I went to the Porsche Classic Partner 1st Anniversary Event.

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Porsche Classic Partner

The other day, held at the Porsche Center,Porsche Classic Partner First Anniversary EventWent to ". A Porsche Classic Partner is a dealer certified by Porsche AG that has expertise in Classic Porsche and the ability to provide appropriate services and advice. It is said that there are only 4 stores in Japan.

To the classic Porsche owner,The purpose is to get your favorite car for longerIt will supply about 52,000 kinds of original spare parts, and will carry out repair, inspection and maintenance work, as well as full repair work.

I got an event guide in advance, but on that day my husband is away on a business trip in the US, so "What if I have a good time"It was too hard to take the children alone, so I decided to leave the children with my parents at that day and go there alone."

It is not the nearest dealer where my home is usually taken care of, but it is a Porsche Center that I have never been to, so I arrived in the field before noon, although I was slightly nervous. It was a rainy day in the sky, but many customers had already come.

Even so, the Porsche Center is wide. Because the space was large, the cars were displayed loosely, and the goods corner was quite substantial.

Of course, there was also the appearance of the recent new model 911. This body color(Aventurine Green Metallic)I saw for the first time, but it is very beautiful with the impression of an adult sports car.

Also outside the shop,Air-cooled porsche such as 993 and 964Were lined up. It would have been very beautiful when seen under fine weather-it is a bit disappointing that it is raining. It was also unusually cool to see the Crayon Panamella, but I forgot to take a picture ...

Classic corner

Photos of the classic car's restore work were also introduced in the store.

It's amazing ... I thought it would be wonderful to keep on riding my car carefully and carefully. That's probably because Porsche cars are excellent as industrial products. "More than 70% of Porsche cars produced to date are still running today"Is a famous story, but it's really amazing when you think about it again.

When I looked around suddenly, I was alone with my family and I was alone, so I didn't have to do anything special.Let's go through the store and go back"I was thinking," the lady at the receptionist talked, and while having a cup of coffee, the flower of the car talks.

I heard that his father likes a big car, and while watching a race together, he also loves a car and works at a Porsche dealer.

I wonder if my child will like cars like that, so far, I'm not very interested (-_-)

The receptionist told me that ramen and sweets kitchen cars are coming, and it was all free.Well, let's eat a whole lot of food!"When I go outside with Kansai-san's aunt color barely ...

I was seldom familiar with gourmets, but there was a kitchen car of a store called "Noodle shop Usagi" and "Rikyu Matcha Honpo", which is a famous store of the local storehouse. I also wanted to eat Matcha sweets, but it was just lunch, so I ordered a mix of soba. It was hot and the noodles were very delicious.

Even so, no wayI would like to eat ramen at the Porsche Center.Besides, it is a very surrealistic scene to have ramen alone while around with family.

When I was full, I left the Porsche Center with a novelty item. By the way, the paper bag of this novelty goods is drawn 914 for the classic special design. That's crazy, yeah.

Occasionally, it was also fresh and fun to come to a different Porsche Center. Thank you very much to everyone at the Porsche Center.


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  1. Wind slope

    A balance of riding an old car forever and pursuing the latest technology! ! It's a really great initiative!

    Aventurine green metallic. It is a good color ~
    In this color, the car I took a ride on has become my favorite color!

    I will do my best to buy 992 (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Sakamichi of the wind

      > Care to ride old cars forever and pursuit of the latest technology! ! It's a really great initiative!
      Seems like it's for real. I once again realized that it is important to keep the car in good condition.

      > Aventurine Green Metallic. It is a good color ~
      It is insanely good color! It is a very adult and calm color ^ ^

      I will do my best to buy> 992 (laughs)
      Please tell me if you buy it ^ ^!

  2. To be sunny


    I want a red 993 that is stopped outside the photo.
    Let's go see it.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      993 in red, very beautiful!

      These air-cooled Porsches are said to be putting in time for this Classic Fair event ..
      Do you usually leave it?
      Excuse me, with uncertain information ...

  3. Yosshi

    Always looking at you.
    I am in love with Mr. Mina's Panamela and I want Panamela with crayons.
    I wanted to see Panamela of crayons of Porsche Center =

    I will do my best so that I can buy it early.

    From father of two children w

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      Crayon's Panamera, I regretted that I was wondering why I did not take pictures.
      It was really cool.

      You have two children!
      In that case, the Panamera is the best as it can be enjoyed and enjoyed by the family!

      I am glad if you can tell by all means when it is purchased ^ _ ^