely good!
      I want to ride it once ...

      Audi hasn't even tested it since he was at home a long time ago, so
      I want to ride it once.

      Thank you for telling me a lot!