Test drive the Mercedes-Benz C-class (late W205)-I evaluated the C-class from women's point of view-


C class test drive!

When arriving at the parking lot, the C class was already on standby. Just a minor change last fall,The design of the light behind is a bit newer than conventionalAnd furtherMulti-beam LED headlightsWas loaded.

Also, because this model is an AMG line, the tires are 18 inches larger than normal.(Usually it is 17 inches)

Then, I would like to write the impression that I tried on C class.


After all Mercedes-Benz interior texture is high. I thought it was a way to go.

The BMW 320i I usually ride has a simple interior with a slight plastic feel, but the C class has a sense of luxury. "Do you have a high quality interior because of the AMG line?I heard that it is not so, it is a standard interior.

However, it seems that the new A-class interior is more stylish and luxuriously designed. For example, the meter part of C class is not liquid crystal except the central part,New A-Class Full LCDIt has become.

The interior is slightly different, but this modelAMG specification door projectorThe AMG design graphic is projected on the ground when the door is opened.

At first, the tension goes up at first, but if you ride every day, you think that you don't think "I don't need it separately" ... What is it that is also useful?


The conventional C class was a 2L turbo engine, but after minor changesEngine displacement down to 1.5 L turbodid. And new "BSG(Belt driven starter generator)The hybrid system was installed.

"Huh! Is this a hybrid car! ?"When asked,

Mercedes does not say this as a "hybrid car" andA car equipped with a mild hybrid system that assists the output at low speeds and acceleration with electric powerAnd So, Prius(Strong hybrid)It is not possible to drive with only the motor, like.

And the staff told me.

By the mechanism of mild hybrid,The effect of quickly adjusting the rotation speed at shift shift can be obtainedIt seems. In addition, the maximum output of the C class is 184ps and the maximum torque is 280Nm, but when the motor is added, it will be calculated to exceed the conventional 2L turbo.

The preposition has become long ... I tried to start the engine,Impression that there is almost no vibration and sound is softReceived. When I said "It's very quiet ...", "No, but I'm loaded with the engine, so I'm the one who makes the engine sound, but ..." he was told.

Probably because I am used to the engine sound of GT3 and the Panamera turbo usually, I think that I just felt the engine sound small (detonation)

Ride comfort

I was surprised that the ride. After starting to step on the accelerator,

It's smooth! ! ! !

I voiced involuntarily. as if,Very mild and smooth as if you were on the railsIt was. Class C has a longer wheelbase than Class A, and is smoother in addition to thisC class equipped with air suspensionIt would have been smoother than ever.

When I asked, "If it was not Air Suspension, would the ride change significantly?"

As it is originally a smooth rideThere is no such thing as "the ride is not bad because it is not a car equipped with an air suspension"is not it. If you adjust the air pressure at 17 inches, you will get a pretty good ride.

It was that.

Steering / handling

The steering is slightly thicker than usual because of the AMG line.

Even though it was thicker, it was easy to fit and hold the hand. The steering felt heavier than the A class, but I felt lighter than I thought,Is the handle a little lighter?As I asked,

"No, that's not the case, it's a good weight."

And. After all I usually feel the light because I often hold the handle of Porsche (-_-)

Handling is pretty good, "Is this going to be a big turn?Even in the scene, "I cut it in and out. The staff says, "Because the handle of the C class can be finished quite well, be careful about cutting too much".

Accelerator / brake

The C class pedal was easier to step on than the A class. There is no sense of incongruity as it advances for the amount of stepping on the accelerator. In fact, about five years ago, I went to test drive a used E-coupe, but the accelerator at that time was too surprised at Skaska.

Her husband is also ""Mercedes's axel is not really like this. This E coupe is terribleIt was said. The image remained in me, but with this C class there was no such thing at all. Staff say,

"The A-class was a hanging pedal.C class is organ typeSo it is easy to apply force from the heel and is designed to be easy to operate the pedal. "

And. Even if it is the same Mercedes, A class and C class are different.

Also, the brakes weren't heavy like Porsche, but when I stepped on my feet I was firm enough for that.


For the transmission, I used to try a rideThe A class was a 7-speed DCT, but the C class was a 9-speed torque converter ATwas. This was really smooth again, and it was a smoothness that I did not know at all when trying to consciously sense when I was shifting.

Also, in the conventional modelWhen the engine starts from idling stop, the body shakes greatlyIt seems there was, but this time it was completely improved and it was very quiet.

And recently I have a manual "IAfter all, Mercedes does not have MT specifications in Japan, right?I asked, just in case, that "in Japan, there is almost no demand, so it does not enter at all". Well, I guess so.

Certainly such a smooth ride, and AT is also very smart,There is no need to dare to drive manually.However, in Europe, even in C class and E class, there are many people who choose manual specification.

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  1. Conven

    No, it's been a long time since there was no content in a long time, and the report below was amazing!
    Observation power 0. No logic The object of comparison is only Panamera!
    In this way, I do not notice that it is useless.
    You should stop posting the report in the future.

  2. 4e

    Excuse me for comment, I'm always looking forward to it. Of course, Porsche is different from Benz because it is a sports car, and it is also a form of comfort from there, and I am aware of the approach to the car, but I would like the lever type of cruise control to really change to a button type, now Even if a test ride of each company is a test ride, the Porsche is a good taste, but it seems that the lever type of the cruise control will hit the winker as well. ・ ・ It seems to be inconvenient compared to Mercedes and BMW that enter with one touch I don't feel like it. If you are a Porsche rider, if you are told to drive yourself, it is until then (laugh)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > I want the lever type for cruise control to really change to a button type,
      That's right ... I always check the position and operation of the lever for 1 or 2 seconds when setting the Porsche cruise control.
      There are times when I think, “It's dangerous because I'm distracted here for a few seconds.”

      The button-type Mercedes cruise control was operated for the first time at Mercedes Me,
      I was very impressed with the ease of operation.

      > Person who rides Porsche, if you are told to drive by yourself, it is until then (laugh)
      I'm sure Porsche fans will say that, or ask Porsche for that! While thinking that would be said,
      After all, it will be compared to other German cars that have great operability ^^;

      If you buy a Porsche, please let me know!

  3. Bio


    From my point of view, when I read what I wanted from a car and came to Porsche with various manufacturers,

    VW Polo GTI
    Audi A1

    I feel that is the best match.
    By the way, if you think about parking your child in a small parking lot in a supermarket for shopping!

    A few years ago, I was riding the 6R, but it was fun to drive on the circuit.
    The power and lightness that can be used up was the best.

    From there, I've been riding only high-powered cars, but I still think that was the most fun.

    When considering a car for everyday use, please try it once.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you.

      > VW Polo GTI
      > Audi A1
      I feel that> is the best match.
      Oh! Both look very fun ...!
      The surroundings are nice, the design is good, it looks fun, and it looks insanely good!
      I want to ride it once ...

      Audi hasn't even tested it since he was at home a long time ago, so
      I want to ride it once.

      Thank you for telling me a lot!