Nakabayashi made a body cover for the Porsche 911 GT3 Touring!


GT3 body cover

The parking lot of my house has a roof for a while, but the rain wind comes in from the side, so the car gets quite dirty if it is stopped normally. So, my husband used toCan not order body cover absolutely when GT3 arrives"The other dayNakabayashi KogyoMr.(I always ask for the body cover of my car)When my husband contacted me,

The B-pillar is in the late-stage GT3 shape, and from there to the rear, if it is connected with the current (991) GTS shape, I think that it is fine, but there is also an actual overall balance, there is. Even our company wants to measure again from a real vehicle and check.

A reply came.

If you bring in a new model after a full model change or a model designated by Nakabayashi Industry,As a gratitude for measuring cooperation, you can get the 1st bodycover free of chargeIt is supposed to be. My husband is

"Even if I was forced to make a GT3 tooling pattern, I would be sorry if I ordered it but I would be sorry if I combined it with the GTS and GT3 patterns, and it seems that I can burn it if I fit roughly. ... I'm sorry for something. "

I replied while saying, but eventually I was asked to carry in measurements with live-shot w

Indeed Kobayashi of Nakabayashi Kogyo, craftsman's soul is great ...!

By the way, I was allowed to write the coverage article which had you measure it by carrying in a live-action panamera turbo, but the response of this article seems to be quite large. Thank you!(This article ↓)

To Nakabayashi Industry of a car body cover maker, I got covers made by carrying real cars!

To Nakabayashi industry with GT3

There are three types of "one day finish course", "several course" and "one night check up course" when bringing a car, but this time the husbandOne day finish courseWas selected.

In this course, measurements will be completed in the evening if you bring your morning car. Then, after selecting the type of fabric and options such as fasteners,We will mail the first body cover you created to your home at a later date.It is.

My husband brought a GT3 on the morning of the day, and it was said that a female employee of Nakabayashi Kogyo was complimented by Crayon's body color.

"This is a good color, very beautiful! I think women like this color absolutely!"

When. President Nakagawa "It's very unusual because she is usually not interested in cars and never says so.He said he was saying "It is.

911 GT3 touring

Speaking of which, the other day, my mother-in-law who is not interested in cars looks at this GT3 "This is a nice color! It's messy and beautiful! I love mother this color", Said something similar to female employees of Nakabayashi Kogyo.

Does crayon have the magic to grasp the heart of women ... w

Since the husband had a job after that, once I left the vehicle and came back again in the evening, the car was like this.

Husband was told by President Nakagawa such as "Dearly designing mirror parts etc. with spare time" and "Making measurements in detail without bending or twisting" etc. , My husband who came home

The difference is not understood at all by the layman's eye. However, President Kodawari is amazing. Really craftsmanship and wow.

It was said. By the way, about the measurement of husband's GT3 touring,Nakabayashi's blogBut you introduce it.

Body cover attached to GT3

And a week later, the body cover arrived from Nakabayashi industry!

When the cardboard is opened, the body cover is packed like this. And, if an optional fastener is added, an instruction document describing how to use the fastener is also enclosed.

By the way, before putting on the body cover, there is a simple preparation work. Because it is packed compactly, if you try to put the body cover on the car as it is, it will take some time, soYou need to fold it in accordance with the instructions in advanceIt is.(↓ The process is in this article)

Is it possible for a woman to detach the body cover of Panamera? I tried to actually verify it!

And here is what I actually attached to GT3 tooling.

I was able to install it beautifully! My husband too

It's really easy to put on the cover, just like the shape of the bodyThere is very little flutter even if the wind blows because it fits perfectlySo, although it is such thin back brushing, there is almost no small scratch.
maybe,If you leave it uncovered and get soiled, it will hurt at all if you wash it every timeI think.
So far I have used it in generics, genuine ones, five-layered ones, and expensive ones made in foreign countries and my favorite cars in the past, but I really don't know why to choose anything else. I think the body cover is a choice without saying four to five.

He said.
Now you can protect your car from any wind and dust. Mr. Nakabayashi, thank you very much!

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  1. Tetsu


    I can not overlook the comment typo by all means.
    Is "real-life photography" correct?
    My husband's GT3 is always CG (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tetsu
      Well, really ... ...!
      And many times ... I did not notice at all, thank you for pointing out!
      I corrected it.